What the royal children's birth dates reveal about their personalities

What do the royal children’s birthdays say about their personalities? Lilibet will be ‘headstrong and creative’ while Archie is ‘highly sensitive and eager to please’ and Prince Louis is set to be an ‘elusive enigma’, astrologer claims

  • Theresa Cheung is a UK based astrology author who analyses birthdays
  • Uses astrology, numerology and the science of the month a person is born
  • Says day royal children were born offers a glimpse of their future personalities 
  • Princess Charlotte is an ‘old soul’ and will be a no-nonsense straight talker
  • Her brother Prince George is set to be a ‘heart throb’ with action man traits

Lilibet Diana is set to be ‘headstrong and highly creative’ while her older brother Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor will be ‘highly sensitive and eager to please’, an astrologer has claimed.

Theresa Cheung, a UK based astrology and dreams author believes the day a child is born reveals surprisingly accurate details about the destiny of the adult they will become. 

She uses a combination of Eastern and Western astrology, numerology and the science of the month a person is born to profile people and reveal their potential. 

Speaking to FEMAIL, Theresa – author of The Encyclopedia of Birthdays – said the day the Royal Family children were born can offer us a glimpse of their future personalities. 

‘Of course, each one of us has a choice about how we develop that potential and that’s why no person born on the same day are exactly the same,’ she said. ‘But knowing a child’s inner most personality traits can really help parents and carers understand their child better and make decisions on their behalf that play to their strengths rather than their weaknesses.’

Here she analyses the birthdays of the Cambridge and Sussex broods.   

Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor: June 4 – The Birthday of the Apprentice

Theresa Cheung, a UK based astrology and dreams author, says the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s new baby Lilibet is set to ‘constantly surprise’ us (pictured: the couple while pregnant, cuddling son Archie)

The defining personality trait for the new arrival is a passionate hunger for novelty. If any one of the royal children is going to constantly surprise us with their life choices and opinions it’s likely to be Lilibet.

There is an intense desire to learn and live life to the full here. Natural curiosity is going to be one of her greatest strengths as it suggests an open mind forever willing to reinvent themselves and experiment. 

But it can also turn into a weakness if she becomes too extreme or restless, always looking for the next new person, cause or idea to lose herself in.

The quick minds and ability to absorb knowledge fast makes children born on this day excellent writers and researchers, but they are also highly creative and may excel in the arts. They can be headstrong and rebellious, with sudden and explosive changes of mood, but underneath that they have a fragile ego that takes rejection and criticism hard.

Lilbet’s birth number (what she needs to learn) is a dependable four (her day of birth) and her attitude number (how others see her) is a pioneering and determined one. This is calculated by adding her day of birth – four – with her number six month – June – so four plus six equals 10, which equals one – in numerology numbers are added together to make a single digit. 

This exciting and strong number combination suggests that Lilibet is going to be a real force. There won’t be a dull moment. With a tendency to be progressive, idealistic and unconventional, Lilibet may often feel misunderstood as she grows up. The way forward is to be less unpredictable and to value the importance of consistency as an important ingredient for her future success and happiness.

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor: May 6 – The Sensitive Star

Archie (pictured in September 2019 with parents Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) is likely to be expertly tuned into the feelings of others, and eager to help and please. He’s ‘a mystic in a material world’

May is a month associated with optimism. May 6 babies often have sunny dispositions – but although they can come across as earthy and resilient, they can also be highly sensitive.

Archie, two, is likely to be expertly tuned into the feelings of others, and eager to help and please. Intuitive and imaginative, he will often unconsciously take on the feelings of others and as he grows up it is important for him to know how to set clear boundaries. If he doesn’t protect his sensitivity, he may be prone to bouts of unexplained sadness. 

The older he gets the stronger his desire to make his mark on the world will become. With a birth number that’s a compassionate six and an attitude number that’s an imaginative two, there’s an overload of sensitivity and deepness here. 

Archie is likely to be contemplative and it is important that his parents don’t regard his tendency to be intense and often introverted as a weakness. Handled correctly his sensitivity can become his greatest strength as Archie is likely to have a deep desire to do something meaningful with his life. He may be drawn to the caring professions, or counselling, or any field where his natural psychological skills can help others.

Once he learns not to take himself too seriously, Archie will guide and inspire others to be more in touch with their feelings and to focus less on outward show and more on what truly matters in life. He’s a mystic in a material world.

Prince Louis: April 23 – The Birthday of the Elusive Guide

Few people will really get to know ‘enigma’ Prince Louis well because he doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve, according to Theresa. Don’t be surprised if you one day see Louis ‘making waves on social media as an influencer or as an expert ambassador for the royals’

April is the month of new beginnings and noble intentions. Those born in this month have a touchingly naïve approach to life, a belief in the impossible. Louis, born as he is on the cusp between Aries and Taurus, carries with him the pioneering innocent energy of Aries, but he steps forward with the dogged determination of Taurus. It’s an energy combination that typically gathers followers and propels him to leaderships roles.

Louis, three, is going to be at his happiest when he is guiding others in some way. He’s a leader, not a follower but the tension on this birthdate is learning to reconcile this desire to guide others with an elusive personality. Few people really get to know him well because he doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve. He’s always going to be an enigma and someone that others have to work harder to get close to emotionally, but this elusive quality is what draws others to him.

With a daring and flirtatious number five birth number and a visionary nine attitude number they thrive in careers which allow them to express their clear talent for innovation. Don’t be surprised if you one day see Louis making waves on social media as an influencer or as an expert ambassador for the royals. It really is important that Louis’s serious talent for innovation is given a chance to express itself. Being progressive and popular with a loyal following of admirers is written in his stars.

Princess Charlotte: May 2 – The Birthday of Inquisitive Honesty

It isn’t easy to fool young Charlotte. She is one of those insightful and authoritative calm children people may often call an old soul, says Theresa

Children born on May 2 tend to be no-nonsense straight talkers. They believe in results not ideas. They are intelligent and inquisitive, always asking those ‘why?’ questions. They can also be blunt and incapable of spin. They don’t intentionally set out to hurt or offend others. They just don’t know how to say anything but what to them is obvious or true.

It isn’t easy to fool young Charlotte, six. She is one of those insightful and authoritative calm children people may often call an old soul. There is nothing she can’t do if she believes in it and sets her mind to it, but her progress may be limited by a tendency to make unnecessary enemies because of her bluntness. 

She may also find that her perfectionism gets in the way. The sooner in life she learns that sometimes good enough is good enough, the better for her and those who love and care for her.

Her birth number is a communication-loving two but her attitude number is an intuitive seven. If she can learn to avoid gossip and to be sensitive to the feelings of others when she speaks her truth, her intelligence will earn her many admirers. 

She is likely to want to study at university level and beyond and may be drawn to technical and scientific occupations. Above all, Charlotte has the ability to keep her cool under pressure. She’s self-confident and assertive and is not a people pleaser and won’t be phased in the slightest by her role as sister to a future king.

Prince George: July 22 – The Birthday of Brave Compulsion

As he grows up, Prince George is likely to become a heart throb, especially as this birthday has a kind of daredevil action man energy attached to it

From an early age young George, seven, will have swiftly learned the importance of self-sufficiency. He’s born on the cusp of sensitive caring Cancer and passionate, charismatic Leo. He’s never going to lack admirers. As he grows up he is likely to become a heart throb, especially as this birthday has a kind of daredevil action man energy attached to it. George is a doer rather than a talker. His brave compulsions and urge to do first think later may lead him into sticky situations but it can also make him a walking inspiration.

Because George is impulse-driven and action-orientated his life may have periods of highs and lows but his self-belief is so strong, he is never going to walk away or give up. His birth number is a practical and reliable four but his attitude number is a sensitive two, meaning his success and happiness lie in his ability to admit he is not indestructible and his mistakes can become his greatest teacher. When he combines his courage with his vision with a little patience and self-discipline and learns the recharge value of relaxing now and again he’s going to be unstoppable.

George will excel in sports and be drawn to anything that requires him to constantly do or take action, either physically or intellectually. He is likely to take a keen interest in politics, education and business and, when he finally settles down and starts a family, there are likely to be lots of children. 

Even though his actions and energy can sometimes wear others out, his desire to constantly re-energise and challenge himself marks him out as a survivor and future inspirational leader. In short, he’s going to make a fine and rather dashing king one day. 

Lady Louise Windsor: November 8 – The Birthday of Deep Fascination

Louise is likely to work extremely hard in everything she does which augers well for her success with school and at work, Theresa says

Still waters run deep is the theme for November 8 born. They can appear reserved, serious and can be drawn to the shadowy aspects of life. But they always keep their heads about them and are superb at concentrating and committing their intense energy to achieving their goals. They are noted for their fierce courage, commitment, and determination.

Louise, 17, is likely to work extremely hard in everything she does which augers well for her success with school and at work. Sometimes the desire to excel physically and achieve materially can become overpowering and it is important for her to remember to relax and have fun. 

Her birth number is a success-focused eight, while her attitude number is a pioneering one, so as long as she doesn’t lose sight of what truly matters in life, and watches out for a tendency to overspend, the sky’s the limit. 

James Viscount Severn: December 17 – The Birthday of the Realist

If James can learn the value of small talk and the power of imagination he may well be drawn to music or creative art management, according to Theresa

This is a birthday associated with realism, and what can be measured in concrete terms. James, 13, is likely to be a doer rather than a thinker. He’s more interested in facts, results, and actions than debates, theories and dreams. 

Like his sister there is a tendency for him to be on the serious side, and he could benefit from taking himself and everyone else a little less seriously, but his capable honesty will earn him the admiration and respect of others.

Again, like his sister, his birth number is a success orientated eight so it’s important he doesn’t become too materialistic. His attitude number is a graceful and peace-loving two, so if he can learn the value of small talk and the power of imagination he may well be drawn to music or creative art management. 

August Brooksbank: February 9 – The Birthday of the Winning Attitude

When something knocks him down, August’s winning attitude will always pull him through, according to Theresa (pictured with his parents Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank)

The motto for babies born on February 9 is ‘Nothing can stop me’. August is a fighter, and his parents will soon, or likely already have, noticed his fantastically independent and unconventional spirit. When something knocks him down his winning attitude will always pull him through. He can bounce back from anything with his resilience.

His birth number is an authoritative nine and his attitude number a compassionate two, so in years to come his sound advice will often be sought out by those around him. August may even become an inspiring teacher, influencing others not just with wise words, but with his actions too.

For more information visit www.theresacheung.com 

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