Whitney Port Reveals Why She Was 'Really Self-Conscious' During Sex After Giving Birth

Mom-to-Be Whitney Port Isn't Feeling Sex While Pregnant: "I Feel So Uncomfortable with My Body"

As for how her physique has changed since giving birth, the reality star said three parts of her body are now "very different" — her breasts, belly and vagina.

"My boobs are saggier, my nipples are bigger, they protrude more, I don't like them," she said, before also sharing that she now always feels like she has to pee when jumping or running despite receiving a "husband stitch" after experiencing tearing during birth.

But Port advised that feeling self-conscious is totally normal — "There's nothing wrong with feeling insecure about your body changing after your baby," she said.

During an episode of the Infertile AF podcast last week, Port opened up about whether a second child is in her future after she experienced a pregnancy loss in July.

"[Tim] I know, really really wants a second kid, and I don't know. That's where little fractures start to happen," she said. "But in terms of the miscarriage, we got through that and I think we're stronger, fortunately, than before."

"I know I want Sonny to have a sibling — I picture that, I visualize it — but the thought of going through it again, the pregnancy and then the first couple years, and then the balancing of it all … sometimes I feel like life is too short," Port added. "And I do feel really selfish. [But] I love the way my life is right now [so] why complicate anything further?"

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