Mike Tyson reveals lavish lifestyle which cost him his fortune and ‘was having so much sex I was too tired to go to gym’ – The Sun

MIKE TYSON has revealed how he was left too tired to go to the gym due to “having so much sex” despite being in PRISON during the early 90s.

And the 53-year-old former boxing heavyweight champion also outlined how his lavish lifestyle cost him a huge amount of the personal fortune he amassed during his legendary career.

Iron Mike has been in the headlines over recent weeks as he ramps up the work ahead of his return to the ring.

The icon has been linked with a trilogy fight against Evander Holyfield, while Shannon Briggs has also claimed he has agreed an exhibition clash with Tyson for charity.

The Baddest Man On The Planet seems to be getting challenged from fighters all over the globe, but he says fans will be shocked when he finally announces who his opponent will be.

He continues to whip his supporters into frenzy by regularly sharing clips showing his stunning physique while training – but back when he was serving time behind bars he was getting a workout of a very different kind.

Speaking in his autobiography, he admitted he was still bedding numerous women on a regular basis even when he was in jail for a rape conviction.

Tyson said: “I was having so much sex that I was too tired to even go to the gym and work out. I'd just stay in my cell all day.”

On his Hotboxin’ podcast, he continued: “You can’t f*** girls like you used to when you were young.

“You can’t be having bitches around like you do when you were young. They f*** up money, I didn’t know that.

“They were fun then, but when you’re older they ain’t fun no more. F***ing all day ain’t fun no more, you want some f***ing money, you know what I mean.”

Tyson retired from the ring in 2005 but filed for bankruptcy two years earlier despite earning over $300 million during his career.

Explaining where his money went, he added: “Giving people money like f*** everybody, party with everybody and f*** their mothers, their sisters and their cousins… orgies. I was crazy.

“I was so sick and I had no idea I was so sick. I bought a lot of cars for girls too.

“I was out of control drinking, gorging on food, f***ing women.”

Tyson’s former manager has also gone on the record to claim that his womanising may have been the key reason behind the icon’s downfall as a fighter.

Rory Holloway said: “I knew there was nobody in the ring who could stop him.

“The only reason he may not go down as the best is because of his ­weakness for women. Every decision he made was around women and sex.

“I knew it would catch up with him, and it did. I don’t think there is a single person alive who could’ve changed the outcome.”

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Anna Kendrick Reveals Her Superpower

Anna Kendrick is one of Hollywood’s brightest stars, a triple-threat actress who can sing, dance, and perform dramatic routines with the best of them. Best known for popular films like Pitch Perfect and Into the Woods, Kendrick has worked in nearly every entertainment medium. She has a great sense of comic timing and counts many of the world’s biggest stars as her closest friends. Fans love Kendrick for her relatability and honesty as well as for her talent — and recently, Kendrick gave a revealing interview where she revealed what she believes her “superpower” to be.

Anna Kendrick is a former child star

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Kendrick was born in Portland, Maine, in 1985. She became interested in the entertainment business early, partially due to the fact that her older brother, Michael Kendrick, became a working actor when Kendrick was a child.

At the age of twelve, Kendrick began appearing in stage productions, going back and forth between New York City and her hometown of Portland. She earned early acclaim for her work in productions like High Society and A Little Night Music

Kendrick began transitioning to mainly film roles in the early 2000s and got her big break when she was cast as Jessica Stanley in the 2008 film Twilight. Fans, as well as critics, took notice of the petite, high-energy star, and other roles in big-budget films quickly followed, including parts in Up in the Air, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

Kendrick became a huge star after the release of 2012’s Pitch Perfect. She went on to appear in the film’s two sequels, and although she has continued to work in a wide variety of different genres, fans still love her role as Beca Mitchell the best. 

What is Anna Kendrick’s superpower?

Although Kendrick is a certified superstar and has worked with stars like George Clooney, Elizabeth Banks, and Johnny Depp, Kendrick is still remarkably down-to-earth. Recently, the star opened up to Shape magazine about her self-care routines and what she considers her superpower to be.

Speaking of emotional intelligence, Kendrick stated: “I used to think all that stuff about women being more emotionally intelligent than men was just something people said—the way we’d say men are worse at being sick. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that we have a lot more insight into what we’re experiencing.”

The pint-sized celebrity revealed that she believes women are “so much better” at dealing with difficult situations because the situations are usually so emotions-based.

“It does start to feel like a superpower,” Kendrick said. “In my experience, emotional intelligence is one of the only things that really matters.”

Why do fans love Anna Kendrick?

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In addition to her openness about her emotions, and, of course, her ever-present sense of humor, fans love Kendrick for her honesty about her food choices. While many celebrities choose to chow down on salads or micro-greens, Kendrick has often talked about her love for macaroni and cheese. The star loves the cheesy comfort food so much that she even has a solid gold noodle necklace gifted to her by Kraft. 

Kendrick even counts on macaroni and cheese to help her unwind after a big evening out. Kendrick has revealed that she likes to “get into a bathrobe and eat macaroni and cheese with my diamonds and makeup still on,” in order to relax. “So I feel like the swankiest cheese ball ever.” In a world where stars are often aloof and unrelatable, Anna Kendrick remains a candid, bubbly force of nature.

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Lydia Bright reveals her ‘magical’ birth story with a Pukka pie and chips, The Holiday soundtrack and no pain relief – The Sun

LYDIA Bright has lifted the lid on her 'magical birth' as she tucked into pie and chips, listened to her favourite film soundtrack and went without pain relief.

The former Towie star, 30, opened up about her experience of welcoming her first child Loretta into the world in February for the first time.

The reality favourite explained that she followed her birthing plan to a T and hypnobirthing played a massive part in it, as she talked through her labour for the promotion of wtv's new programme Special Births.

She explained: "So for me hypnobirthing was very important and to write myself a birthing plan.

"Now a lot of people want to me you'll write a birthing plan, you'll be in labour and and everything will go out of
the window, well for me it didn't.

"So I got to stick to pretty much everything I wanted to do, so I ended up having a water birth which is something that I always dreamed of, for me whenever I'm in pain during that time on the month, water always eases the pain and makes me feel a lot more relaxed so a water birth is what I wanted.

New Mum Lydia Bright discusses her drug-free water birth 👶💦 Do you have positive memories of your own labour?! @emmawillisofficial: #SpecialBirths starts tonight at 10pm!#LydiaBright #Labour #ChildBirth #WaterBirth #HypnoBirthing #Baby #BirthingStory #Maternity #NewMum

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"I also wanted music playing, again to add to that calming affect, now you might laugh but I had classic music playing,  I'm not a fan of classical music, I like grime, I like Stormzy but for me I really wanted this album playing.

"I'm a massive fan of the movie The Holiday, it's my favourite movie and I love the soundtrack that plays throughout the movie, it's by a composer called Hans Zimmer, I just find it very peaceful, so I actually had the holiday soundtrack playing when I gave birth.

"I also had flickering candles, obviously you cant have normal fire candles cos of health and safety but I managed to get hold of some flickering ones so it still gave that effect of peacefulness."

The new mum also revealed that she went through it all with no pain relief because she tries to keep things as natural as possible.

She added: "I had no pain relief and you're not any more of a hero if you don't have pain relief but for me I'm quite an anti drug person so I try to avoid taking any type of medication if I can.

"So for me I really wanted to try and stick it out and try and do it the natural way, which I managed to do."

But despite being extremely lucky with everything, Lydia couldn't predict the fact that she didn't want any of the healthy snacks she packed for herself.

Lydia said: "When I was in labour all I wanted was a Pukka pie and chips."

Since welcoming Loretta into the world in February, the beauty has been keeping her fans up to date with her daughter's progress.

Last week Lydia broke down in tears when her baby had a terrifying reaction to her second set of immunisation injections.

Sharing a picture of her tears with fans on Instagram, she wrote: "I was so very worried and got myself in a bit of a state in the morning.

"However after all that worry mainly due to her bad reaction after the first set my baby has been fine so far.

"A little temperature, however it could be down to the weather.

"Fingers crossed, however I am still going to sleep with one eye open.

Back in April when Loretta had her first lot of injections,  she feared her 'poorly' baby daughter would end up in hospital.

Lydia revealed her baby hadn't been well and she'd started to fear she would have to make a dash to hospital with her.

As she shared a clip of Loretta being nursed by her mum Debbie in the garden, she wrote across it: "It's been a really hard day.

"Since Loretta had her immunisations on Monday she has been so poorly.
'Today her temperature was so high and she wasn't feeding, the doctors were concerned I would have to take her to hospital."

As the clip continued, she highlighted a white feather which had landed on the wall next to where Debbie was sitting.

She continued: "Then just before her temperature dropped and she started a successful feed this landed next to us."

She then shared a picture of her late grandfather, writing: "Thank you grandad for protecting Loretta."

For many people, including Lydia, a white feather appearing unexpectedly is a sign a loved one is watching over them.

Earlier this year, Lydia admitted she is a 'panicky' new mum who is on constant 'high alert' because of coronavirus.

She told The Sun's Fabulous magazine: "Naturally, when you have a newborn, especially first-time mums, you are very protective.

"At night-time, if she doesn’t make a noise I’ll jump up because I’m scared she’s not breathing. I was so panicky those first days anyway, then with this I’m even more on high alert."

Since becoming a mum, Lydia has been forced to defend herself from mum-shamers after drinking wine while looking after baby Loretta.

But she's also impressed other followers as she displayed her toned abs just six weeks after giving birth in an Instagram post.

Watch Special Births tonight at 10pm on the wtv channel. 

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Khloe Kardashian Reveals Stunning New Look: Did She Get Plastic Surgery?!?

Khloe Kardashian has revealed a brand new look on Instagram.

This much cannot be disputed or debated.

However, based on Khloe’s shocking reveal, observers around the Internet are now asking a pertinent question…

… did the reality star undergo plastic surgery?!?

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star showed off some seriously darker-hued tresses via Instagram on Friday, May 22, complimenting the look with a bronzy tan and body-hugging White Fox bustier top.

Khloe looks nearly unrecognizable, doesn’t she?

“Location: under bitches skiiiinnnnn,” the 35-year old captioned the post.

And, boy oh boy, has it elicited quite a few responses.

First, the new hair color was mom-approved as Kris Jenner, who replied, “My GORGEOUS Girl!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!”

Then, close friend Malika Haqq added her two cents ny writing, “Go off,” along with the heart-eyes emoji

Tristan Thompson, Khloe’s baby daddy and the man who cheated on her often and who may be back in Khloe’s pants?

“Baddie. P.S I’m all for the caption,” he wrote in response.

However, social media users around the globe had a very different reaction to Khloe as a brunette.

They focused less on her hair and more on her face and wondered whether she went under the knife to get a new one of the latter.

“I love Khloe but fuckk she does not need to do so much Facetune lol like she doesn’t even look like herself,” wrote one individual.

“Khloe Kardashian don’t even got the same skull anymore,” added another critic.

Another person quipped as follows:

“Couldn’t get new paper towels during this but Khloe Kardashian went and got a whole new face.”

Kardashian has not yet commented on this speculation.

But there has also been a lot of talk that she’s pregnant again with Thompson’s baby — and Khloe just had to come out of quarantine hiding to clap back at this chatter.

“I don’t go on social media platforms much these days AND this is one of the main reasons why I stay away,” she tweeted on May 13.

“The sick and hurtful things people say. I am disgusted by so many things I am seeing. SMH people swear they know everything about me. Including my uterus. Sick.”

Added an insider to Us Weekly:

“Khloe is frustrated and tired of the rumors regarding her and Tristan and her being pregnant.

“She wanted to address the fact that she’s not pregnant with his child and clear up any misconceptions.

“With that said, Khloé has a nice relationship with Tristan at this point. She will always have a place for him in her heart and is being positive about their situation.

Kim Kardashian & Family: 19 Conspiracy Theories That May Actually Be True (Okay, Some of Them)Start Gallery

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Jeremy Clarkson reveals Andy Wilman suffered a relapse of coronavirus

Jeremy Clarkson reveals his The Grand Tour producer Andy Willman has suffered a relapse of coronavirus after two weeks in bed the first time round

  • The Grand Tour producer had Covid-19 six weeks ago but still suffers the effects
  • Wilman, 57, says the coronavirus pandemic stopped the show’s trip to Russia 
  • Jeremy Clarkson worries Boris Johnson will also be suffering from side effects 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed Grand Tour producer Andy Wilman suffered from coronavirus twice after spending two weeks in bed, delaying filming of the show.

The former Top Gear producer, 57, and lifelong friend of Jeremy Clarkson said he suffered ‘the worst thing… ever’ when he had the disease.

He revealed the coronavirus pandemic slowed the progress of the show’s Madagascar special and derailed plans to film in Russia in March.

Mr Wilman said the virus kept him in bed for ten days and he was unable to edit the show’s special, which was filmed six month ago.

Jeremy Clarkson (centre-left) has revealed Grand Tour producer Andy Wilman (centre-right), 57, suffered from coronavirus twice after spending two weeks in bed

Mr WIlman says ‘I have had the plague. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever had — ever’. The show, featuring Clarkson, Richard Hammond (centre) and James May (left), had a trip to Russia cancelled because of the pandemic

He said: ‘I have had the plague. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever had — ever.’ 

The show is being edited remotely and he said they will deliver their finished cut to Amazon in the next two weeks.

Jeremy Clarkson wrote about Mr Wilman’s illness in a column for The Sun yesterday, saying it made him question Boris Johnson’s health.

The former Top Gear presenter, 60, said Mr Wilman continues to suffer with side effects six weeks after recovering from the disease.

Jeremy Clarkson says Mr Wilman ‘was never back up to full speed before the virus came again’

Clarkson says Mr Wilman’s experience makes him ‘wonder about Boris Johnson’ and whether he is fit enough to work

He said: ‘Happily, he recovered without having to go to hospital, but he was never back up to full speed before the virus came again. 

‘I had a Zoom call with him this week and it was like talking to a sea lion. All of which makes me wonder about Boris Johnson. 

‘Yes, he’s up and about and yes, he says he’s fit enough to work. But is he really?’

Clarkson said Mr Wilman ‘was barely able to breathe’ in a Youtube quiz he hosted in April.

He said: ‘He coughed his spleen out on a number of occasions, he was very, very, very poorly.’

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Prince William reveals George, Charlotte and Louis can be fussy eaters come dinner time and every parent can relate

PRINCE William may be royalty, but when it comes to parenting struggles he’s just like any other dad.

The Duke of Cambridge admitted that his three children George, 6, Charlotte, 5 and Louis, one, can be a little fussy at meal times.

William, 37, made the admission in a Zoom call with community chef, Charlie Farrally, at the PEEK Project (Possibilities for Each and Every Kid) on Tuesday.

Speaking on the call, Charlie said: “You'll know yourself, the hardest time is dinner time."

Chuckling, William replied: “"It depends what's on the table. If parents put something on that children love, dinner time goes very well.

“But if you put something on the table they don't want, that's another ball game."

Pizza is likely to be a hit with the Cambridge kids, with Kate previously revealing that Charlotte and George like to make their own.

When Kate made food for a Commonwealth Big Lunch at St Luke's Community Centre in 2018, she said: “I've done that with George and Charlotte—making pizza dough.

“They love it because they can get their hands messy."

The pair also love cheesy pasta, with the brother and sister both getting involved with the cooking.

But when it comes to the princess’s favourite food it seems that the five-year-old has a rather sophisticated palette with Kate revealing “Charlotte loves olives.”

William was given a virtual tour of the PEEK Project's food truck based in Glasgow, where he is known as the Earl of Streatham, hearing of how they are “taking the pressure off parents” in lockdown.

In other royal news, we told you how Kate and William didn't publicly congratulate Harry and Meghan on their second anniversary.

And Meghan Markle loved learning martial arts her former trainer has revealed – and she chatted to him in Spanish.

Meanwhile, the Queen is said to have found Meghan Markle’s wedding dress ‘surprising’ because it was so white, royal sources claim.

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Alan Titchmarsh reveals he has lost a STONE doing his own gardening

Alan Titchmarsh reveals he has dropped a STONE in lockdown and credits weight-loss to tending his own four-acre garden for NINE hours a day

He has spent lockdown tending to his garden and filming a new ITV series called Grow Your Own At Home. 

And Alan Titchmarsh revealed that he has lost more than a stone as a result of spending all day toiling in the garden. 

The TV presenter, 71, said he usually hired gardeners to keep his acre of land and three acres of meadow properly maintained. 

Wow! Alan Titchmarsh revealed that he has lost more than a stone as a result of spending all day toiling in the garden

But because of coronavirus lockdown, the famous gardener has been doing the job himself since late March. 

He works on the garden everyday from 9am to 6pm and opened up about it being a wakeup call. 

Alan told The Mirror: ‘I’ve walked for miles doing the mowing and I’ve lost a stone since lockdown began.

Lockdown changes: The TV presenter, 71, said he usually hired gardeners to keep his acre of land and three acres of meadow properly maintained (pictured November 2019)

‘Watching the garden unfolding daily has bred in me a sense of contentment and removed and ambition to leave. I’ll probably modify my schedule because I’ve so adored being among my plants. 

‘A smiling face from above is telling me, ”Look what you’re missing”.’

The former Ground Force star has been presenting his new TV show, which airs on May 25, that gives viewers tips on how to be more self sufficient. 

Back to work: He works on the garden everyday from 9am to 6pm and opened up about his resulting weight loss being a wakeup call

His wife, Alison, filmed it for him because of lockdown restrictions. 

The gardener recently revealed another passion of his, poetry, and released his first collection of verse, complete with his own illustrations including a cover graphic of a mole tunnelling his way to daylight. 

The collection, titled Marigolds Myrtles and Moles, was published in March this year. 

New beginnings: The former Ground Force star has been presenting his new TV show, which airs on May 25, that gives viewers tips on how to be more self sufficient

Alan said: ‘The garden is our closest bit of nature, people forget that.

‘I’m looking at it with amusement, admiration, with care and fondness and a desire to explain to people that it’s important, without beating them over the head with it.

‘I don’t know how it’s going to be received. With poetry, one man’s joy is another’s horror. This is not just head above the parapet, it’s probably right down to the navel!

‘But all I can say is I’m pleased with it. And it’s lovely having done the artwork – I did get my O-level!’

Doting wife: His wife, Alison, filmed him for the new ITV series because of lockdown restrictions

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Monty Don reveals 'great big Nigel shaped hole' after beloved dog dies

Emotional Monty Don reveals there’s ‘great big Nigel shaped hole in our lives’ as he thanks thousands of Gardeners’ World viewers who have offered support after his ‘very special’ golden retriever died

  • Nigel was known for following the presenter around on the BBC gardening show
  • The dog was suddenly taken ill and ‘slipped away quietly with no pain’ aged 12
  • Monty was inundated with messages from well-wishers after revealing the news 

TV presenter Monty Don says he’s been left with a ‘great big Nigel shaped hole’ in his life after the death of his beloved golden retriever.

The Gardeners’ World host shared news of his dog’s passing on social media and revealed he’s been inundated with ‘tens of thousands’ of messages from fans and viewers. 

Monty told followers Nigel was suddenly taken ill and that he ‘slipped quietly away with no pain or suffering’ aged 12.

TV presenter Monty Don says he’s been left with a ‘great big Nigel shaped hole’ in his life after the death of his beloved golden retriever, pictured together

He is now buried in the presenter’s garden at his home in Herefordshire alongside some of the tennis balls he was often seen with in his mouth. 

Nigel and fellow golden retriever Nellie were known for following Monty around on the BBC Two show, and he proved so popular that a Twitter account was set up in his honour, attracting hundreds of followers.

Gardening expert Monty told BBC Radio Four’s Today programme of the overwhelming response he’d had from people following the death.

He said: ‘I knew he was loved, wherever I went in the world people would ask ‘Where’s Nigel?’

‘This is extraordinary and very moving.

‘What he had was this absolute sense of purity, he exuded an unsullied innocence. We all love our dogs but I’ve had lots of dogs and he was special, it’s very hard to put your finger on it. 

‘He loved the limelight and he’ll come out with me in the morning from 7.30am and stay with me all day and then just steal the scene.’

Fans on social media have sent ‘tens of thousands’ of messages to the presenter after he revealed the news

Monty Don’s last post about this beloved golden retriever while he was still alive came on April 29


Monty told followers Nigel, pictured, was suddenly taken ill and that he ‘slipped quietly away with no pain or suffering’ aged 12

Social media users rushed to pay tribute, with one writing: ‘So sad but what a legacy Nigel has left for his apprentice.’

Another told him: ‘It’s always so heartbreaking but the memories you have are so special. Run free Nigel.’

In 2016, Monty published a book titled Nigel: my family and other dogs and told listeners on Radio 4 this morning of the power of having a pet.

‘I think if you suffer from any kind of mental illness, depression or anxiety, having someone to look after who returns that attention with completely unqualified love is very powerful medicine,’ he said.

In 2016, Monty published a book, pictured titled Nigel: my family and other dogs

‘It’s basics like you have to take your dog for a walk and put your coat and boots on. And when you’re depressed you don’t do any of that.

‘So having a dog that needs food and water and attention and who just loves you is extraordinary.

‘At the moment there’s a simmering level of anxiety and pets level that and hold it steady, tie you to a better reality.

‘Clearly Nigel was part of that. He was a member of our family and there’s a great big Nigel shaped hole in our lives.

‘But he was 12 and had a lovely life. His death was shocking but quick.

‘On his last day he went for a walk and he ate and I think we were blessed.

‘That one relationship lightened our lives, we were really really lucky.’

An episode of Gardeners’ World from last month, which saw Monty self-filming footage from his garden, got an audience of 2.7 million, the highest ratings in a decade. 

Posting on social media, he wrote: ‘Rest now old friend. See you in the sweet bye and bye.’ 

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Noel Gallagher reveals huge Hollywood star ‘ate solid weed’ at his 50th birthday party – The Sun

NOEL Gallagher has revealed a huge A-list Hollywood star attended his 50th birthday party and instead of eating the snacks provided, tucked into a bar of solid weed.

Back in 2017 the musician had a huge bash to celebrate reaching half a century and the theme was Narcos, the hit Netflix show.

While chatting on the Funny How? podcast, host Matty Morgan brought up the party, saying: “At your 50th, there was a big Hollywood movie star and he was walking around eating what I thought was a little bar of chocolate but he was eating solid weed.

“I kept thinking, ‘That is such a weird snack to bring to a party’.”

To which Noel replied: “Yeah, he is ­otherworldly, put it that way.”

While the identity of the guest remains a mystery, the 52-year-old agreed it was rather weird behaviour.

Noel’s mega birthday bash was held at the Grade I-listed Aynhoe Park in Oxfordshire at a cost of £20,000 to celebrate his milestone birthday.

Themed around Netflix's hit show Narcos, which follows the story of notorious drug dealer Pablo Escobar, it was packed with A-list guests such as Madonna, Bono, Stella McCartney, and Woody Harrelson.

However, none of his family were invited.

The eldest Gallagher brother was recently pictured at his London home and near his rural pad during lockdown – in breach of strict government rules.

Noel, in a helmet, shades and a Berghaus rain jacket, was spotted out on his bike near his £8 million mansion in Hampshire in early April.

Just over two weeks later the star was seen leaving his west London home holding a Lidl bag of shopping.

The singer-songwriter, who this week released a previously-lost Oasis track he found during lockdown, broke rules brought in on March 23 by travelling the 70 miles between homes.

Gallagher, 52, married to Scots publicist Sara MacDonald, 48, bought the seven-bedroom country pile with its own swimming pool and tennis court in May 2019.

He snapped up the home near Petersfield amid reports he and Sara wanted to send sons Donovan, 12 and nine-year-old Sonny to private school.

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The Mandalorian boss reveals he had to push designers to ‘ugly up’ Baby Yoda – The Sun

THE Mandalorian boss has revealed he had to push designers to 'ugly up' Baby Yoda.

Creator of the American space Western Star Wars series – Jon Favreau – admitted he was worried that the alien looked too cute and tried to roughen him up with "weird little hairs growing out of him."

The cutie, who's goes by the name of The Child, took the internet by storm back in November after the web series was first released – and it was all down to his cuddly appearance.

However, the creator of the show and director-producer Dave Filoni were really conscious of the fact that he resembled something actually quite adorable and underwent a long process to get the design perfect.

During an interview with Vanity Fair, he said: "All the drawings originally were very cute, even with the merchandising, they were always trying to soften the rough edges on him.

"We really tried to look at how much we could ugly up all the different individual features."

So the duo sent back various sketches that resembled "Disney proportions" such as rosy cheeks and made sure that his teeth had super sharp ends to make him look more alien like.

But despite all their efforts to shake up his adorable look, the character, who was designed by Legacy Effects and whose puppet cost around $5 million to make, turned into one of 2019's most popular memes because of his adorable features.

Despite his baby-like appearance, fans of the Western web television were shocked when they found out how old he actually is.

When Mando looked at how small The Child was, he couldn’t believe that the creature – who behaves like a toddler – was already 50, only to be told “species age differently,” by a droid.

In contrast, Yoda in the original Star Wars trilogy lived to be over 900 and died of old age in Return of the Jedi.

Reddit user nbrazelton spotted a major inconsistency when comparing The Child’s age with Yoda’s.

They said: “Yoda was 900 when he died, and states in The Empire Strikes Back that he has been training Jedi for 800 years, which means he would have had to start training others when he was 100.

“If he looked the same as ‘Baby Yoda’ does when he was 50 years old, there’s no way he would have been old enough to teach [fellow Jedi Knights] by the time he was 100.”

However, another fan argued: “It is a strange ageing process to be a baby for 50 years then the next 50 they are suddenly fully grown and matured, so I understand the confusion, but given how little anyone knows of Yoda’s species it’s still not really a plot hole.”

The Mandalorian is available to stream Disney+.

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