Happy Anniversary, Survivor! Look Back at 38 Seasons as the Show Celebrates 19 Years


For the show’s 40th season, twenty previous victors entered the arena once again — and proved why they had won their previous games. A lot had transpired in 20 years: most of the contestants were now parents in their 30s and 40s. After an adrenaline-fueled season, police officer Tony Vlachos won the game, becoming Survivor’s second two-time winner.

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PHOTOS: Second day of Denver protests over George Floyd killing

For the second night in a row, Denver police fired off clouds of eye-burning tear gas in an effort to disperse large, outraged crowds of demonstrators who had been marching for hours Friday in protest of the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.

Around 8 p.m., police began firing gas and detonating what appeared to be flash grenades in an area where protesters had assembled at Lincoln Street and Colfax Avenue near the state Capitol, a chaotic scene that sent demonstrators running. The march had kicked off peacefully at the Capitol at noon after a more tense scene — resulting in 13 arrests — wrapped up in the same area around 2 a.m. Protesters could be seen Friday evening spray-painting a statue in front of the Capitol while others cheered them on.

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Kylie Jenner accused of photoshopping again as her ‘hands look all messed up’ in sexy new shot – The Sun

KYLIE Jenner fans have once again accused the star of having another “photoshop fail” in her latest sexy Instagram photoshoot.

The 22-year-old Kylie Cosmetics billionaire played “dress up” in a skin-tight white body suit but followers were quick to call out her unusually smooth complexion.

In the series of provocative shots, Kylie showed off her figure laying on the couch as she gazed into the camera.

“My days are made up of zoom meetings and playing dress up,” she captioned the at-home photoshoot.

While many were quick to notice the reality star’s famous assets on full display, some pointed out that her skin looked “unnaturally” smooth.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was dragged by fans for seemingly blurring the pictures so much, the lines of her hands appear to be completely removed.

“Your finger on the second pic looks weird asf,” someone wrote on the post.

Another said: “Stop photoshopping! Your hand looks all messed up! Just be you if the world don’t like it, it’s ok.”

“Do better on photoshopping. You look ridiculous,” one person commented while another added “photoshop fail.”

One fan even claimed Kylie deleted her Instagram comment that warned her of the editing blunder.

She wrote on Twitter: “I’m pretty sure Kylie Jenner deleted my comment on her insta page. Girl I was just tryna help you pointing out your photoshop fail.”

The Sun spoke to photographer Ruthie Darling who confirmed that the images “indeed” appear to be photoshopped.

“No matter how perfect your skin is in real life, skin has texture to it, but in this photo we cannot see any visible pores on her face or hands – it's all unnaturally smooth,” she said.

The New York based photo expert added that the makeup mogul could have used the gaussian blur tool which “removes the pores and takes the skin from glowing to matte” to gain a “perfect complexion.”

Ruthie also noted that she would “guess” that Kylie “made her eyes bigger too.”

“I also believe she has used the liquify tool to stretch her eyes making them appear larger. This is the same tool which can be employed to make a waist narrower or hips bigger,” she said.

Earlier this month, Kylie came under fire for appearing to alter her waist and hips to achieve a more hourglass figure in a picture from a past Met Gala look.

In the throwback from 2016, followers pointed out they all seemed to be edited at her waist, arms and cleavage.

The KUWTK star also appeared to make a very noticeable blunder in April after she posed next to her swimming pool that had a very distorted shape.

Kylie flaunted her curves in a bikini shot in the water but the edge of the pool had a big dent under her thigh.

Resharing the snaps on Twitter, one fan wrote: "Kylie you are the worst using photoshop.”

Another wrote: "Kylie’s latest pool photo shoot made a photo shop sub reddit my husband looks at it.”

After the “photoshop fail” went viral, Kylie cropped the photo to remove the edit.

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Photos show what kids around the world keep in their pockets

Remember the things you held dear as a child?

Whether it was an attachment to a seashell, a rock, or a teddy, there are many things we couldn’t bear to part with.

And what better storing spot than our pockets to stuff them in?

A new photo series has documented what items kids around the world keep in their pockets from rocks to marbles to even credit cards and car keys (we hope no one’s missing those).

Credit lenders SavingSpot collaborated with parents from around the world by asking them to take a photograph of the objects they found inside their kid’s pockets at the end of the day

From Argentina to Ukraine, the finds were as cute and baffling as you might expect.

Nadya, five, from Ukraine is one of the kids involved in the photo series.

Her dad says that Nadya decides what goes in her pockets, just as long as it’s not slime, which is Nadya’s favourite thing but forbidden by her parents.

The contents of her pockets can often change throughout the day, especially after walks.

William, six, from the US, loves sweets. Skittles, gummy bears, and all types of candy are his favourite meal of the day. In case he gets peckish throughout the day, William keeps reserves in his pocket.

His other obsessions are Harry Potter and Lego, so a Lego figure of Harry Potter is a must-have.

William’s parents are no longer surprised when they find Skittles with all the colour licked off.

Four-year-old Brigid also loves candy, almost as much as she loves her husky-pitbull mix Juno, who she would like to fit in her pocket if she could.

Today she played pirates, so her pockets were full of the bounty she collected during her adventures.

Her dad found baking soda in Brigid‘s pocket once, so he was relieved to find only solid items this time.

Wyatt, four, from the UK keeps a miniature dinosaur in his pockets, along with a trusty stick and a lot of other tiny items.

These items join the vast collection of objects his dad has found in Wyatt‘s pockets, including his own missing house keys.

Bilal, five, from India, loves cars so it makes sense he keeps tiny cars on his persons.

He wishes he could get a real working car and is perhaps saving for it, judging by the coins in his pocket.

He also has his dad’s credit card in case that plan doesn’t work out.

Dante, four, from Argentina likes to change it up on a daily basis.

He loves collecting treasures, both things he finds and things that are gifted to him.

Each day is dedicated to this quest. He is very sociable and likes to keep presents from his friends close. If he could fit anything in his pocket, it would be a magic Santa Claus reindeer.

If you would like to share a story about your children then get in touch to tell us more.

Email [email protected]

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PHOTOS: Coronavirus shutdown doesn’t stop 100th birthday party for Evelyn Berky

Evelyn Berkey was born near Tulsa, Oklahoma, on April 21, 1920. Her parents, Harry and Mary Oliver, lived to be 92 and 93 respectively, giving Evelyn the genes to achieve the rare milestone of 100 years old. An event had been planned at the Castle Rock Country Club to celebrate her 100th birthday but it was canceled because of stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus outbreak. Despite the hiccup, more than 100 people in some 70 vehicles passed in front of her Castle Rock home to shout happy birthdays and to hand the woman of honor flowers, cards and other gifts.

A woman, a complete stranger, who saw the gathering even joined the parade to wish her happy birthday before tossing a bag of M&M’s to the centenarian’s feet. A majority of those who passed by shouted from their cars, “We love you, Evelyn. We love you.” Often, they would speak of hugs knowing they could not make physical contact. Evelyn, however, with an ever-present smile, crossed her arms over her chest – squeezing as tightly as her 100-year-old arms could – shouted back, “Air hug, air hug!”

Another well-wisher noted, “you have lived a lot of history. We read about it, but you have actually lived it.” When asked about the adage, ‘you learn something new every day,’ and asked whether she learned anything new on this particular day, Evelyn answered, “I learned to have a lot of friends. I am so happy to be this loved and to have this many friends. Can you believe all this fuss over an old woman?”

Evelyn’s 77-year-old son, Bill, roamed the streets with youthful fervor and joy as he snapped pictures of his mother’s special day, adding, “It’s not about the number of years you have. It’s about how you feel. She walks up and down those stairs every day,” he added looking to the two steps leading from the garage into the house.

As Evelyn walked back into the house at the conclusion of the party she spoke softly to Bill, whose arm she held, “Awe, wonderful. Everyone was just so sweet.”

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