Watch new-look Jon Jones train after slimming down to 17.5st leaving UFC fans in awe of speed ahead of heavyweight debut

JON JONES has slimmed down to 17st 5lb ahead of his UFC heavyweight debut.

The American legend vacated his light-heavyweight crown last year and announced a move up.

The three-time champion weighed as heavy as 17st 8lb as he showed off his weight lifting routine.

But after incorporating pad work into his training, Jones revealed he has lost 3lb despite still planning to bulk up ahead of his heavyweight debut.

He wrote online: "It feels good to be hitting mitts more consistently again.

"Don’t think it’s the best for my bulking considering that I’m back down to 245 pounds.

"I will admit I feel good at this weight, let’s just see where the cards land. My goal is to compete a lot bigger."

UFC fans agreed Jones looked good at the weight with most pointing out his speed.

One said: "Jones is gonna run circles around those heavyweights. They won’t be able to keep up."

Another said: "Okay the boy is looking good and moving well at this weight. Of course we can't look too much into pad work, but this looks good. Excited."


Jones, 33, is in line for an immediate title shot at heavyweight, and will fight the winner between champion Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou.

Miocic, 38, beat Ngannou, 34, in 2018 but they will rematch on March 27 in the UFC 260 headliner.

And UFC president Dana White recently told Mike Tyson on the heavyweight icon's Hotboxin podcast that Jones awaits the victor.

White said: "They're doing the rematch and whoever wins will fight Jon Jones at heavyweight and that's what everyone wants to see.

"Jon Jones' first fight at heavyweight will be for the heavyweight title against one of those guys.

"It's hard to deny Jones, I mean the guy's been one of the best in the world since he started.

"But you guys no better than anybody, moving up a weight class especially with the big boys like that, it's tough to do.

"And he's so well-rounded, he's such a talented guy, freak athlete."


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