Woman shows how to cut watermelon effortlessly using dental floss

When it comes to preparing fruit, there seem to be no shortages of hacks.

If it’s not pineapples we’re cutting wrong, it’s bananas, or pomegranates.

And some hacks are pretty handy. The latest one we’ve seen, cutting watermelon with dental floss, is probably one we won’t be trying any time soon.

Shared on Reddit, a woman showed her technique, using the floss to effortlessly scoop out the watermelon flesh.

She then cuts it into small chunks without using a knife once.

Many users pointed out that using floss on the fruit would end up making it smell like mint, which is not ideal.

However, others claim that the two otherwise opposing tastes go well together and provide an extra freshness.

We’ll just have to take their word for it.

In the video, the woman has a wedge of melon. She then takes the dental string and pushes it into the end of the red flesh where it meets the green, scooping it out.

Once the main bit is carved out, she uses the string again to cut into perfect bite-size chunks.

Followers of the r/lifehacks subreddit enjoyed the trick, saying: ‘Thanks for the trade secret. I’m going to try that next time,’ and ‘FINALLY, an easy way to slice watermelon.’

Others had questions about the mixed taste.

Some said it’s a welcome, summery taste: ‘Minty floss would be delicious. Ever tried a watermelon mojito? Dayum tastes like summer!’.

A few people pointed out that cutting a watermelon isn’t all that hard anyway and they would be trying it the traditional way, with a knife.

Of course, if you enjoy an unconventional way of doing things, you can get non-minty floss or even sewing thread (though that’s a bit thinner) to do the trick.

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