Want to be a blogger? This online course bundle shows you the ropes for just $29

Achieving blogger fame is actually easier than you think. After all, creating a site to house all your musings, recipe ideas, and travel pictures is probably the most straightforward part of the equation. What takes a bit more effort and skill is content marketing. This includes engaging copywriting, optimizing your photos and posts for every social platform, and monetizing your work — all of which can be mastered with the help of The Ultimate Build Your Blog Bundle (now $29.99). This three-part course gives you the working knowledge you need to get your blog noticed.

Here’s what’s inside:

Build a Successful Creative Blog with April Bowles-Olin

A blogger is nothing without their followers, and an audience will only grow if your content is engaging, informative and boasts a powerful voice. To ensure your posts, recipes and musings attract a loyal audience, it is worth taking this copywriting course, a 15-hour tutorial that focuses on crafting your voice. You’ll also explore some common content problems that prevent bloggers from scaling, as well as the tips and tricks to overcome these hurdles and ensure there’s plenty of traffic coming to your site regularly.

Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing by April Bowles-Olin

Chances are, only a fraction of your audience will be visiting your blog directly. Instead, they’ll be discovering your posts through social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, through search engines, and eye-catching email marketing campaigns. That’s why when you’re a blogger, you’ll also be wearing the hat of a digital marketer. This course, full of 18 hours of tutorial content, shows you the ropes. Along the way, you’ll learn about the psychology of marketing, how to optimize your content across social media platforms and how to craft a newsletter strategy that will increase your subscriber base.

How to Write a Blog Post that Drives Traffic with Guinness World Record® Holder Darren Murph

Once you’ve mastered the writing basics from the aforementioned copywriting course, take your skills to the next level with this 10-part course. Led by Engadget’s former Managing Editor Darren Murph, this training helps bloggers craft a stunning portfolio of work that’s bound to catch the eye of advertisers, sponsors and followers alike. Additionally, bloggers looking to contribute to other online publications will learn about pitching work and getting commissioned, too.  For those looking for insider knowledge on how to improve, market and monetize their work, this course isn’t to be missed.

While normally priced at $177, for a limited time, shoppers can digitally enroll in the course for $29.99.

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