Kristen Stewart unveils neon pixie in lockdown

Searching for short hair inspiration? Look no further…

There’s no point denying it; the pixie hair cut is bold, beautiful, and never goes out of style. It’s the look that has been particularly everywhere at the moment, with many celebrities favouring an icy blonde hue to go with their trim. 

Whether you opt for something mega short, like Kristen Stewart, prefer a punky and boyish crop, like Madonna, are a fan of all things shaggy, like Phoebe Waller-Bridge, or fancy something softer and more layered, like Brie Larson, there’s plenty of ways to wear a mini mane. And, with a good stylist, it really can be tailored to suit any face shape or style.

So, if you’re considering going for the chop, look to these A-listers for some serious pixie hair inspiration.

Which is your favourite?

  • Kristen Stewart

    While many people have been forced to let their short haircuts grow out in quarantine, Kristen Stewart has been keeping her androgynous-chic pixie cut in shape. Not only that, but she’s dyed hers a bright neon orange – almost exactly the same shade as Milla Jovovich’s in the Fifth Element.

    “Who said you can’t be cute in quarantine!?” Stewart’s hairstylist, CJ Romero, captioned his Instagram post.

    In the picture, you can see Stewart’s “cosmic rust” pixie. And, in another post on Romero’s feed, he has explained how he mixed up the colour for her lockdown hair transformation – you know, just in case you’ve been inspired to switch up your own pixie at home, too.

  • Jada Pinkett-Smith

    Jada Pinkett Smith has never been afraid to experiment with her hair, and has recently been sporting a bright, buttery blonde head of curls. This week, though, she decided to update her look with a buzzed pixie cut.

    “Keep the beauty,” Jada Pinkett-Smith wrote on Instagram. “I’ll take the beast.”

    Her new ‘do  went down an absolute storm with her followers.

    “LOVE IT,” wrote one.

    “That cut and colour is HOT on you,” added another.

    And still one more insisted it was their favourite Pinkett-Smith ‘do to date. Mind you, it’s easy to see why: there’s just something so beautifully unapologetic about this fierce crop.

  • Hayden Panettiere

    Hayden Panettiere has ditched her signature long, blonde hair.

    The Nashville actress posted a picture on Twitter debuting her new look – a pixie cut with buzzed sides.

    Referring to her role as Kirby Reed in 2011 movie Scream 4, in which she had a pixie cut, she tweeted, “Channeling my inner #Kirby #Scream4 Thanks to my boys @anthonyleonard”. 

  • Phoebe Waller-Bridge

    De Armas says Waller-Bridge has made sure her character is “a real woman”.

    As Fleabag, Phoebe Waller-Bridge has made one thing very clear: hair is everything.

    In that fateful episode which saw Claire (Sian Clifford) transformed into a pencil at the hands (or scissors) of Antony the hairdresser, PWB famously said: “Hair is everything. We wish it wasn’t so we could actually think about something else occasionally. But it is. It’s the difference between a good day and a bad day. We’re meant to think that it’s a symbol of power, that it’s a symbol of fertility. Some people are exploited for it and it pays your f***ing bills. Hair is everything, Antony.”

    It makes sense, then, that PWB’s changing hairstyle feels like a big deal to fans of the show. She recently swapped her chic wavy bob for a shaggy tousled pixie, which she debuted at the 2019 British Academy Britannia Awards, and her followers promptly fell in love with it.

    Anyone else have a feeling that ‘The PWB’ is going to be one of this season’s most requested haircuts?

  • China McClain

    China McClain – perhaps best known for her role as Jennifer Pierce in CW’s Black Lightning – surprised her fans when she took to Instagram to reveal that she had cut off her iconic long hair.

    “It’s gone by the way guys. I cut it off close to a year ago,” she wrote, alongside a shot of her beautiful new ‘do.

    But, while they were stunned by the transformation, McClain’s fans were 100% here for it.

    “Stunning,” wrote one, alongside a string of praise hand emojis.

    Another, clearly a mega fan of McClain’s close crop, added: “SLAYYYYYY QUEEN! YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!”

    And even actor Storm Reid chimed in, commenting: “Hair is fire sis.”

    Amen to that.

  • Ciara

    Pixie crops: Ciara debuted her new look at the 2019 ACE Awards

    Ciara isn’t just a singer, songwriter, dancer and model: she’s a short hair icon, too. The musician debuted a dramatic 90s-style pixie cut at the 2019 ACE Awards, featuring choppy, textured layers and a slight (albeit very blunt) fringe.

    “Chop it awf,” Ciara captioned a video of herself with the short ‘do on Instagram.

    Naturally, her fans reacted positively – with many praising her for bringing back Toni Braxton’s iconic pixie crop of the Nineties.

    “You giving me Toni Braxton,” one person commented, while another dubbed her “Ciara Braxton”.

    Of course, Ciara being the hair chameleon we know and love, there’s every possibility that this ‘do is a wig. But, when it looks this good, we’ve no doubt that people will be showing a pic of her mini-mane to their hairdresser and requesting the exact same look for summer: after all, the best way to stay cool is to go short, isn’t it?

  • Gabrielle Union

    Gabrielle Union is a full-time legend, so naturally folks were excited when she shared photos of her new pixie chop to Instagram on 13 June.

    “Golden buzzer glow up. Who’s next? #agt,” she captioned the photo.

    Hmm, we have a feeling that the answer is going to be pretty much everyone. Who could resist a modern twist on the classic Twenties crop (think a chin-length cut styled into soft, deep waves), after all?

  • Brie Larson

    People have a lot to say about the events of Avengers: Endgame – particularly when it comes to Brie Larson’s hair. In the first Captain Marvel film, Larson’s take on Carol Danvers had long flowing blonde locks. 

    When it comes to Endgame, though, she has a brand new haircut: a short, textured pixie cut style that immediately shows the world that she means business. It was a careful decision on behalf of the film’s hair and make-up teams: in 2012, the comic book character upon which Larson’s character is based was essentially “rebooted” by DeConnick, who rebranded the character with a military-looking costume. She also focused on Captain Marvel’s history as a fighter pilot and borrowed the swagger and attitude of record-setting pilot Chuck Yeager for the character – which meant that she swapped Carol’s middle-parted hair of the earlier comics for the shorter ‘do we see in Endgame.

    Essentially, Carol shedding the hair on-screen is just the next step in her evolution of the character. And, whether Larson decides to replicate the look in real life or not, this is certainly one iconic pixie cut that’s going to be inspiring Marvel fans for years to come.

  • Ida Marie Nielsen

    In Vikings, Ida Marie Nielsen’s Margrethe had long blonde waves. Now, though, the actress has broken free with a pixie cut – and, as seen in her most recent Instagram Stories post, dyed it bright yellow, too. B

    In the caption she wrote: ‘Yellow hair, don’t care,’ before thanking her hairdressers for making her look ‘incredibly original’.

  • Kerry Washington

    Kerry Washington debuted a chic and classic pixie cut at Vanity Fair’s star-studded Oscars party in February 2019, much to the delight of Scandal fans.

  • Emilia Clarke

    Actress Emilia Clarke took to Instagram to share her hair transformation, likening it to celebrity couple Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt’s matching hairstyles in the 90s. 

    “Me: I’m thinking when Gwyneth and Brad had the same haircut,” she wrote. 

  • Katy Perry

    Katy Perry’s hairstylist, Rick Henry, recently shared a photo of the Firework singer on his Instagram, revealing that she has swapped her blonde bob – last seen at the season finale of American Idol – for a super-short (and very purple) pixie cut.

    “First show of the European leg [of Perry’s Witness tour],” he captioned the shot.

    “Introducing… Blueberry Crush!”

    Perry shared the picture on her own feed, writing: “Just call me the purple Teletubby, OK?”

  • Alanis Morissette

    Pixie cuts: Alanis Morissette poses backstage at the hit musical ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ on Broadway at The Music Box Theatre in 2018.

    Alanis Morissette’s poetic lyrics and brutal imagery were a big deal to women everywhere when Jagged Little Pill hit airwaves in 1995: it lent power to a burst of rage that felt, somehow, uniquely female – because it wasn’t about being difficult, or contrary, or simply ‘angry’. No, it was about being a woman in a misogynist society, making your voice heard, and refusing to let anyone silence you.

    And, with her album recently transformed into a musical, it seems oddly fitting that Morissette has stepped out with a jagged little pixie cut.

    The musician, who is well-known for her longer locks, debuted her new short hairdo while posing for photos backstage at the Broadway play Dear Evan Hansen.

    She teamed her new look with some seriously vintage glasses (complete with a gold chain), along with a white short sleeve dress and a skeleton purse.

    Hmm. Anyone else suddenly feeling the urge to go short and blast out a rendition of You Oughta Know?

  • Katie Holmes

    Katie Holmes has returned to the spotlight – and she’s done it with a stunning new pixie cut, too.

    During an appearance at the FAO Schwarz pop up store in New York City’s Bergdorf Goodman, the actor revealed that she went for the chop as part of a new movie role, telling PEOPLE: “It’s for a role. I’m getting ready to play a woman in a movie called The Doorman.

    “She’s an ex-Marine and she’s a warrior. I’m excited. I’m training. I’m sore.”

    Her stylist added that it took three trips to the salon to perfect the cut, explaining: “We were trying to find a balance between something feminine but kickass… and it kind got shorter and shorter and shorter.”

    We’re big fans.

  • Katy Perry

    Perry has stepped away from her signature jet black locks for a bleach blonde makeover, and we can see why. The songstress has given herself an edge with an extra short fringe, and in the process highlighted her piercing eyes. 

    She first shared her updated look with her followers on Snapchat and her ‘do is now even rumored to be portrayed in Taylor Swift’s new video, Look What You Made Me Do.

  • Evan Rachel Wood

    Not all pixie cuts are created equal, as Wood expertly shows with this dramatic style.

    Having worked a shorter look for a while, the actress and musician clearly decided to take things up a notch at this year’s Costume Institute Gala where she let loose with high volume and a faded blue twist on the pastel coloured hair trend.

  • Janelle Monae

    If there’s one thing a haircut like this is perfect for, it’s rocking a hair accessory. Without all those extra locks, an ornate hair piece like this can really shine – something that Monae clearly knows all too well by exhibiting this gold, gilded beauty.

    We love the musician’s history of experiential styles (we all remember the giant quiff), but this might just be our favourite yet. 

  • Kristen Wiig

    Comedy mastermind Wiig has a lot to smile about. Famous for championing more roles for women in the film industry with her work on the smash-hit film Bridesmaids and the all-female ensemble cast in the recent Ghostbusters re-make, she’s one heck of a lady.

    But another thing this writer and actress can smile about is her hair, thanks to this enviable crop. Full of volume, block-y texture and a plethora of expertly blended shades, you’ll see us waving about her picture in our local hairdressers by the weekend.

  • Cara Delevingne

    With her tiny, impish features and mischievous eye-twinkle, there’s no doubt Delevingne was born to rock a pixie cut. Although, being a global supermodel probably doesn’t hurt when trying to pull off this ‘do either. 

    Since having the chop, the actress hasn’t shied away from experimenting with colour, opting for an icy blonde shade before testing out this magical looking lilac. 

  • Frankie Bridge

    Yes, we know that this certain The Saturdays star has always been famed for her short hair, so a picture of her in a pixie cut gallery could be called ever-so-slightly predictable. 

    But what we’re giving the singer extra pixie points for is her new blonde shade, which we have to say, suits her just as much as her natural brown. Also, can we just have a moment for that t-shirt? 


  • Lena Dunham

    The star and creator of HBO’s Girls has always been brilliantly bold with her look – but fans were definitely surprised when she unveiled a punky new pixie cut on Instagram.

    Describing her new style in her inimitable way, Dunham captioned the shot: “Your mom’s therapist friend she leaves your dad for.”

  • Zoe Kravitz

    Zoe Kravitz has never been afraid to experiment with her hair – but fans were still on tenterhooks when the actor and musician teased her new look on Instagram with a photo of a pile of blonde hair on the floor of a salon. She captioned it simply: “Oh sh*t: part 1.”

    A few hours later, the Big Little Lies star shared a selfie of her platinum-blonde buzz cut, and captioned it: “Oh sh*t: part 2.” 

    We echo the sentiments of Instagram users everywhere when we say that we “love it”.

  • Katy Perry

    Katy Perry certainly isn’t afraid of experimenting with her look – so we weren’t too surprised to learn that the Chained to the Rhythm star had decided to go for the chop.

    On Thursday 2 March, she unveiled a platinum pixie crop on Instagram; think lots of layering on top, a sweeping side-parting, and shaved sides, for a little extra oomph.

    Thanking her hairdresser on Instagram, she wrote: “I wasn’t ready ‘til now.”

  • Dawn O’Porter

    Dawn O’Porter’s chic dark bob and heavy fringe may be iconic, but the TV presenter and vintage fashion expert decided to go for the chop in February 2017 – and unveiled a seriously retro pixie to her fans on Instagram.

    “It’s so short,” she wrote. “But I have my safety blanket (fringe). I’ve been a mega fan of Vidal Sassons 5 point cut for so many years. This isnt an exact version but right for me. I didn’t even know I was going to do this last night. Just woke up and did it.

    “Felt so right getting it done at @edenbyedensassoon by @shaydempsey1. Thanks for being brave with me, Shay. Gulp!!”

  • Kristen Wiig

    Kristen Wiig, who has never been afraid to experiment with her hair, debuted a bright blonde pixie crop during a teaser for the 19 November 2016 episode of Saturday Night Live.

    The Ghostbusters star’s new look appeared to have been inspired by Mia Farrow’s famous close crop, with blonde highlights framing her face in a cut that ends right at her ears. 

    Image: SNL

  • Michelle Williams

    Michelle Williams first debuted her pixie cut in May 2010.

    She later revealed to Elle magazine that she had a very personal reason for going for the chop, explaining that it was a tribute to her late fiancé, Heath Ledger, who passed away in January 2008.

    “I cut it for the one straight man who has ever liked short hair and I wear it in memorial of somebody who really loved it,” she said.

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Lupita Nyong’o

     Is there a makeup or hair look that actress Lupita Nyong’o can’t pull off? We are obsessed with her fierce pixie.

  • Scarlett Johansson

    Scarlett Johansson was warned not to cut her hair short by almost everyone she knew, but she wasn’t prepared to give up on her pixie crop dreams.
    “Everybody kept saying, ‘Don’t cut your hair! You might hate it!'” she told Refinery29.
    “[But I asked myself] Why am I letting other people tell me what to do?”
    The finished result is effortlessly chic and elegant, so we imagine Scarlett is very pleased she ignored all the naysayers.

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Anne Hathaway

    Anne Hathaway’s elfin crop was voted one of the most influential celebrity haircuts of all time, and it’s easy to see why.

    Speaking about how her life changed once she opted for the pixie, Anne told Glamour:  “People are warmer to me. Also, I’m a fairly shy person, and [in the past] on days when I didn’t want to deal with the world, I’d wear a hat and pull my hair around me and hide. I can’t do that now. I have to be me all the time.”

    She added: “And it’s changed my habits, because if I was having a bad skin day, I could have a good hair day. Now I have no hair, so I have to take better care of myself because I’m all face!”

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Natalie Portman

    Natalie Portman famously shaved her head for her role in V For Vendetta – which grew out just in time for her to show off a beautifully gamine pixie cut on the red carpet at the premiere.

    She said to Black Film at the time: “I was excited to have the opportunity to throw vanity away for a little and go around with no hair.

    “Making a dramatic change that isn’t reversible is always a worthy experience, and that sort of gave me the courage to do it.”

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Rihanna

    Rihanna constantly strives for change when it comes to both her music and her hair, which means that she’s rocked a number of styles over the years. One of our absolute favourites, however, was this layered and sweeping pixie cut – it definitely added an edgy, modern day twist to the Audrey Hepburn-esque style.

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Audrey Tautou

    Audrey Tautou is proof that every woman should take the plunge and get a short haircut at some point in their lives – mainly because she made the pixie her own when she kept her natural waves in the mix. Eternally chic style.

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Audrey Hepburn

     If we were to list the most iconic pixie haircuts, Audrey Hepburn’s romantic crop would definitely take the number one slot. Utterly fearless, the short style was truly daring for the time – and signified a fearless woman who didn’t need to hair to hide behind her hair. 

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Emma Watson

    Emma Watson celebrated the end of her time as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise by chopping off her long brunette hair. Her layered pixie gave off a ‘70s free spirit vibe – and encouraged countless women to go short, too.

    Describing the experience as liberating, Emma famously said at the time: “It felt amazing. I love it. I missed all that experimentation that most teenagers go through.

    “I’ve wanted to do this since I was about 16, so as soon as I had the chance I was like, ‘Right. This is it.”

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Carey Mulligan

    Carey Mulligan’s bold and heavily-textured pixie cut proved once and for all that short hair could be just as exciting as long. 

    Image: Rex Pictures 

  • Halle Berry

    Halle Berry has rocked a number of hairstyles over the years, but it’s her signature pixie crop that has become iconic.

    So it’s unsurprising that the X-Men star feels more confident when sporting a mini mane.

    “I love short hair—that’s me, that’s who I am. I just feel confident and feel like my best self when I have short hair,” she told ELLE.

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Charlize Theron

    Charlize Theron left fans stunned when she stepped out at the 85th Annual Academy Awards with a brand-new pixie cut. But, despite being surrounded by the flowing locks of her fellow A-listers, Charlize had no regrets about going for the chop.

    “It’s the most freeing thing,” she said. “I highly recommend it. I think every woman should do it.”

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Kate Moss

    In 2001, the supermodel ditched her long locks for a pixie cut that was easier to fit into her jet-setting diary.

    Her hairstylist James Brown called, “very easy to maintain. She washes it, blow-dries and goes.”

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Jennifer Hudson

    Jennifer Hudson is famed for switching up her look on a regular basis, but the Oscar-winning actress is definitely a fan of her shorter ‘dos.

    Raving about her pixie cut to the press, she said: “It’s so easy! Then I get to explore myself and find my new swag with this!

    “You know, it changes your wardrobe, your style, your flavour, so I’m getting used to it!”

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Keira Knightley

    Keira Knightley’s cut her hair into a pixie for a film role, but the Pride & Prejudice star made sure the style was well and truly her own with an edgy ombré colour overhaul.

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Mia Farrow

    Mia Farrow first appeared on the silver screen with a cascade of thick hair – but, for Rosemary’s Baby in 1968, the actress allowed Vidal Sassoon to trim her locks to within a mere inch of her head. The look became one of the most iconic of all time, and really helped to propel the pixie cut into the halls of follicle fame.

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Winona Ryder

    Winona Ryder’s rebellious attitude was often reflected in her personal style – and never more so than in her pixie cut, which she’s had on-and-off since she was a 12-year-old.

    In an interview with Allure, she explained: “I used to always trim it myself. I enjoy having short hair a lot. I’ve obviously gone back and forth a lot, but I don’t know if I can really pull it off anymore.

    “The in-between stages are awful.”

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Kaley Cuoco

    The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco debuted a very short layered crop hairstyle in 2014 – which was a pretty big deal for the actress, as she’d been sporting long blonde tresses for over two decades.

    She told Women’s Health at the time:  “I haven’t had my hair cut in over 20 years. I was ready for a change — I felt like I needed to reinvent myself and that cut was awesome.

    “And I kept seeing people cutting their hair shorter and shorter, and I thought, it’s only a few more inches, and I talked to my hair dresser and we cut it. I loved it, I didn’t want to stop. I am surprised I did not shave my head.”

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Ginnifer Goodwin

    Ginnifer Goodwin loves her pixie haircut so much that she’s had a wig clause written into all of her film and television contracts.
    She told InStyle: “I find it hard to express myself when I’m growing out a very bad character haircut. 
    “As long as I can wear a wig, I can be any character and in real life I can be myself.”

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Twiggy

    Twiggy took the plunge with a pixie haircut in 1966, later describing it as the haircut that launched her career.

    Speaking to the Mail Online, she said: “I was a bit shocked initially, as I didn’t know what [my stylist] was going to do — and I’m not sure he did either. 

    “Thank goodness I took the plunge!”

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Jennifer Lawrence

    Jennifer Lawrence was famed for her tumbling tresses, so I came as a surprise to fans when the Oscar winner cropped them into a pixie.

    However she had a very good reason for doing it.

    She said: “I just did it to make Francis [the director of the Hunger Games] mad. I did it just to annoy him. He totally thought it was me giving him the finger.”

    The real-life Katniss Everdeen was kidding, obviously – she had to crop it short to give it time to heal after all of those on-screen hair transformations.

    “It’s just fried from being dyed so much,” said Jennifer.

    Image: Rex Pictures 

  • Rita Ora

    Rita Ora often switches up her look with wigs and extensions, but fans were enamoured with her platinum pixie crop, complete with long layers and a soft, face-framing fringe. What did you think of her short hair ‘do?

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Lena Dunham

    The Girls creator debuted her pixie crop in 2015 during an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers. When he complimented her new look, she replied: “Thank you so much, I’m premiering it right now on the show.”

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Katy Perry

    Katy Perry claimed that she had been inspired by Kris Jenner’s chic black pixie cut when she unveiled her textured mini mane on Instagram – but, as it later transpired, her look was achieved using a very realistic-looking wig. Which was a shame, really, as there’s no denying that Katy looked good with short hair.

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Zendaya

     Zendaya unveiled a pixie crop at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, which completely divided opinion; some fans loved it, others slated her for her new “Kris Jenner hairstyle”.

    The entertainer confidently shot down her critics, posting a range of selfies captioned “short hair don’t care”… before revealing that she was, in fact, wearing a wig.

    What do you think of her faux pixie? 

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Victoria Beckham

    Forget the fashion designer’s iconic posh bob (or ‘pob’, as we prefer to call it); in 2008, it was all about Victoria Beckham’s textured pixie cut.

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Madonna

    In 1986, the world became obsessed with Madonna’s bleached blonde and boyish pixie crop.

    Image: Getty Pictures

  • Sienna Miller

     Back in 2006, Sienna lopped off her blonde locks into a pixie crop – although she later admitted she wasn’t a fan of her mini mane.

    She told People: “I took a picture of Winona Ryder into a branch of [salon chain] Toni & Guy in an effort to achieve her pixie cut, but when I walked out I looked as if I had a helmet on.

    “My boyfriend at the time opened the door and closed it in my face.”

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Agyness Deyn

    The platinum blonde pixie was Agyness Deyn’s signature hairstyle for many years – and it’s easy to see why, isn’t it?

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Katie Holmes

    Katie Holmes opted for a layered pixie cut with plenty of texture when Suri Cruise was first born, as she found it easier to maintain with a baby.

    She told Into The Gloss: “I went with a pixie cut when my daughter was really young. It was easy—I mean, it was really easy.”

    However, as it turns out, pixie cuts aren’t to everyone’s taste.

    She said: “I missed my long hair. Especially after a long winter, all I want is sexy, summer hair.”

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Elsa Pataky

    Spanish actress Elsa Pataky went for the chop in 2012, opting for a beachy pixie cut that required minimal styling on a day-to-day basis. It framed her heart-face perfectly, didn’t it?

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Shailene Woodley

    Shailene Woodley joined the ranks of stars with pixie cuts in 2013, after her appearance in The Fault In Our Stars.

    “I love it. It’s so easy, man,” she said at the Elle Women in Hollywood event in Beverly Hills. “I’ve always wanted to cut my hair … so it’s exciting to be able to just be free and chop it off.”

    Clearly it made a big impression on the star, as she’s still sporting her cropped hair now.

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Elise Neal

    We have long been fans of Elise Neal’s soft and sweeping pixie cut; it frames her features perfectly, doesn’t it?

  • Cilla Black

    Cilla Black shook up the 60s with her deep copper pixie cut – and it’s just as much requested in the salons today as it ever was.

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Julianne Hough

    When Julianne Hough debuted her pixie cut, a lot of people were surprised she had cut off her long blonde locks.
    However the actress and dancer was unperturbed by the reaction, telling E! News: “I’ve had short hair before [and] I got extensions for a little project I was doing and I was just ready to take ‘em out.
    “I decided that day. I was like, you know, just cut it off.”

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Miley Cyrus

    Miley Cyrus’ short blonde pixie cut was a very dramatic change from her Hannah Montana days, helping to separate the actress and singer from her Disney persona.
    Miley later admitted that it was 60s icon Twiggy who served as her short hair inspiration, and that her mini mane had helped her feel more in control of her own identity.

    Tweeting a photo of her haircut to fans, she said at the time: “Never felt more me in my whole life.”

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Tyra Banks

    Tyra Banks had been dreaming of short hair for ages before she got the chop – and she shared the finished result proudly on social media.

    “Snip #NotTooShort” she captioned the image, later adding: “It’s about time. Mom, I finally did it.”
    The model’s mini mane definitely suits her, doesn’t it?

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Goldie Hawn

    Much like her daughter, Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn is just as famous for her blonde tresses as she is her acting abilities. But the comedy star bravely went for the chop in 1968, transforming her long locks into a shaggy pixie for  Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In.

    Image: Getty Pictures

  • Rose McGowan

    Actress and director Rose McGowan cut her hair into a jagged pixie cut to prove a point about femininity.

    Speaking to Elle, she said: “I never really got haircuts, because my whole life as an actress, people would tell me, ‘Rose, you can’t cut your hair because then, nobody will want to f**k you, and then you won’t get parts.’ And the sick thing is, I believed them.

    “But once I finished Dawn, and it was selected for Sundance, I realized, why should I care what people think about how I look? Why should anyone care how I look more than what I’m doing? It’s bulls**t.”

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Frankie Sandford

    Frankie Bridge has opened up about her mental health on the How To Fail podcast.

    Frankie Sandford – who makes up 1/5 of British girl group The Saturdays – is so famed for her pixie crop that fans were completely blown away when she added long brunette extensions to her hair recently. 

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Bex Taylor-Klaus

    Bex Taylor-Klaus – better known to Netflix junkies as Audrey from the Scream TV series – has sported a dark elfin crop ever since she appeared as Bullet in The Killing.

    Speaking about her look, she said: “I’ve had really short hair for a while. I’d dress in baggy clothing. I’d always have fun with having the shock value of being different, whether it’s punk, goth or androgyny.

    “It’s always entertaining.”

    Image: Rex Pictures

  • Tais Araujo

    Tais Araujo chose a chocolate brown pixie cut for her sleek and classic red carpet style at the Cannes film premiere of The Immigrant – it just sums up everything we love about Old Hollywood glamour.

    Image: Rex Pictures

Images: Rex Pictures, Getty Pictures, Instagram

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US racing tips: Templegate's best bets for the meeting at Will Rogers Downs on Sky Sports Racing on Monday



SPIRIT MISSION hit the crossbar at Turf Paradise last time against stronger opposition than this. He finished with a real rattle but the line came a couple of strides too soon. That was over this mile distance and he should be right there.

Survey has to come from out wide but was impressive when winning in a higher grade over course and distance latest. His trainer and jockey have a high win rate when they team up.

Touch Em Up didn’t get going here latest but comes from in-form connections so can’t be dismissed.


BREW CASA should be too good for these rivals after going close over course and distance last time out. She tried to force the pace there and just paid for that in the closing stages. She has held her own in much stronger company and has been clocking much faster times than the rest of the field.

Camo Washita has the plum inside draw and has been running with credit at this level. This slight hike in distance could help too.

Apple County won with a bit left in the tank here last month and can’t be discounted despite going up in grade.


OUR VISION is coming back from a long break but is coming right down in class for his Will Rogers debut. His trainer and jockey have been firing in the winners and this isn’t the strongest opposition.

Jimmy Winne has shown some promise on his two starts with a couple of fourth places. He has a lot more to offer and worked well enough last week.

To The Front wasn’t asked too many questions on his debut at Oaklawn earlier this month and is coming right down the grades.


STEPHEN’S ANSWER has won five of his past seven starts and was beaten in a head-bobber on his Will Rogers debut last time. This looks an easier race and there could be improvement to come on his second outing after a break.

Lindante upset favourite backers when fourth here last time when dropping back to an inadequate six furlongs. He won over this trip two runs ago and should be much happier today.

Seattle Thunder is another who likes this distance and scored the last time he tackled this grade.


LAUNDRY KYLE looked more than a little rusty when coming back from a break to make her course debut last month. She was sent off a short order thanks to his decent form in better races but clearly needed the run. She should be much sharper today.

Los Suenos didn’t get home over six furlongs last time and will be happier at this distance. She has worked really well since then and has more to offer.

Posse Gone Wild doesn’t have the best of draws in stall 11 but has shown promise and could hit the frame.


ROCKY BOY INDIAN is a model of consistency and showed promise on his first spin around Will Rogers earlier this month. Going up in trip looks a wise move and inside draws have a high strike-rate over this course and distance.

Ben’s Magic Stone hasn’t won for a while but is usually right on the premises, including last time when he was beaten just two lengths. He hit the front too soon there and could go close with a better timed run.

Smok’n Policy was half a length away in a similar race when being forced wide so is another to note.

Don't miss out on all the best of Sun Racing

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Facebook – SunRacingOnline


VERONICA’S DREAM is worth a punt despite coming from the outside draw. She has been running well in better races than this and was a convincing winner the last time she tackled this course and distance.

Lazzarella has a much better berth on the inside rail and was last seen running a close second at Rillito and winning at Turf Paradise. She is proven in this grade and looks a real danger.

Ten Count Out is dropping in class for an in-form yard so is another for the shortlist, while Daneira has worked well ahead of this course desbut and can’t be dismissed either.


BLUE MOONRISE put in a rare modest run at Oaklawn last time but that was against much stronger competition than today. Before that she had more than three lengths in hand when clocking a fast-time success. This is her first sight of Will Rogers Downs but she looks the one to beat.

Fool’s Paradise was sent off a short order here last time but had to settle for second. She has a better draw today and the yard does well with beaten favourites.

Baydar scooted in by four lengths here latest and should go close despite stepping up in class.


SPRING STEEN clearly needed the run when sixth after a long break here last time out. That was the first time she had been out of the places at Will Rogers and she should be a lot fitter to do herself justice today.

Three Chords was beaten less than a length in stronger company at Oaklawn last time. She is best over this distance and looks a danger despite coming back from a short break.

Lady Orchid is another who was rusty on return earlier this month but won four of her five races before that so can step up.


RIDE TO THE WIRE was impressive when scoring by more than three lengths on his course debut last week. He powered right away from his rivals so he can take this step up in class in his stride.

Baysider has worked well since a modest run at Laurel Park last month and is taking a drop in grade for his course debut. His best form would be good enough to go very close.

Ginge is drawn on the inside and ran a good second against similar rivals latest. He went from the front there and just failed to hang on.

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Piers Morgan net worth: How much has opinionated journalist made in his career?

Piers Morgan has had a long media career spanning newspapers and television. He has a legion of followers, and a legion of critics, due to his strong opinions.


  • Amanda Holden reveals marriage secret with Chris Hughes

What is Piers Morgan’s net worth?

Piers Morgan’s net worth in an estimated £13m.

He has had a long career in journalism.

He started out at The Sun in 1988.

Piers, who was born Piers Pughe-Morgan, wrote the paper’s “Bizarre” column.

He has worked as the editor of the Daily Mirror, although he was sacked from the post after running faked pictures of British Army soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners.

He write columns for the Mail Online, as well as speaking his mind on his Twitter account.

Who is Piers Morgan’s wife?

Piers Morgan is married to Celia Walden, who is a journalist and the daughter of a Conservative MP.

They married in June 2010, and the couple have a daughter, Elise.

Previously, Morgan was married to Marion Shalloe, who worked in a hospital. They wed in 1991, and had three sons Albert, Spencer, and Stanley.

Piers Morgan: GMB host issues apology to Ofcom [SORRY] 
Piers Morgan accused of letting ‘good friend’ Tony Blair off the hook [INTERVIEW] 
GMB in stitches after Captain Tom’s offer to ‘attractive’ Susanna Reid [VIDEO] 

Piers Morgan has a number of celebrity friends, although one such relationship seems to have soured.

For a short time Piers enjoyed a positive relationship with US president Donald Trump.

He was the only journalist invited to interview the president during his trip to the UK.

However, this relationship does appear to have soured.


  • ‘Insulting’ Brandon Lewis torn apart by ITV GMB viewers

Piers took to his column to urge Donald to “shut the f**k up” after he floated the idea of injecting people with coronavirus with disinfectant.

Piers titled his column: “President Trump’s batsh*t crazy coronavirus ‘cure’ theories are not just shockingly senseless and stupid – they’re going to kill people.”

Sadly, Donald, 73, has not taken kindly to this.

In view of his 7.4 followers, the host commented: “UPDATE: President ⁦@realDonaldTrump has unfollowed me on Twitter, hours after I wrote this ⁦@DailyMail column.”

And tonight Piers got in another spat with a far right political commentator.

Piers blocked Paul Joseph Watson after the activist wrote: “Your entire career is based around pretending to be annoyed by anything, including vegan f****** sausage rolls.”

Agitated Paul then fired back: “I get way more traction than you despite you having 10 times more followers, because I’m younger and more attractive.”

Piers responded by saying: “Hi Paul, You’re a repulsive, racist, far-right, Muslim-hating, conspiracy theorist imbecile who works for a website that says Sandy Hook was invented.”

“Given all this, I am relaxed about your dislike for me. In fact, I crave your disapproval. Now f*ck off.”

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Scarface Relies on Dialysis Treatment After Near-Fatal Coronavirus Complications

In a Zoom video chat with old bandmate Willie D, the former Geto Boys star admits he is glad to be alive after being admitted to the hospital twice with double pneumonia and kidney failure.

AceShowbiz -Rap veteran Scarface is undergoing dialysis treatment after near-fatal coronavirus complications left him with kidney failure.

The former Geto Boys star, real name Brad Jordan, went public with his health battle in late March, revealing he had twice been admitted to the hospital with double pneumonia and kidney failure before testing positive for COVID-19.

Scarface has since shared an update with his old bandmate Willie D, explaining he was only discharged from medical care on 20 April after coming within “inches” of death.

“I’m glad to be alive,” he confessed in a recent Zoom video chat, uploaded to YouTube.

Scarface claimed he had no kidney issues prior to contracting COVID-19, but now he is reliant on the dialysis machine to help keep him alive: “That’s my new lifeline,” he shared as he showed his pal the port.

“I gotta change my entire diet, I gotta do dialysis four days a week, three hours a day. That’s taking all my blood out, cleaning it and putting it back in my body.”

The 49-year-old admits the coronavirus symptoms really left him struggling, and caused him to lose “probably 30 pounds”.

“I couldn’t keep food down, I couldn’t get comfortable, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t stay woke (sic), I could not breathe,” he recalled. “It was the worst time of my life.”

“Hanging on that string of death makes you really appreciate life,” Scarface added. “I was inches away from death.”

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'Westworld' Recap: Everything That Happened in Season 3, Ep 7 Explained

We’ll help you navigate that absolutely insane episode we just got


(Major spoilers ahead for the April 26 episode of “Westworld” on HBO)

Okay, so we’re close to the end of “Westworld” season 3 now, with only the finale left to go next week. And, not surprisingly, that meant that this week’s episode was chock full of new developments. It’s a lot to process, and it took me a few viewings to get everything straight (mostly). So let’s dig into all this crazy stuff that happened and what it all might mean.

We’re gonna take it all piecemeal instead of just directly recapping everything in chronological order, just for the sake of everyone’s sanity. We’ll start with Caleb (Aaron Paul), just because he gets the biggest revelations and kinda binds all the other stuff together.

So perhaps the largest twist this week was the news that Dolores’s plan for global revolution does not, apparently, involve Dolores leading that revolution. It looks instead like Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) has been setting up Caleb to be the leader, with this season basically being his origin story.

So the two of them head to Sonora, Mexico, where Incite’s secret reconditioning facility is. Or was. This is an old facility, not currently in use aside from housing the AI Solomon and a bunch of “outliers” who have been put in stasis pods of some sort. Incite still does reconditioning in the present, but at a different facility — the one that we see William (Ed Harris) at this week.

So Dolores clears the place of Incite’s guards and they have a chat with Solomon. And we learn that Caleb was one of these outliers — one who the “reconditioning therapy” actually worked on. Solomon says it doesn’t work for 90% of subjects, and that 90% are the folks on ice.

Over the course of the episode of “Westworld,” we learn about Caleb’s true past. So way back in the day, Caleb was in the military with his pal Francis (Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi), doing ops in Crimea during the Russian Civil War. They basically track bad guys so that their overlords can drone bomb them from space. But things take a bad turn, and the bad guys are doing the same thing to Caleb’s team. They all die, except for Caleb and Francis, who get shipped home and discharged.

But instead of their literal homes, they actually end up in the Sonora facility and get reconditioned. And then they’re set loose as mercenaries, essentially, making a living using the crimes app that we saw in the season 3 premiere. That app, Solomon says, was specifically designed to be used by reconditioned outliers in order to “regulate criminality.” Just another method for Serac to control everything.

But one day, Caleb and Francis capture a guy for a job, but are left hanging by whoever was supposed to come pick the guy up. Caleb takes the tape off this guy’s mouth, and he starts telling them what’s up — that the app and the meds they take are just a system of control and that he himself is just like Caleb. This guy knows a lot about the System, including the Sonora facility and the sorts of tricks they use for controlling these reconditioned folks.

When Francis is out of earshot, the guy tells Caleb that the bad guys are probably using this moment as an opportunity to clear either Francis or Caleb off the board by offering each of them money to kill the other. This turns out to be correct — Francis got an offer to kill Caleb, but Caleb ended up killing Francis in self-defense. And the guy who knows too much is killed by a stray bullet.

After all that, Caleb is sent back to reconditioning and set free again. But on some subconscious level I think he remembered the truth. Remember how he said a few times in the premiere that he doesn’t do “personals”? I think that personal policy came about because he associates those sorts of jobs with that trauma he experienced, even though he may not actually remember the trauma itself.

Alternatively, they may have reconditioned him to avoid those jobs because they know that those sorts of jobs could trigger his real memories.

In any case, by the end of the episode, Caleb now remembers his true past. And he’s mad enough to get that revolution going, with a plan devised by Solomon. So let’s talk about that AI and Serac and all that stuff now.

We learned this week that Rehoboam was not the first artificial intelligence that Serac (Vincent Cassel) and his brother Jean Mi had built to help them control the world. Before Rehoboam, there was Solomon, which Dolores says got sidelined because he had some weird quirks.

“Before Rehoboam, Serac and his brother created Solomon. It had the task of trying to organize an unruly world but it ran so many projections, so many strategies, it developed some anomalies,” Dolores told Caleb. “Serac’s brother was schizophrenic. You could say Solomon inherited some of his ways of thinking.”

But it’s more than just that, I think. Later on, Dolores asks Solomon to share with them a plan that Jean Mi had asked it to create just before Serac tried to recondition him. Solomon says he would need to update the plan, because so many of the “prime movers” in the plan were either dead or on ice. Dolores approves, because she sees this plan as necessary for the revolution.

Whatever this plan is, we can infer from these discussions that it runs directly in counter to the plan that Serac has been enacting for more than a decade — I’d go so far as to infer that this plan was the reason that Jean Mi ended up in reconditioning, even. And the reason Solomon was left to rot. So it might not just be a plan for revolution — it might be a plan for anarchy. Or apocalypse.

This is a good time to pivot over to Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) and William (Ed Harris). We don’t actually get much info from these scenes, just Bernard reinforcing things we learned elsewhere, plus a little bit of a new mystery.

So in the early scenes, we learn that someone sent them to that facility, which is in the San Francisco Bay Area, but not who. They just say “she” when referring to that person, and never explicitly clarify who that is — but my guess is the main Dolores, just because Bernard is part of her plan somehow. But that’s a mystery to ponder later.

Bernard finds the data from the tracker that Charlotte (Tessa Thompson) had put in William’s blood, and the location of the Sonora facility, and some information about Caleb, who they remember from their previous run-in with him and realize that he has greater significance than they’d previously thought.

And as they set out for Mexico to follow Dolores’s path, they chat briefly about Caleb. And Bernard says that her plan is not to destroy humanity herself, but rather to use Caleb to destroy humanity. Thus my speculation about Solomon’s plan being a potentially apocalyptic one.

Now let’s take this over to Charlotte’s one scene, which kind of ties everything together.

The episode begins with the host Musashi (Hiroyki Sanada), who is actually a copy of Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), hanging out in a restaurant when he gets a call from one of his “siblings,” the copy of Dolores who lives in the Charlotte Hale body.

Charlotte tells Musashi that Dolores’s plan “is for us to die. But I have a new plan.” And so she told Maeve (Thandie Newton) how to find him. And Maeve sent two of her friends who she printed new bodies for last week, Clementine (Angela Sarafyan) and Hanaryo (Tao Okamoto). And they kill Musashi.

There is a question of what exactly Charlotte means when she says “her plan is for us to die.” How I see it is that each of the copies has a role to play that will eventually result in their deaths. Remember, the copy that lived in the Connells body (Tommy Flanagan) suicide bombed Incite headquarters — it’s likely that each of the copies has something like that that they must do.

And I think we saw the Dolores body’s planned death this week. She said several things during the episode that indicated she knew this trip into the desert was her last ride. And when Maeve showed up to fight her, Dolores even referred to her as the person who’s going to kill her.

After an extended battle with Maeve, which also involved Dolores’s computer-controlled sniper rifle and Maeve’s helicopter, Dolores is about to lose. She’s been stabbed in the gut and had most of her left arm blown off. But she has one last move: trigger the “military-grade EMP” in the facility and deactivate both herself and Maeve.

Now, we don’t know yet if these are permanent deaths or if they’ll be back next week — without knowing anything about the EMP device there’s no point in speculating, really. But I believe that Dolores did that intending to die there. I think this was the end of her role in the plan, and now it’s time for a very angry Caleb to go do whatever Solomon’s plan says.

As the episode ends, we see him marching out of the facility alone, and we hear an unknown voice: “Hello, Caleb, I have some instructions for you.”

Before I end this, I should note a potential wrinkle here with Dolores. She smuggled five pearls out of Westworld at the end of season 2, but we’ve only seen four of them so far: Dolores, Charlotte, Musashi and Bernard. Though we have spent the whole season thinking of the Dolores in the Dolores body as the “main” Dolores. But if her death here was the plan, it’s possible that this Dolores is actually just one of the copies, and the original has been operating from the shadows this whole time.

Or maybe there are two Doloreses in Dolores bodies, and the season finale next week will reveal they’ve been doing a “Parent Trap” kind of thing this whole time. I don’t know. I’m just saying this to remind you that there’s still one more player out there who we haven’t seen yet, as far as we know. So keep that in mind when you’re speculating about how the “Westworld” season 3 finale is gonna go.

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How to sleep: The surprising vitamin shown to help with a good night’s sleep

Sleep can be disrupted throughout the night, leaving a foggy head for the next morning. Which surprising vitamin has been shown to help with a good night’s kip?

According to “The Sleep Doctor” Michael Breus, clinical psychologist: “Vitamin D is catching a lot of interest for its potential benefits for sleep.”

Researchers, from the department of Psychobiology at a university in Brazil, found a link between a vitamin D deficiency and sleep duration.

The link between vitamin D deficiency and a limited amount of sleep was seen in those aged 50 and older.


  • Dementia symptoms: The sign during sleep that could signal it

There were 657 participants, with nearly 60 percent of the sample size deficient in vitamin D.

Supporting this line of enquiry, scientists at China’s Qingdao University analysed multiple studies that looked at vitamin D’s role in sleep.

They too found a connection between low levels of vitamin D and a lack of sleep.

Low vitamin D levels were also linked to poor sleep quality.

The Sleep Doctor postulated: “Vitamin D may influence sleep by helping to regulate our circadian clocks.”

The Sleep Foundation explains that the circadian rhythm is an internal body clock.

It’s also known as the sleep/wake cycle and is controlled by a portion of the brain called the hypothalamus.

The Sleep Doctor then referenced research that shows “vitamin D may activate two circadian clock genes which, in turn, controls the 24-hour circadian rhythms”.

He continued: “Light and darkness, we know, are the primary regulators of our internal bio clocks.”

The Sleep Foundation states that darkness sends a signal to the hypothalamus that it’s time to feel tired.

The hormone melatonin is then released by the brain to induce the feeling of fatigue.

“Sunlight is also our single best source of vitamin D,” The Sleep Doctor added.


  • How to lose visceral fat: The number of hours you should sleep

“It looks as though vitamin D may be a part of the mechanism by which sunlight keep our bio clocks — and our daily sleep cycles — running in sync.”

But sunshine isn’t the only way you can absorb some vitamin D.

Vitamin D is available in supplement form, as well as from a person’s diet.

Food can be fortified with vitamin D. It can also be sourced from fatty fish, such as mackerel and salmon.

For a good night’s sleep – on a regular basis – it’s vital to practice good sleep hygiene habits.

The Sleep Foundation confirms that going to bed and waking up at the same time everyday is beneficial.

It’s also best to avoid caffeine and nicotine close to bedtime.

And establishing a regular, relaxing bedtime routine helps the body recognise when it’s time to fall asleep.

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Judge Denies R. Kelly’s Second Plea To Be Released From Prison

New York Federal Judge Anne Donnelly has denied for the second time R. Kelly‘s request to be released from jail, where the rapper expressed concern that he may contract coronavirus from inmates infected with the pandemic.

“The defendant maintains that any risk can be mitigated through a combination of measures imposed on his release, including restrictions on social media, internet and telephone use,” wrote the U.S. District Judge in her ruling issued Tuesday.

The alleged sex predator remains a flight risk and could possibly “intimidate prospective witnesses” if he is released from custody, in the opinion of Judge Donnelly.

The 53-year-old singer is currently jailed without bond at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago.

He is facing charges on 13 counts in several jurisdictions, including being involved in the prostitution of a minor in Minnesota and kidnapping and sexual exploitation in New York.

The charges followed the release of the 2019 docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly in which several women stand united against the singer, who has long been accused of abuse, pedophilia, and predatory behavior toward women.

This was the second unsuccessful attempt by Kelly this month to get temporary release citing coronavirus fears.

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Talk about cuteness: A little Katie Ledecky once played peek-a-boo with Michael Jordan

At age 23, Katie Ledecky is already one of the best swimmers in history — if not the best female distance swimmer of all time.

Ledecky was touched by greatness early, when she famously got an autograph from Michael Phelps — swimming’s undisputed GOAT — as a nine-year-old in 2006. But an even younger Ledecky once met another GOAT from another sport at a Washington arena when she was just a small child.

Little Ledecky once played peek-a-boo with NBA legend Michael Jordan, though as she writes in the Twitter post where she shared the video, "he didn't stand a chance against my popcorn."

Jordan is the subject of the documentary "The Last Dance," which debuted parts 1 and 2 on ESPN last weekend to record ratings. Episodes 3 and 4 will air Sunday night, beginning at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN, and Ledecky said she’d be grabbing her popcorn again.

Grabbing my popcorn for tonight’s episodes of #TheLastDance. I can tell you one thing about Michael Jordan: he’s a tough peek-a-boo player but he didn’t stand a chance against my popcorn.

Ledecky, born and raised in the D.C. area, grew up going to Washington Capitals games, where her uncle, Jon Ledecky, was a former minority owner before becoming the New York Islanders co-majority owner in 2016.

Jordan, after retiring following his sixth and final championship with the Chicago Bulls in 1998, struck a deal to become president of basketball operations and part owner of the Washington Wizards in 2000. He would play two seasons for the Wizards as a player-owner in 2001-02 and 2002-03. It was around that time the young Ledecky met his Airness.

Ledecky has won six medals, including five golds, in two Olympics and should be one of the big attractions at the next Summer Games in Tokyo.

Katie Ledecky celebrates after winning the gold medal in the 800-meter freestyle at the 2016 Rio Olympics. (Photo: Rob Schumacher, USA TODAY Sports)

She kicked off her Olympic career with a gold medal in the 800-meter freestyle at the 2012 London Games, then became one of the biggest stars in Rio four years later when she defended her gold in the 800 and also won the 400-meter freestyle — both in world-record times. She also earned golds in the 200-meter fresestyle and the 4×200 freestyle relay, as well as silver in the 4×100 freestyle relay in 2016.

Jordan also shined at the Olympics in addition to all his accomplishments in the NBA. In 1984 following his junior and final season at North Carolina, Jordan led a group of collegiate All-Stars at the Los Angeles Olympics to Team USA's last gold medal in the amateur era. Then in 1992, he was one of the main faces of the legendary "Dream Team" in Barcelona.

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'Dawson's Creek' and 5 Other TV Shows From The WB Streaming on Netflix and Hulu Right Now

Prior to merging with UPN and forming The CW, The WB gave us some of our favorite TV shows. In fact, we still watch many shows that aired on the network when we’re feeling particularly nostalgic. Keep reading to discover programs from The WB that found their way to Netflix and Hulu, including Dawson’s Creek

‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) battles vampires and other evil forces in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The program debuted in March 1997 and ran for 7 seasons before audiences said goodbye to Buffy in 2003.

The WB’s first major hit show, the series still has a large, devoted following decades after it first premiered. 

Watch every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Hulu. 

‘Dawson’s Creek’

One of the most popular teen dramas of the ‘90s and early 2000s, Dawson’s Creek introduced the world to the characters of Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek) and his friends, Joey Potter (Katie Holmes) and Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson).

The three characters gave us one of the most popular TV love triangles of the day that still remains a hot topic among fans all these years later. Premiering in 1998, Dawson’s Creek ran for six seasons before ending in 2003. Michelle Williams, Busy Philipps, and Kerr Smith also starred in the series. 

Dawson’s Creek is available to stream on Hulu.

‘7th Heaven’

Created by Brenda Hampton, 7th Heaven followed minister, Eric Camden (Stephen Collins), and his wife, Annie (Catherine Hicks), as they raised their seven children played by Beverley Mitchell, Barry Watson, and Jessica Biel among others. The series debuted in 1996 on The WB and ran for 11 seasons before coming to an end in 2007. 

Watch all 243 episodes of 7th Heaven on Hulu.

‘Gilmore Girls’

Gilmore Girls gave us one of our favorite fictional mother-daughter duos, Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) Gilmore. Created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, Gilmore Girls became known for its fast-talking characters and pop culture references.

The show ran for seven seasons from 2000 to 2007 and returned for a Netflix revival in 2016.

Gilmore Girls, both the original series and the revival, are available on Netflix. 


Clark Kent (Tom Welling) had to learn how to harness his powers while keeping his abilities hidden from Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum), who would later become his adversary and Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk), the girl he had a crush on. The superhero show proved to be a big success for The WB, running for 10 seasons from 2001-2011.

Watch every episode of Smallville on Hulu.


Created by Constance M. Burge and produced by Aaron Spelling, Charmed premiered on Oct. 7, 1998. About three sisters who happened to be witches, Charmed followed Prue (Shannen Doherty), Piper (Holly Marie Combs), and Phoebe Halliwell (Alyssa Milano) as they learned to use their powers to fight evil. The show ran for 8 years, 8 seasons, and 178 episodes before going off the air in 2006. 

Watch the entire series on Netflix.

Here’s hoping Felicity, Everwood, and other shows from The WB make their way to Netflix or Hulu soon! 

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Meet the pet owners who are the perfect match for their pooches

It’s the DOGelgangers! Meet the pet owners who are the perfect match for their pooches

  • The Kennel Club is looking for the best doppelgangers for its online show
  • Hannah Martin, from Essex, matches her clothes to her dog Lady’s lead and collar
  • Meryn Dougan, from East Sussex, and Jack have won Dog Most Like Owner at a number of shows 

If you’ve ever doubted the old saying that dogs and their owners grow to resemble each other, take a look at the pictures here.

The Kennel Club is looking for the best doppelgangers for its online show this year, and these are some of the lookalike entrants.

Among those answering the club’s call for submissions on social media was Hannah Martin and her dog Lady.

Miss Martin, from Essex, said she always makes sure to match her top with Lady’s collar and lead – but added that their matching hair is purely coincidental. 

Meryn Dougan, from East Sussex, and Jack have won Dog Most Like Owner at a number of shows

Hannah Martin, from Essex, said she always matches her top with her dog Lady’s collar and lead

Angela Rogers, from Chester, nominated herself and her golden retriever Harvey when a newfound likeness emerged after she had her hair dyed at the hairdressers.

With their matching curls, Hetty the cocker spaniel and owner Jim Thurlow bear a striking resemblance. Mother Lindsey said that her daughter Jim and Hetty, a working dog, are the ‘best of friends’.

Archer the chow chow and owner Andy, from Sheffield, also entered the contest, as did Kate Miriam, from Italy, who shares long locks with Highlander, her Afghan.

And Meryn Dougan, from East Sussex, and Jack have won Dog Most Like Owner at a number of shows – but Mr Dougan claims he cannot see the resemblance between himself and his English bulldog.

Kate Miriam, from Italy, who shares long locks with Highlander, her Afghan, also entered the contest

Angela Rogers, from Chester, nominated herself and her golden retriever Harvey when a newfound likeness emerged after she had her hair dyed at the hairdressers

With their matching curls, Hetty the cocker spaniel and owner Jim Thurlow bear a striking resemblance

Archer the chow chow and owner Andy, from Sheffield, also entered the contest

PS. A chop too far for one pet…

Thinking of cutting your dog’s hair because you can’t get to the groomer’s in lockdown? Think again. This is Mash the pomeranian before and after a trim by his owner, jewellery designer Hermione Underwood at home in Sydney. 

This is Mash the pomeranian before (left) and after a trim (right) by his owner at home in Sydney

Jewellery designer Hermione Underwood cut her pomeranian’s hair at home in Sydney

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