Why Skylar Astin Feels Good About A ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ Season 2

In Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, a young working woman can suddenly hear the innermost feelings of those around her… through choreographed song and dance numbers. The show made viewers laugh, cry, and want to sing along throughout its inaugural season, but will Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist return for season 2?

Unfortunately there’s no official word yet on whether the show’s been renewed by NBC, but that hasn’t stopped showrunner Austin Winsberg from moving ahead. "I had to pitch season 2 to [NBC execs] two-and-a-half weeks ago, so I have fully mapped out all of Season 2," Winsberg tells TVLine. "The network was very happy with the creative direction. They’re very happy with the show in general…I am cautiously optimistic for a season 2."

Skylar Astin, who plays Zoey’s lovelorn coworker Max tells Bustle, "I can speak on behalf of the cast, the crew, the whole team, that we all very much want a season 2 and feel optimistic. We are overwhelmed with the love this show has received from fans already."

It’s a strange time for television, with the effects of coronavirus halting productions worldwide. “There’s just a lot for [NBC] to figure out because the world is put on hold, and they don’t know when shooting’s allowed to start again and what their needs are going to be,” Winsberg also Tells TVLine. “But I know we have a lot of internal support, and we have a lot of nice external support, as well. So I think we’re all feeling cautiously optimistic for more.”

So while fans won’t find out Zoey’s fate for quite sometime: they have one last jaw-dropping episode to tied them over. The finale, which airs this evening, includes incredible seven minute musical number. "There’s a lot in that episode that’s very personal, that’s taken directly from my own life. We do a seven-minute musical number in the episode that is all one take," Winbserg tells Entertainment Tonight. "So we nail everything, which is one of the things, if not the thing that I’m most proud of the whole season. The finale is one of our best episodes. But also, we have a lot of great songs and big emotions that come out in that episode and some big story points that change everything going forward."

Additional reporting by Jefferson Grubbs.

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