Woman fuming after neighbour ruins her fence – I could cry

A woman took to the parenting forum and social media platform Mumsnet to share her frustration over the next-door neighbour who completely “ruined” their fence. She explained that the neighbour “painted their side of our fence”, it “seeped through to our side” and it now looks “ridiculous”.

The woman shared a picture of the fence where big black stains can be seen on her side and explained that a big part of her garden fence is affected.

She added that they have “so much fencing that would have to match” and to fix the affected area, they would have to replace over 200 foot.

“I could cry, we’re busy working parents with young children so could really do without this,” she admitted.

Other parents took to the comments section to share their thoughts with one, @GordonBennetttt, saying the fence looked “awful”.

“I’d be so upset with that! I think they should offer to compensate you, they’ve completely ruined your side of the fence,” they said.

Others agreed with @clarrylove commenting it was “dreadful” and that the neighbours should “sort it or replace it”.

“It really does look awful,” added @dudsville who suggested going around with pictures so they know “what they did”.

Another woman with username @clippetyclop said that the neighbours probably haven’t realised this happened to her.

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Forum user @lassof commented that they will probably be “mortified” when they see it and opined that she should “at the very least, tell them”.

The majority agreed that the neighbours should offer to paint the fence or pay for the replacement costs.

Social media user @FrazzleDazz advised: “If you have a good enough relationship with them, just invite them into the back garden and show them.

“I doubt they even know what’s happened and will be mortified! I’d insist they sort it out though.”

Forum user @CottonSock said that it sounded like a horrible situation and that she would also be “fuming”.

Another woman named Astralis commented that the fence looked “horrendous” and added: “If you own the fence then you should remind them that it’s your fence and they shouldn’t do anything to it without permission.

“Tell them that they must return the fence to the original condition (which will mean replacing that section.)”

The Citizens Advice recommended talking to the neighbours “face to face” when there is a dispute over a wall or fence.

“Make a note of what you agreed. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to them, write to them or ask someone to contact them for you. Keep copies of any letters or emails you send or receive,” they advised.

The official website explained that it is often best to find a compromise, for example sharing the cost of a new fence panel.

“It could help you to keep a good relationship and will probably be cheaper than paying a solicitor to resolve the disagreement.”

It is also a good idea to ask a mediator for help. “This is someone who doesn’t know either of you and is trained to help people resolve disagreements,” they explained.

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