What is Sun Cashback? All you need to know

EXCITED for Sun Cashback? So are we – that’s why we’re working hard to bring it to you really soon.

The super simple, free app automatically earns you cashback every time you spend.

Everything’s kept secure and encrypted, and there’s no complicated points, codes or vouchers to worry about.

Once ready, all you’ll have to do is download the app, connect your credit card and shop as you normally do – we do all the rest.

Plus, there are no hidden fees or fiddly codes either – we track and reward every purchase to make saving simple for you.

Your security is our top priority and we’ll never charge you a penny.

We’ve also partnered with Visa and Mastercard and are fully PCI compliant too.
Sign up below to pre-register and make sure you’re the first to know when you can start making great savings on your daily spending.


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