Kim Kardashian Accused of Using Photoshop to “Slim Down” 6-Year-Old Daughter!

We all know that Kim Kardashian has been using photoshop to touch-up her Instagram pics throughout her career.

But usually, Kim sticks to doctoring her own physique.

Now, she’s being accused of editing a photo to make her daughter look skinnier.

And understandably, fans are more than a little disturbed by the idea that Kim would feel the need to “improve upon” a photo of 6-year-old North.

The @Celebface Instagram account posts evidence of photoshopping by celebs, and its admins believe Kim scandalously altered a recent photo of her eldest child.

According to the folks who run that page photo below is the original image:

Obviously, there’s nothing abnormal about the pic as shown, and it doesn’t seem that Kim would have any reason to retouch it.

But Kim has been accused of posting the photo below on her Instagram page and passing it off as the original.

As usual, the retouching is subtle but unmistakable when the two photos are viewed side-by-side.

“Have you ever seen non-natural children photos on Instagram?” @Celebface asked its followers, implying that Kim had followed her obsession with visual perfection into uncharted territory.

Comments on the photo indicate that in the eyes of many fans — or former fans, as the case may be — Kim has reached a new low in her alleged obsession wih beauty and physical perfection.

“I mean filters and Facetune. Do these women think their kids aren’t good enough for their Instagram pages?” one person wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“It’s sad when someone cares about perfection so much and loses touch with reality,” another commented.

“As a mother and just as a person, this make me very sad,” a third user chimed in.

Others remarked on what sort of long-term psychological effects such actions might have on Kim’s kids.

After all, it won’t be long before North will be able to use the internet and understand controversies like this one for herself.

“Wtf? And what about when these kids are adults and look at these photos from when they were kids,” wrote one user.

“Are they going to question their worth and have major insecurity issues? When does it end??”

The Sun claims to have reached out to Kim for comment and received no reply.

Given the level of backlash, we’re guessing Mrs. Kardashian-West won’t be commenting on this situation anytime soon.

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Kylie Jenner accused of photoshopping again as her ‘hands look all messed up’ in sexy new shot – The Sun

KYLIE Jenner fans have once again accused the star of having another “photoshop fail” in her latest sexy Instagram photoshoot.

The 22-year-old Kylie Cosmetics billionaire played “dress up” in a skin-tight white body suit but followers were quick to call out her unusually smooth complexion.

In the series of provocative shots, Kylie showed off her figure laying on the couch as she gazed into the camera.

“My days are made up of zoom meetings and playing dress up,” she captioned the at-home photoshoot.

While many were quick to notice the reality star’s famous assets on full display, some pointed out that her skin looked “unnaturally” smooth.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was dragged by fans for seemingly blurring the pictures so much, the lines of her hands appear to be completely removed.

“Your finger on the second pic looks weird asf,” someone wrote on the post.

Another said: “Stop photoshopping! Your hand looks all messed up! Just be you if the world don’t like it, it’s ok.”

“Do better on photoshopping. You look ridiculous,” one person commented while another added “photoshop fail.”

One fan even claimed Kylie deleted her Instagram comment that warned her of the editing blunder.

She wrote on Twitter: “I’m pretty sure Kylie Jenner deleted my comment on her insta page. Girl I was just tryna help you pointing out your photoshop fail.”

The Sun spoke to photographer Ruthie Darling who confirmed that the images “indeed” appear to be photoshopped.

“No matter how perfect your skin is in real life, skin has texture to it, but in this photo we cannot see any visible pores on her face or hands – it's all unnaturally smooth,” she said.

The New York based photo expert added that the makeup mogul could have used the gaussian blur tool which “removes the pores and takes the skin from glowing to matte” to gain a “perfect complexion.”

Ruthie also noted that she would “guess” that Kylie “made her eyes bigger too.”

“I also believe she has used the liquify tool to stretch her eyes making them appear larger. This is the same tool which can be employed to make a waist narrower or hips bigger,” she said.

Earlier this month, Kylie came under fire for appearing to alter her waist and hips to achieve a more hourglass figure in a picture from a past Met Gala look.

In the throwback from 2016, followers pointed out they all seemed to be edited at her waist, arms and cleavage.

The KUWTK star also appeared to make a very noticeable blunder in April after she posed next to her swimming pool that had a very distorted shape.

Kylie flaunted her curves in a bikini shot in the water but the edge of the pool had a big dent under her thigh.

Resharing the snaps on Twitter, one fan wrote: "Kylie you are the worst using photoshop.”

Another wrote: "Kylie’s latest pool photo shoot made a photo shop sub reddit my husband looks at it.”

After the “photoshop fail” went viral, Kylie cropped the photo to remove the edit.

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Council accused of wasting taxpayers money by painting 'Thank you NHS'

Council is accused of wasting taxpayers money by painting ‘Thank you NHS’ messages on roads to ‘earn brownie points’ instead of fixing potholes

  • Swindon Borough Council has painted a ‘thank you NHS’ messages on a road
  • Council said the message was painted to show the council’s ‘debt of gratitude’
  • However some felt that the council needed to attend to the road’s potholes first 

A council has been accused of ‘wasting taxes’ and trying to earn ‘brownie points’ by painting a ‘thank you NHS’ messages on a busy road instead of attending to its potholes.

Swindon Borough Council took to social media to reveal that its Highways Team had painted a thank you message to NHS staff in an effort to show the council’s ‘debt of gratitude’ to the key workers helping fight the pandemic on the frontline.

However while many praised the gesture, others slammed the move and accused the council of ‘jumping on the bandwagon to get brownie points’ while leaving key workers to drive on roads that needed work.

Photos shared online showed the Highways team proudly standing next to their messages that read ‘thank you NHS’ and ‘thank you key workers’ painted on Marlborough Road and Queen’s Drive. 

Swindon Borough Council took to social media to share the ‘thank you’ message which had been painted by its Highways Team

While many praised the gesture, some criticised the message and felt the council needed to attend to parts of the road that needed work

The post, which since received nearly 2,000 views, read: ‘Our Highways Team have had a busy morning giving Marlborough Road and Queens Drive a lick of paint.

‘We want to thank every NHS worker, social care worker and other key worker for the great job they have done, and continue to do, for the town. Swindon owes you all a debt of gratitude.’ 

Following the post, key worker Joshua Palfreeman criticised the move claiming he had encountered ‘countless potholes’ during his commute to work every day.

Mr Palfreeman said: ‘I’m a key worker but yet end up smacking my car into countless potholes on the way there, but it is nice to see where my road tax goes to.’ 

‘There are lots of potholes in the area, some have been fixed before but because they haven’t been done properly the repair doesn’t last long.

‘The overall road conditions are quite poor compared to other towns and cities I’ve been to.

‘I do encounter potholes quite a lot when I’m driving round, and there is one big one I drive past most days but I have not reported these as I didn’t know how to.’  

One user, commenting as Medicus Salutis Sapientia, said: ‘Whilst the gesture is a very nice thing to do, the very roads key workers and everyone else uses to collect essential items is more important.

‘The fact that those same people you are doing this gesture for have paid for this via taxes whilst potentially risking their lives, the money could have been better invested in something that actually helps them whilst thanking them after we have all got through these current situations.’

While Nat Morelli said: ‘I’m sure they all know how much they are appreciated already, and like us, would probably have preferred you spent the time and money fixing the crap roads which are also damaging their cars.

‘Instead of jumping on the wagon to get some brownie points with a FB post.’

The council said they wanted to thank every NHS worker, social care worker and any other key worker for their effort

Elsewhere Simon Tilbury commented: ‘Being an NHS worker, I really think this [is] great and a tribute to those putting their lives at risk. Not me, I work in IT so not frontline NHS.

‘However, I do think they might have been better off fixing the horrific potholes outside the hospital on Marlborough Road that said frontline NHS workers risk their lives and their cars trying to avoid every time they leave the hospital.’

While Ian Caddie said: ‘I think the money could have been far better spent on some PPE to help keep every NHS worker, social care worker and other key worker alive while they are keeping the rest of us alive.’   

Swindon Borough Council defended their actions and said those who felt the money could have been better spent were in the minority.

Some social media users felt that while the gesture was nice the money could have been better invested

Elsewhere, others hailed the message as a ‘great idea’, with one stating that it was ‘lovely that someone thought to do this’. 

One user, Anthea Hilson, wrote: ‘Well done SBC. Yes there are lots of things you need to do as a council but it’s still lovely that someone thought to do this!! I for one am happy for penny (or whatever small amount the paint cost) of my council tax to be spent on this.

‘Thank you all key workers wherever you are and whatever you are doing for us all.’ 

While June Beckett commented: ‘What a great idea and I’m sure will be really appreciated by all NHS and key workers. Well done SBC.’  

Another user, Kim Main, added: ‘Super proud to work for the NHS and thank you SBC for the kind gesture.’  

The council wrote on their page: ‘We knew we would get a few negative posts, they are, as we expected, in the minority.’      

However others praised the message and said it was appreciated by all NHS and key workers

Councillor Maureen Penny, Swindon Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport and the Environment, said: ‘This small gesture of appreciation was never going to receive universal acclaim, but it wasn’t far off.

‘We know from the hundreds of positive comments we have received from local residents, the delight expressed by the local hospital and the reaction of our own care workers that at a cost of around £50 it was absolutely the right thing to do.

‘As we are sure the Prime Minister would agree, our NHS staff and care workers are going above and beyond to save and protect lives right across the country on a daily basis.

‘If we can bring a smile to their faces as they go into work and give them the boost they need in the ongoing fight against coronavirus it is money well spent.’

MailOnline has contacted Swindon Borough Council for comment. 

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