Outlander: ‘I really don’t want to’ Sam Heughan speaks on annoying co-star

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Sam and Caitriona have played opposite one another as lovers Claire and Jamie Fraser for five seasons with fans of the Outlander novels by Diana Gabaldon falling in love with the couple. Behind-the-scenes, the pair are good friends but Sam has admitted he sometimes “winds up” his co-star.

When asked about what gets Caitriona annoyed with him, Sam revealed: “She is amazing as you know.

“She is such a wonderful woman and intelligent and creative and I am very, very lucky to call her a good friend as well and actually more than anything, she is a good friend.”

However he added: “She forces me sometimes to socialse when I really don’t want to.

“She’s a social animal. It’s wonderful to be part of and always welcomed into her world as well.


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“We know how to wind each other up. We have a shorthand when working and we know just how each other is going to play things. I am sure I wind her up all the time.

“Probably I am quite relaxed sometimes and I let things go.

“She is very strong and likes to get things done. That probably winds her up.

“I shouldn’t say it, but I know when she is p**sed off. She has a little foot tap that she does.


“So if you see her tap her foot, I am like here we go. I can see it. It’s great.”

Sam went on to reveal to GMA News Online that he often leaves fans “disappointed” when he meets them as he doesn’t look exactly like his character.

He explained: “Actually it’s funny, people because of my accent as well, I don’t have a strong accent.

“People are slightly disappointed. I am not a ginger and yeah, I mean, it’s funny.

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“I still get recognised. People still do recognise you but yeah, I guess it’s just playing other characters as well. You get to change your image and that’s fun.

“But I probably will always have Jamie Fraser with me at some point, even when the show is over.”

Sam should currently be preparing to film the next season of the Starz drama however production has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fans of the series are now expecting a long Droughtlander ahead of them as they wait to find out what the future holds for their beloved Claire and Jamie.


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Ahead of the final episode of season five, Sam shared the devastating news with fans.

In a Q&A with W Network, he was asked: “@w_network @SamHeughan Any idea as to when season 6 will begin production?”

Sam replied: “We were supposed to start this week. We have scheduled for Fall. Will just have to see…”

Could fans expect to see a split season later in the year as the cast and crew try to get the show out as soon as possible?

Outlander season 5 is available to stream on Starz and Amazon Prime now.

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Piers Morgan: Ruth Langsford drops bombshell with confession about ITV colleague

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Piers Morgan, 55, is one of ITV’s biggest stars and although he has been taking a break from his usual role on GMB this week, it hasn’t stopped him becoming the centre of attention. On today’s edition of This Morning, the journalist became the focus of discussion as Ruth Langsford, 60, opened up about her thoughts on the broadcaster. Since the moment aired, the presenter has since taken to social media to respond to the admission and couldn’t help but tease Eamonn Holmes, 60, over the bombshell revelation.

Ruth and her husband were joined on the programme by comedian Alan Carr, 43, ahead of his Epic Gameshow starting tomorrow night on the same channel.

To get into the spirit of things, the hosting duo took part in one of the challenges which contestants will participate in during the series.

The Chatty Man told Eamonn and his wife they couldn’t answer his questions with “Yes” or “No” but could respond by any other means.

As the segment commenced, one of the first questions put to the Loose Women panellist was whether she was married to Piers.

By replying, the presenter made a bombshell confession as she said sitting next to her husband: “I would like to be.”


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Lung cancer symptoms: The recurrent infection brought on from the deadly disease

Lung cancer is diagnosed in one in 13 men in the UK, according to Cancer Research UK. For women, one in 15 will have the condition. Which recurrent infection may signal the deadly disease?

According to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, one early warning sign of lung cancer is recurrent bronchitis.

What is bronchitis?

The NHS explains: “Bronchitis is an infection of the main airways of the lungs (bronchi), causing them to become irritated and inflamed.”

The main airways branch off on either side of the windpipe (trachea).


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Its walls produce mucus to trap dust, and other particles, that may otherwise cause irritation,

Inflamed airways produce excess mucus, which the body tries to shift through coughing.

Chronic bronchitis is a daily productive (phlegm-producing) cough that lasts for three months of the year, two years in a row.

The phlegm may be clear, yellow-grey or green in colour.

Other symptoms of bronchitis are similar to those of a common cold or sinusitis. These are:

  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Runny or blocked nose
  • Aches and pains
  • Tiredness

The NHS affirmed: “It’s important that you stop smoking if you have bronchitis.”

Repeated episodes of bronchitis are concerning, and must be brought to the attention of your GP.

The British Lung Foundation (BLF) outline other common warning signs of lung cancer.

The charity stated that lots of chest infections, chest pain and feeling tired are symptoms of the deadly condition.

Moreover, feeling out of breath either at rest or when doing day-to-day tasks is another sign.

Additionally, some people may experience fatigue, appetite loss, weight loss and a hoarse voice.

For cancerous tumours that have spread outside of the lungs, the first symptoms of the disease may not come from the chest at all.


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Instead, symptoms might include back pain, bone pain or fracture, confusion, swallowing difficulties and jaundice (yellowing of the skin).

The deadly disease could even reveal itself through nerve or brain damage.

For example, this may affect the way someone walks, talks, behaves or their memory.

After speaking with your GP, if lung cancer is suspected you’re likely to be referred to a special clinic at the hospital.

It’s called the rapid access clinician, or urgent cancer clinic.

In England, you should see a specialist within two weeks of referral – regardless of the coronavirus pandemic.

There are an array of tests that may possibly be performed to make a diagnosis.

These include a CT scan, biopsy, bronchoscopy and a PET-CT scan.

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Tonsillitis warning – the white spots at the back of your throat you shouldn’t ignore

Tonsillitis is caused by an inflammation of the tonsils, and is most commonly caused by a viral infection. You may have tonsillitis if your tonsils develop blotchy white spots, it’s been revealed.

Tonsillitis is a common condition that mainly affects children and teenagers.

But, adults have also known to be diagnosed with the condition, which can lead to a complete removal of the tonsils.

Your tonsils are the two small glands that sit either side of the throat.

They’re primarily used during childhood to help the body fight off infections.

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As you get older, your body doesn’t rely on the tonsils as much, with the whole immune system improving with age.

If you become infected with certain bacteria or viruses, you could develop tonsillitis, warned the NHS.

One of the most common symptoms of tonsillitis is the appearance of white spots on your tonsils.

The spots may only appear like small streaks at the back of the throat, or they could develop into large blotches around the tonsils.

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These spots are pus-filled sacks that are a direct result of the infection.

They may lead to difficulty swallowing, and they can also be quite itchy.

While the spots are generally quite unpleasant, they’re not usually anything to worry about, however.

If you’re receiving treatment for tonsillitis, the spots should go away by themselves as your body fights back against the infection.


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“If you suddenly see white spots on your tonsils, you might be concerned,” said medical website Healthline.

“However, in many cases, you can easily treat the underlying cause and avoid surgical removal of the tonsils.

“White discolouration may appear only on the tonsils or it may appear around the tonsils and throughout the mouth.

“The discolouration may look like streaks in the back of the throat or blotches on or around the tonsils.”


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Tonsillitis has generally been compared to a bad cold or the flu.

Your tonsils will almost certainly become red and very swollen.

The most common signs of the infection include a sore throat, difficulty swallowing, a fever, coughing, and extreme fatigue.

Some patients have even reported swollen glands that cause lumps on the side of their neck.

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The One Show cancelled: Alex Jones won’t host BBC show tonight in schedule shake-up

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The One Show has been hosted by Alex, 43, and an array of guest presenters since the country went into lockdown at the end of March. The television star has kept BBC viewers spirits high during this time and has offered some light relief from the events unfolding across the world. However, as today is a national bank holiday, regardless of the current climate, the broadcaster will not be airing the programme this evening.

As fans know, the popular magazine show airs in its regular slot of 7pm each weeknight, with Alex hosting proceedings for half an hour.

Monday nights usually see another programme following the conclusion of the latter, with EastEnders then being shown from 8pm onwards.

Tonight, because of the schedule change, the listings have undergone a review with some slots being pushed back until later in the evening.

With The One Show not broadcasting, viewers may be wondering when the programme will be back and it will be a lot sooner than you think.


  • Alex Jones warns co-host: ‘Don’t come too close!’

Following the Coronavirus Daily Update at 5pm, the news will take the reins from 6:30pm until 7pm, which is when Alex’s hosting duties would usually commence from.

Instead, hit blockbuster movie Paddington 2 will replace the magazine programme, broadcasting until 8:40pm.

For EastEnders fans, this means they will have to wait an extra 40 minutes before they can watch the latest instalment of the soap.

However, rest assured, The One Show will return to its regular time slot tomorrow evening when the Welsh presenter will be joined by guest presenter, Angellica Bell, 44.

I’ll be back next week from Tuesday

Alex Jones

After Friday’s edition of the programme, it was revealed Alex wouldn’t be back until Tuesday this week.

Joined on the sofa by guest presenter Rylan Clark-Neal, 31, the host said: “I’ll be back next week from Tuesday when we’ll be joined by Alison Steadman and we’ll be going behind the scenes at Springwatch.”

On the show’s official Twitter account, it was also announced astronaut Tim Peake, 48, would be making an appearance to answer some space-related questions.

It’s fair to say viewers have been enjoying seeing the presenting teams continuing to man the helm at this uncertain time.

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With Rylan helping Alex on Friday, those watching at home flocked to social media to congratulate the pair on providing some light relief to their evening.

One viewer posted on Twitter: “Fabulous show. The 4 male singers/artists were so honest, a really emotional approach to mental health issues. Well done, really good to see @Rylan on the show. X.”

Another added on the micro-blogging platform: “Fabulous show. Thanks for keeping us all going with a dose of normal.”

Whilst a third commented: “Love you Rylan please take the job 4ever #onerylanoneshow #Rylan.”


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As well as being joined by Angellica this week, Alex will also be talking to a host of famous faces and guests on the show.

The Welsh presenter has been joined by a plethora of guest presenters after she bid farewell to co-host Matt Baker, 42, back in March.

His departure from the programme was a little different to what had been planned, but emotions were running high as the pair had worked together for nearly 10 years.

It’s been announced no one will permanently take on the Countryfile star’s role for the foreseeable future.

The One Show returns tomorrow night at 7pm on BBC One.

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Casualty spoilers: Ethan Hardy dealt cruel blow as he makes ‘life-changing discovery’

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Ethan (played by George Rainsford) was caught unawares last month on Casualty when he discovered Fenisha (Olivia D’Lima) had fallen pregnant following their one-night stand together earlier this year. In fact, the doctor thought he’d never see her again until a few weeks later, she turned up at the hospital as the new paramedic. Despite trying to pursue a relationship with her, the beloved BBC medical drama character had his hopes dashed when she moved on with his university friend and colleague, Will Noble (Jack Nolan). However, with a baby now in the mix, it seems this tricky love triangle is only going to become even more tangled, but will this result in the father-to-be being pushed out of the picture completely?

Before the hit Saturday night soap took a short hiatus from screens, viewers saw Fenisha contemplating going through with a termination as she didn’t want a baby to stop her from pursuing her dreams of travelling the world.

The pregnancy had also caused huge rifts in her relationship with Will after he discovered he wasn’t the father, whereas, after the initial shock, Ethan wanted to help the newcomer in whatever way he could.

However, the paramedic told him she was getting rid of the baby but at the consultation, she had a chance of heart, not realising the father of her child was also changing his mind knowing he has Huntington’s disease and could have passed the gene on.

With the expectant mother ready to tell her one-night stand they were going to be parents, he told her she had made the right decision to abort their child as he didn’t want them to have the same condition as him.

It seems the newcomer is going to hide her secret for some time yet, but could the doctor have lost his chance of being a father in the future if he discovers the truth?


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Newcomer to the BBC drama and actress Olivia D’Lima spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about her character’s dilemma and how Ethan fits into the picture.

Asked if the baby’s father will discover the truth about her secret, the Casualty star said: “That is something you’re going to have to wait and see. As you could see that she obviously wanted to share it, but it’s Ethan had a very different reaction than she expected.”

So, it seems the doctor could be in the dark for some time yet, but on discovering he is still going to be a father, this news would certainly be life-changing.

However, the newcomer did tease her character’s one-night stand might not actually have a part to play in the child’s future.

I would like her to end up with her baby

Olivia D’Lima

Debating whether Fenisha could end up with Ethan in the future, Olivia explained: “I would say I would like her to end up with her baby.

“That would be the ending I want to see,” the actress went on to add, so could this suggest the paramedic is going to try and juggle life as a single mother?

How will the doctor react if he knows his child is being raised without him and has a high chance of inheriting the Huntington’s gene?

Viewers will have to wait and see how the pregnancy storyline plays out, but the newcomer will be a key player in tonight’s episode.

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Still carrying out as normal, despite carrying her baby, Fenisha picks up extra shifts as she knows she will need more money to care for her child.

The call she jumps on in the latest instalment of the BBC drama isn’t the safest, however, as she arrives on the scene of a wrestling competition where the building is falling apart.

Despite being warned by boss Jan Jennings (Di Botcher) not to act hastily, the expectant mother jumps into action.

Although she means well and tries to attend to the injured casualty, she too ends up getting trapped.


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Even though things look tense for a while, the paramedic makes it out unscathed, albeit with an injured ankle.

Both Will and Ethan are sure to be concerned for her wellbeing as they both seem to care for free spirit Fenisha.

Refusing to take painkillers arouses suspicions from boss Jan, who goes on to issue a warning to her colleague for breaking protocol.

However, will she share her queries about the expectant mother to the baby’s father and plant the seeds for him to discover he is still set to be a father?

Casualty continues tonight at 8.40pm on BBC One.

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Emmerdale spoilers: Harriet Finch’s world turned upside down as child arrives in village?

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Emmerdale fans were left disgusted this week when the connection between Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) and DI Mark Malone (Mark Womack) was revealed. Initially everyone thought they had been former colleagues, after all Harriet – who’s real name is Michelle – used to be a police officer, and she was assigned an undercover job to take down Will Taylor (Dean Andrew) and the drugs gang he was running. But, in a couple of scenes this week, it seems Harriet and Malone were more than work pals, they were former lovers. So could there be a child between them? The actor who plays Malone said there is a possibility….


Malone arrived in the village a few months ago when his gun – which he had given to Will for safekeeping – had been involved in a shooting. 

The gun, which was being kept in Harriet’s house, was accidentally found by Dawn Taylor’s (Olivia Bromley) son Lucas, and Harriet demanded it was removed. 

She asked ex-Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) to dispose of it, but he used it during a Rustlers’ raid on Butlers Farm and Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) was the one who got injured. 

After turning up and finding out what happened, Malone saw an opportunity to manipulate several men and get them to work for him to carry out the dodgy deals he had lined up. 


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Alongside Will, Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) and Cain were roped in and it soon became apparent who was the puppet master. 

While Cain is determined to take control of Malone, it seems the corrupt cops downfall has been exposed. 

Will starting an affair with Harriet lead to more trouble that it’s worth for the newcomer? 

During an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, the actor who plays Malone spoke out about this storyline detail. 

When asked what the link is between Malone and Harriet, Mark said: “There’s definitely history because [they’ve] worked together. 

“[They] were very close in terms that, she she Malone’s undercover [police officer], and [involved in] lots of kind of drug and gang related stuff. 

“So they got really close, I think that close working colleagues might be more,” he teased. 

And this week, those watching at home learnt just that. 

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Discussing their former romantic relationship, a time frame for when they were originally together or for how long can only be speculated. 

And when Mark was asked whether Malone and Harriet could have had a child together, he replied: Well, that could be possible.” 

Should someone from both their pasts turn up in the Dales, it sure would spell trouble, as they would have a lot of questions to answer from those closet to them. 

Or perhaps this could be the perfect way for Cain to take down Malone once and for all? 


  • Emmerdale spoilers: Vanessa Woodfield suffers loss in kidnap plot?

It comes after Mark revealed Malone’s capabilities. 

In recent weeks Malone had Will beaten up and hospitalised, but it seems the corrupt cop could go a lot further and kill someone should they cross him. 

Should Cain, Will and Billy be afraid? 

Emmerdale airs Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 7pm on ITV. 

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Emmerdale spoilers: Andrea Tate ‘teams up’ with Kim to bring Belle Dingle down

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Emmerdale viewers have seen Jamie Tate (played by Alexander Lincoln) caught up in a love-triangle in recent months as he has become closer with Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) despite trying to fix his marriage with estranged wife Andrea (Anna Nightingale). However, as Andrea is now in the know about their affair, will she end up teaming up with an unlikely source – in the form of Kim Tate (Claire King) – to bring the pair down?

Jamie was left heartbroken over the festive season when it emerged his wife Andrea’s one-night stand with Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) was exposed.

Andrea desperately tried to put things right but Jamie told her their marriage was over and he soon found comfort elsewhere. 

Jamie became close with his then colleague, Belle, with the pair sleeping together on the night of Graham’s murder.

However, Jamie later decided to have a go at repairing his marriage with Andrea and it looked like things with Belle were over. 


  • Emmerdale spoilers: Belle Dingle betrays Jamie Tate after affair?

He later realised his feelings for Belle weren’t going anywhere and the pair continued their romance in secret but were recently caught in the act by Andrea.

Andrea was left devastated to realise what Jamie had been up to behind her back but has, so far, remained silent on what she knows. 

Earlier this month, Andrea decided to put her revenge plan into action and delighted in making Belle and Jamie feel uncomfortable in The Woolpack by informing her husband she was booking them a holiday.

In upcoming scenes, the pair will return from their week away but has she lost Jamie for good? 

Anna Nightingale, who plays Andrea, spoke out about how her character will fear her marriage is over after she discovers Jamie’s latest betrayal but as she looks for new allies, could she find an unlikely one in his mum – Kim?

Speaking out on the trip away, Anna explained: “To her, they’ve been in a bubble and the holiday is her chance to remind him of what they have, what he’ll lose. 

They’ve been together away from Belle and at this point in time she is quite confident it has worked to her favour.”

However, this confidence doesn’t last long after she finds out Jamie’s planning a trip of his own away with his secret lover. 

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Anna added: “Jamie has become more and more distant since their return from the holiday and deep down she knows things aren’t right. 

“She becomes suspicious of his behaviour and starts looking at what he’s doing. 

As Andrea delves into what her other half is up to, she will be upset by what she finds, with Anna saying: “On the laptop, she sees a hotel booking for him and Belle on a night he’s already told her he has work commitments. 

“She’s devastated and she’s at a loss of what to do. She goes back and forth with how she should react but she’s adamant she’s still not giving up,” she confirmed. 


  • Emmerdale spoilers: Leyla Harding and Andrea ‘arrested’ in murder plot

As Andrea looks to get revenge, it looks as though she could she enlist the help of Jamie’s villainous mother Kim as her attitude becomes more ruthless. 

Anna said: “Andrea has had to fight for her survival since arriving in the village, she’s never given up easily. She’s taken on Kim on a few occasions and lost so she won’t go after without good reason. 

“She would have to be sure she had the upper hand. I don’t think she’s naturally ruthless in her nature but the situation with Jamie and Belle could change how she behaves moving forward.”

However, could the upcoming episodes see them work together rather than pitted as opponents? 

Kim wants the best for her son and believes Andrea is better for him than Belle, could this force her to intervene and team up with her daughter-in-law?

Emmerdale airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7pm on ITV.

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Kate Garraway’s ‘heart sinks’ as GMB co-star gives update on her husband’s condition

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Kate Garraway’s husband Derek Draper has been battling the deadly virus in hospital for seven weeks and the Good Morning Britain host has shared an emotional update on his condition. The I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! star was absent from today’s show, but her co-host Ben Shephard read out her words as he kept viewers informed on how Kate and her family are doing during this tough time. 

He read: “It’s so wonderful to see little green shoots of hope that this dreadful disease is easing and that hopefully soon we might all be able to see each other again and hug our nearest and dearest.

“But the journey for me and my family seems to be far from over as everyday my heart sinks as I learn new & devastating ways this virus has more battles for Derek to fight.

“But he is still HERE & so there is still hope. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who will be affected by this, not just for the next few weeks but for the foreseeable future.

“That will be the case for many who have suffered from the disease, but also the front line workers who have been helping to treat the worst affected.”

More to follow…

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Coronation Street spoilers: Shona Ramsey’s fate ‘confirmed’ as star gives surprise update

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Coronation Street resident Shona Ramsey (played by Julia Goulding) has been recovering in hospital after she spent weeks in a coma due to being shot. However, when she woke up, it soon became clear there was more damage than first suspected as she could not remember who her husband David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) is. Now, with the feisty cafe worker trying to rebuild her life in episodes to come, will she get her happy ending after all?

Shona finally got hitched to her long-term love David last year after the latter had a brief spell in prison for his part in stealing money from his grandmother Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls). 

Things looked to be getting worse for David when his rapist Josh Tucker (Ryan Clayton) turned up and a fight later broke out. 

Luckily, he managed to get out of prison just in time to wed Shona and the pair were ready to live out a life of marital bliss.

Unfortunately, things soon took a nasty turn when Shona was caught in the crossfire of Derek Milligan’s (Craig Els) siege of the Rovers.


  • Colson J Smith: Coronation Street star barely recognisable in selfie

Shona was put into a coma to try and save her life and David has gradually spiralled after struggling to deal with his wife’s state. 

Although Shona is starting to rehabilitate, she can’t remember her husband or anything from her life in Weatherfield. 

David desperately tried to use any tactic he could think of to trigger something, such as showing her all their wedding photos. 

However, it came to no avail and with Shona’s return to the Street imminent, Julia who plays her has spoken out on how events will unfold. 

Speaking to Express.co.uk and other press at a recent press day, Julia, who recently resumed her role after going on maternity leave, admitted it would be “great” for Shona and David to get a happy ending.

Asked whether she’d like to see a second wedding between the pair, Julia said: “Yeah. It would be great! Not wearing my maternity wedding dress this time!  

“And, you know, seeing David in a suit and tie, and maybe not having it at the Bistro, who knows? No, it’d be lovely. It’d be really nice. 

“I think it’s nice to know that there’s, there’s going to be challenging times ahead because I think they always work. David and Shona always worked really well together when they’ve got something to overcome. 

“At the end of it, there could be a happy ending. It’s a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling. And so yeah, I’m really looking forward to doing it,” she teased.

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However, it won’t be an easy road ahead for the couple as they will have to start again from scratch due to Shona not remembering anything about her husband. 

In recent episodes, David has been embarking on a path of self-destruction where he has deliberately riled up youths in a rough area of Weatherfield to give him an adrenaline rush. 

He has confided in friend Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) what he’s been up to, with the latter determined to help out. 

David will continue to struggle to cope upon Shona’s arrival, leading to his sister Sarah (Tina O’Brien) intervening, with Julia saying: “I mean, the essence of her character is still there.”


  • Coronation Street boss confirms Geoff Metcalfe’s fate

She added: “She’s still very kind underneath. The reason she agrees to go back to the Platts is because, you know, Sarah pleads with her. 

“So she does it for Sarah because she sees how distressed this young woman is. I mean, how could anyone really deal with everything that David’s been through in his life? 

“Like, I think you’ll probably need to be drip-fed to her. Because if you give her all that information at once, I think, well, anyone would run a mile!” 

Will David and Shona get their happy ending or will it all end in tears if she is unable to reconnect with her husband?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm on ITV

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