Spoilers: Yasmeen pleads guilty in Corrie and goes to prison?

Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) is currently on remand awaiting trial in Coronation Street, but Alya (Sair Khan) was given reason to be concerned about her gran’s plea at said trial, as she suggested that she might plead guilty to the attack — in spite of the fact that she’s a victim of abuse.

Viewers know that Yasmeen — feeling like a cornered animal during one of Geoff’s abusive tirades — lashed out and hit Geoff with a bottle, before stabbing him.

She was subsequently arrested, before being taken to a cell, and — in spite of Imran’s (Charlie de Melo) attempts to acquire her bail — she’s been held on remand until her trial.

During tonight’s episode, Alya visited Yasmeen in prison — the first time she’s done so — and she wasted little time in informing her gran that as he knows full well of what Geoff was doing to her, and that she’ll do whatever it takes to prove it.

However, Yasmeen wasn’t keen on discussing the matter, commenting that no matter what happened she shouldn’t have reacted in the way that she did.

Alya became worried about Yasmeen’s comments, and asked if she intended to tell everyone in court about the abuse she suffered at Geoff’s hands — but Yasmeen simply responded by telling her that this is her business.

What’s more, as Alya attempted to make her see that she was the victim of abuse, Yasmeen shouted at her before heading back to the cells.


Will Yasmeen plead guilty?

Alya was evidently worried about what Yasmeen might — or might not — do in court, and therefore she’ll no doubt search for some evidence to prove her gran is the victim in all of this.

Coronation Street continues Monday 1 June at 7:30pm on ITV.

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Casualty spoilers: Charlie’s life hangs in the balance as he takes on gunman to rescue Connie

THERE's more heartbreak in store for Charlie Fairhead next week in Casualty as he risks his life taking on a gunman in the ED to save Connie. 

The former staff member is on a downward spiral following the tragic death of his wife Duffy and has been sleeping on the streets on the BBC soap.

Casualty viewers know that Charlie reached breaking point after losing his wife in February when she died from a catastrophic bleed on the brain.

The nurse was already suffering from dementia when she had the fatal seizure, leading her to pass away right in front of poor Charlie's eyes.

Charlie was distraught at the tragedy, and raged at his colleagues for not doing enough to save Duffy.

Poor Charlie then fled the ED after Jacob reported him for a string of concerning events. 

He labelled the NHS ‘knackered’ before blaming the tired department for the mistakes he’d been making and storming out. 

But when Charlie was rushed to the ED after a nasty fall in April, his ex-colleagues were dismayed to realise he’d been sleeping on the streets and drowning his sorrows with alcohol. 

Next week’s episodes of the BBC medical drama will see an unshaven and hostile Charlie return to his old workplace to return his uniform and pass in order to receive his final paycheck.

But on his way he bumps into a man called Mick who, unbeknown to Charlie, is carrying a gun. 

When Mick explains he’s desperate to see his son, an unwitting Charlie encourages him to head to the ED. 

But disaster strikes when Mick arrives and sets out on a horror mission, holding several members of the team hostage including Charlie, Connie, Dylan and Faith.

When Charlie rages at Connie for what she did to Duffy, Mick sees red and pulls out his gun. 

Charlie realises that it’s up to him to get his ex-colleagues out of the mess safely and does his best to keep Mick on side by expressing mutual hatred for the hospital. 

When Connie puts herself in danger, Charlie is forced to make a huge sacrifice and plead with Mick to let everyone go.

Alone with Mick, Charlie tries to his best to resolve the situation. 

But could he end up sealing his own tragic fate?

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Coronation Street spoilers: Sally Metcalfe sickened as Geoff admits to hiring prostitutes and giving Yasmeen an STI

SALLY Metcalfe’s suspicions about Geoff skyrocket next week in Coronation Street when he admits to hiring prostitutes because Yasmeen wouldn’t sleep with him. 

Fans were convinced Yasmeen’s next door neighbour Sally would uncover Geoff’s coercive control when she watched him burn her things – but she’s yet to clock the abuse Yasmeen has been suffering at the hands of evil Geoff for a over a year. 

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Corrie fans have watched in horror as evil Geoff has managed to trick everyone on the cobbles into believing that Yasmeen is an alcoholic and the abuser in their relationship.

Things were looking pretty bleak for Yasmeen when she was arrested for his attempted murder after defending herself with a wine bottle.

But with Alya determined to prove that Yasmeen was acting in self-defence after months of abuse, it’s looking like Sally might also decide to back Yasmeen and turn against Geoff in upcoming scenes. 

Fans will of course know that Sally – Yasmeen’s nosy next door neighbour – witnessed a string of suspicious events and odd behaviour from Geoff ahead of Yasmeen’s arrest that could help free her from prison.

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see the police force Alya to hand the keys to No.6 back to Geoff after denying him entry. 

The upcoming scenes will see Geoff rush to the house and set about covering his footsteps by retrieving his hidden camera. 

He then logs into his laptop and deletes the footage of his final argument with Yasmeen ahead of her arrest.

But he’s shocked when Tim suddenly appears and asks him what’s going on. 

Might Tim realise the abuse his dad has been subjecting Yasmeen to?

Later in the week, Imran goes through Geoff’s bank accounts and tells Alya that he’s regularly been going to a hotel bar in town. 

When Alya quizzes Yasmeen, she admits that she discovered Geoff had been hiring escorts ahead of her arrest. 

Alya is horrified but is pleased they now have some evidence to prove Geoff had been mistreating Yasmeen. 

But Alya’s good mood is shattered when Imran mentions that Yasmeen is planning to plead guilty. 

With Sally’s suspicions about Geoff growing, she confides in Alya who then tells her about the prostitutes – much to Sally’s horror. 

When Tim and Sally challenge Geoff later, he realises the truth will come out in court and admits that he did indeed hire escorts.

Sally is disgusted but Tim reckons it will help prove Yasmeen had a motive for attacking him. 

Geoff then heads to the police to reveal the new evidence while Alya worries she’s only made things worse. 

Later, Yasmeen tells Alya that Geoff gave her an STI. 

Alya begs Yasmeen to speak out and tell the truth about her abuser before it’s too late.

Has all the evidence clicked into place for Sally – and might she speak out about what she’s seen?

If so, what will it mean for her relationship with Geoff’s son Tim?

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Spoilers: Maya returns in Emmerdale revenge twist as she trashes Leyla's shop?

Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) was left devastated in Emmerdale, as her award-worthy presentation at Take A Vow was ruined by an unknown assailant, but with customers warning the young woman that someone is evidently out to get her, could old nemesis Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein) be back for revenge?

Leyla was extremely excited about showcasing her special presentation for rich Take A Vow clients Mindy (Shelley Rees) and Saxon (James Groom), but tragedy struck when she entered her premises to discover that said presentation had been destroyed.

With there having been animosity aplenty between she and Leanna (Mimi Slinger) in recent months, Leyla was convinced her boyfriend’s daughter was the culprit.

However, viewers saw Leanna mellow towards Leyla earlier in the episode, and therefore it seems unlikely that she was the attacker.

What’s more, viewers saw the incident take place exclusively through the eyes of the mystery assailant.

It seems odd that the identity of the perp would be withheld from the audience if it was, in fact, Leanna carrying out the devilish act, as seeing her do so would’ve propelled the narrative further, as viewers would know that she’s got the upper hand in her ongoing feud with Leyla.

Therefore, with Leanna seemingly an unlikely candidate, one can’t help but wonder just who is responsible?

It seems to be someone who’s got beef with Leyla, as — much like Mindy and Saxon reiterated — the attack seems personal.

As a result, one can’t help but wonder if it’s old nemesis Maya back for revenge?

The sex abuser was released from prison last year, before going abroad and dumping baby Theo on David’s (Matthew Wolfenden) doorstep.

During her time in the village, she clashed with several mainstays, but it was Leyla whom she frequently came to blows with.

What’s more, Leyla was played a huge role in having Maya sent to prison — not to mention her nearly being killed during the Big Night Out — so perhaps she’s out to get her own back?


It’s also worth noting that Leyla is currently in a relationship with Maya’s ex Liam (Jonny McPherson) — not to mention the fact that she’s also assisting David in caring for Theo — so perhaps she’s somehow learned this information and decided she needed to put Leyla in her place?

Was it Maya who attacked the shop?

Or was it someone else?

Emmerdale continues Monday 25 May at 7pm on ITV.

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Spoilers: Wedding drama for Will and Harriet in Emmerdale as he proposes?

Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) has made clear that she doesn’t think a future with Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) in a possibility in Emmerdale after the lies he’s told, but it appears as if he’s determined to prove just how much he’s prepared to change, as he proposes in upcoming scenes, and — in a shock twist — Harriet says yes!

When Harriet came to learn that Will had been working alongside Malone (Mark Womack), she was fuming, and wasted little time in sorting his little predicament with the bent copper, before putting an end to their relationship once and for all.

Will has since gone out of his way to prove that what they’ve got is worth saving, and in the coming episodes, it would appear as if he believes popping the question is the way to do so.

Harriet reels following his proposal, and as he reveals his true feelings and bares his soul before her, she’s wracked with guilt — as viewers will know she’s embarked on something of an affair with Malone.

The vicar buries her guilt, and ultimately accepts. Will is filled with joy, and — in an effort to mark the occasion — he asks all those in the village to join him for a celebratory drink.

Harriet attempts to deflect the attention, and therefore makes the celebration a joint one with Moira (Natalie J Robb) — who’s celebrating her birthday during the same week.


Matters are complicated further when all those present congratulate Harriet on the strength of her relationship with Will.

The question is: will the wedding go ahead?

Or will Harriet come clean about the affair?

One to watch: Monday 25 May at 7pm on ITV.

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Spoilers: Tragedy for Leanne and Steve as young Oliver dies in Corrie?

Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) and Leanne Tilsley (Jane Danson) are facing a parent’s most feared tragedy as it seems like an increasingly ill Oliver may be seriously ill and they are left fearing that he could die after he suffers another seizure in Coronation Street.

The youngster was previously rushed to hospital after he began fitting under the care of Summer Spellman (Matilda Freeman) and it led to a wedge between Steve and Leanne as they clashed over him leaving Oliver without an adult and not telling her.

But as the true severity of the situation becomes clear in troubling scenes, the parents are united in their shared terror that there is much more wrong with Oliver than they first thought.

When Leanne finds her son fitting again, she screams and Steve calls an ambulance, with paramedics tending to the ill lad.

Steve and Leanne describe Oliver’s symptoms to the doctor. The doctor asserts that as this is Oliver’s second seizure, they’re going to run some tests.

When Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) suggests that Oliver may suffer from epilepsy, like his brother David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) the doctor agrees that it’s a possibility. Steve, Leanne and Nick return home with Oliver, united in their worry and not knowing what the future may hold.


And things are about to get worse, as the speculated storyline by fans following producer Iain MacLeod’s warning of an upcoming hardhitting storyline which would tear families apart becomes ever more likely.

As Nick reads a story to Oliver, he suffers another seizure. An ambulance is called but as paramedics treat Oliver he continues fitting. Leanne and Steve are devastated as a doctor delivers the news that Oliver is still fitting and they’ve moved him to intensive care.

With the next hours critical, will Oliver pull through this – or are they about to lose him forever in harrowing scenes?

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Spoilers: Geoff wakes up in Corrie and accuses Yasmeen of trying to kill him

Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) has put Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) through hell in Coronation Street, but his reign of terror is far from over, as he somehow managed to survive the horrific attack, and he wakes up in the coming episodes — and accuses Yasmeen of trying to kill him.

Yasmeen evidently felt like a cornered animal after Geoff bullied and berated her during Friday’s groundbreaking instalment, and — with the evil man talking about killing her as he waved a sharp knife around in his hand — her survival instinct kicked in, and thus she grabbed a nearby bottle and smashed it across his head.

Geoff was taken aback, but — fearing what he might do — Yasmeen then stabbed him in the neck.

Geoff took hold of his neck wound but — as blood trickled through his fingers — he collapsed to the floor.

Yasmeen was numb as she watched the whole thing unfold, but then the realisation of what she’d done set in, and — during last night’s episode — she was arrested and questioned over the attack.

Geoff’s life hung in the balance, but it was revealed that he managed to survive the attack, and, a new trailer has revealed that — in the coming episodes — the abuser wakes up and accuses Yasmeen of trying to murder him.


With the evidence against Yasmeen pretty damaging — and Geoff’s abhorrent claim — will Yasmeen go to prison?

The trailer also featured her upcoming bail hearing — but will she be refused bail?

Coronation Street continues Wednesday 6 May at 7:30pm on ITV.

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Spoilers: Charity and Vanessa have exciting news in Emmerdale

There has been conflict aplenty between Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) and Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) in Emmerdale as of late, but it seems as if they manage to get on the same page once more in the coming episodes — and as a result, they return home happy with some news.

While Charity has been nothing but supportive towards Vanessa, conflict ensued between the pair following Vanessa’s first chemo session — when Charity caused a scene in the hospital, as she struggled to understand why Kerry (Laura Norton) was present.

Afterwards. Vanessa therefore headed out with pal Rhona (Zoe Henry) and proceeded to get drunk, and an altercation between Vanessa and a uni student ended up on social media, and Charity was devastated and stormed out.

Vanessa later sobered up, and both she and Charity prepared to move on, but conflict ensued once more, as Vanessa revealed that she wanted Charity to be Johnny’s guardian in the event of her own death.

With Charity taking a moment to respond, Vanessa was devastated and therefore proceeded to ask Rhona if she would be Johnny’s legal guardian should the need arise — which left Charity crushed.

In the coming episodes, Rhona arrives with Johnny’s guardianship documents in tow — which leaves Charity hurt once more. As a result, she snaps, and a heated argument ensues, which brings to light that both Charity and Vanessa are still upset with one another.

However, there are soon apologies and explanations aplenty, and Charity heads off to join Vanessa at the hospital.


When they later return — together — it’s evident that they’re happy about something, and Charity has some news.

What has made them so happy?

What is this news?

Afterwards, they’re all worried as Vanessa runs upstairs feeling unwell.

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Spoilers: Linda sells the Queen Vic to Phil in EastEnders as he sponsor her?

Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) berated Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) in EastEnders, as she accused him of not being able to do what’s necessary in order to win back Sharon Watts’ (Letitia Dean) affection, but — as they discussed the daily struggles that come with being an alcoholic — the Queen Vic landlady agreed to sell the Mitchell hard-man her beloved pub on the condition that he be her sponsor. Will he agree?

Linda was fuming during the previous episode when she learned that Phil had suggested that she wasn’t ready to open up during the alcoholic support group, and therefore she wasted little time in confronting him on the matter.

In tonight’s instalment, Phil spoke to her candidly on the struggles that come with being an alcoholic, and Linda listened — determined to not let the booze get the better of her.

Afterwards, she offered to give the kitchen a clean — as cleaning keeps her mind off the drink — but as she did so, she discovered an unopened bottle of alcohol, and berated Phil.

She poured him a glass and suggested that he give it a sniff — reminding him of the hold alcohol can have on oneself, and used this fact to question how he could even dream of being behind the bar if he’s an alcoholic.

His lack of answer spoke volumes, as Linda came to realise he wanted the pub for Sharon.

Conflict ensued between the pair, but — later — Linda apologised for her harsh words.

Knowing that The Vic means a lot to Sharon, Linda ultimately agreed to sell it to Phil on the condition that he be her sponsor.


Will he agree?

What’s more, will Linda really part with her beloved pub?

EastEnders continues Tuesday 5 May at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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Casualty review with spoilers: Tense scenes as Noel confronts an abuser

Staffing the reception desk in Casualty isn’t just about booking in patients, you know. As tonight’s episode reminded us, Noel (Tony Marshall) is an important part of the ED team, but a part that’s very much taken for granted.

You want something looking up/chasing down, or you want your dry cleaning organised or someone to dress as an elephant and pedal an exercise bike for charity? Noel’s your man.

He’s ever-helpful, ever-friendly and always obliging. Too much so – the poor man was overrun with tasks, only some of which were actually in his job description, and he told Connie (Amanda Mealing) he needed some help.

She promised she’d pop it on her agenda at some point before wafting off, but in the meantime Noel found himself with an extra job on his hands – looking after a very distressed young girl who called herself Bluebell (Fern Deacon).

Noel was just about the only person who could get Bluebell to calm down, and he soon realised that her mother Sandi (Alex Childs) was behaving very strangely to her. This seemed to be on the advice of her creepy counsellor, ‘Dr’ Joseph Milner (Aneirin Hughes), who encouraged Sandi to keep her daughter at arm’s length and not indulge her hysterical behaviour.

When Milner turned up in the ED, Bluebell became so distressed she threw a bin at him and then fell through a glass screen, severing her ear. Noel became suspicious and did a quick online search to discover that Milner wasn’t a doctor at all.

It soon became clear what kind of man Milner was when Bluebell confronted him in the hospital toilets. He’d been abusing her, and then prescribing drugs to her mother so she’d be so out of it she wouldn’t realise what was happening to her daughter.

Bluebell was tough and brave to do this, because Milner was an extremely nasty piece of work. Luckily Noel was on hand to grapple with him, which sent them both tumbling down the stairs. Noel wasn’t hurt, and Connie and the rest of the team finally appreciated what a brilliant job he’d been doing.

Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) was also doing a brilliant job because she always does, but she was feeling really guilty about having to work while her son Luka (Tom Mulheron) was having chemotherapy.

She overheard David (Jason Durr) talking about this and thought he was criticising her, but he wasn’t really. David has had his own worries with his son and knows what it feels like.

Also he said he was missing his wife Rosa, who is still in Uruguay. I think we can all join with David in hoping that she returns fairly speedily. There was also a brief mention of Charlie, who’s been spotted in a supermarket buying booze. Oh, Charlie.

Fenisha (Olivia D’Lima), meanwhile, was doing a lot of soul-searching trying to decide what to do about her pregnancy. She convinced herself that she wanted a termination, but some careful questioning by a nurse at the clinic gave her pause for thought and a patient made her realise that she might be cut out to be a mum after all.

This was undermined later by Ethan (George Rainsford) agreeing that she’d made the right decision – only he assumed that she’d already had the termination. Complex.

Sue Haasler is the author of five novels and the official BBC Holby City book, which you can read about here.

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