Mike Tyson reveals lavish lifestyle which cost him his fortune and ‘was having so much sex I was too tired to go to gym’ – The Sun

MIKE TYSON has revealed how he was left too tired to go to the gym due to “having so much sex” despite being in PRISON during the early 90s.

And the 53-year-old former boxing heavyweight champion also outlined how his lavish lifestyle cost him a huge amount of the personal fortune he amassed during his legendary career.

Iron Mike has been in the headlines over recent weeks as he ramps up the work ahead of his return to the ring.

The icon has been linked with a trilogy fight against Evander Holyfield, while Shannon Briggs has also claimed he has agreed an exhibition clash with Tyson for charity.

The Baddest Man On The Planet seems to be getting challenged from fighters all over the globe, but he says fans will be shocked when he finally announces who his opponent will be.

He continues to whip his supporters into frenzy by regularly sharing clips showing his stunning physique while training – but back when he was serving time behind bars he was getting a workout of a very different kind.

Speaking in his autobiography, he admitted he was still bedding numerous women on a regular basis even when he was in jail for a rape conviction.

Tyson said: “I was having so much sex that I was too tired to even go to the gym and work out. I'd just stay in my cell all day.”

On his Hotboxin’ podcast, he continued: “You can’t f*** girls like you used to when you were young.

“You can’t be having bitches around like you do when you were young. They f*** up money, I didn’t know that.

“They were fun then, but when you’re older they ain’t fun no more. F***ing all day ain’t fun no more, you want some f***ing money, you know what I mean.”

Tyson retired from the ring in 2005 but filed for bankruptcy two years earlier despite earning over $300 million during his career.

Explaining where his money went, he added: “Giving people money like f*** everybody, party with everybody and f*** their mothers, their sisters and their cousins… orgies. I was crazy.

“I was so sick and I had no idea I was so sick. I bought a lot of cars for girls too.

“I was out of control drinking, gorging on food, f***ing women.”

Tyson’s former manager has also gone on the record to claim that his womanising may have been the key reason behind the icon’s downfall as a fighter.

Rory Holloway said: “I knew there was nobody in the ring who could stop him.

“The only reason he may not go down as the best is because of his ­weakness for women. Every decision he made was around women and sex.

“I knew it would catch up with him, and it did. I don’t think there is a single person alive who could’ve changed the outcome.”

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Tyson Fury says Mike Tyson fighting him or Anthony Joshua would be ‘unfair’ but urges 53-year-old to rematch Holyfield – The Sun

TYSON FURY has backed heavyweight legend Mike Tyson to step inside the ring with rival Evander Holyfield.

Iron Mike is in talks for a sensational return to boxing 15-years after retiring on his illustrious career.

Tyson, 53, has been enduring gruelling training programmes throughout lockdown and looks in terrific shape ahead of an expected charity exhibition bout.

And it is likely to be against old foe Holyfield who has similarly worked his way back to fitness at the age of 57.

Tyson lost against Holyfield on two occasions in his career including being famously disqualified for biting a chunk of his ear in their 1997 rematch.

But with talk of a trilogy of fights, WBC champ Fury says he is "all for it."

Speaking on Instagram, the Gypsy King revealed: "I think everyone do their own thing. If that’s what makes them tick and gives them a goal, then I’m all for it.

“Because I know what it’s like to have no goals, I know what it’s like to be sat on the sidelines watching everybody else.

“I know what it’s like to be a ‘has-been’. I’ve been there.

“I know what it’s like to suffer with mental health problems and then give myself a massive goal to achieve and I know what it’s like to set about achieving it.

If they want to do this, this is their choice, let them do it.

“So if Mike Tyson’s 53-years-old and Evander Holyfield’s nearly 60, if they want to do this, this is their choice, let them do it.

“We could say, ‘Oh no, don’t let them do it, whatever.’ But at the end of the day they’re their own men. They know the risks, they know the responsibility.

“I say if they can pass medicals, if they can pass all the brain scans, healthy and fit to box, then let them box.

“George Foreman was 45 when he won the world heavyweight championship, how can we ever consider having an older heavyweight champion if they’re not given the opportunity?”

But Fury, who has a third fight lined up with American rival Deontay Wilder, slammed talk that Tyson could take on either him or Brit champ Anthony Joshua.

He added: "If they fight exhibitions, it’s between them and people their own age.

“I wouldn’t like to see Mike fighting one of the top heavyweights because obviously 55 vs 35 or 30 is just not fair.

“But to see him fight someone his old age, an old-timer as well, fantastic, I’d love to see it.

“If he’s definitely serious about it, I’ll buy it on pay-per-view for sure. There’s one buy right here.”

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Tyson Fury hits back at Dillian Whyte ‘bashing’ claims saying he’s only so mouthy as he’s protected by the lockdown – The Sun

TYSON FURY has told Dillian Whyte to keep his trap shut – and reckons he is only being mouthy because he is "protected" by the coronavirus lockdown.

Londoner Whyte continued his war of words with the Gypsy King this week by claiming he knocked him down in sparring.

But Fury hit back at Whyte, who cannot return to England after flying out to Portugal for a training camp, where he remains.

Fury said on Twitter: "Funny how everyone wants to fight during Covid-19, when there are no sports events happening.

"Also I have a contract with the @bronzebomber first and when I win that I'll have the fight with Joshua as undisputed comes before mandatory. Happy hunting."

Whyte, who beat Anthony Joshua early in his career, had gone on the offensive to bait Fury.

He told Sky Sports: "It makes me angry and it frustrates me because Tyson Fury refused to fight me in a mandated fight for the WBC diamond belt."

The Body Snatcher added: "Me and Tyson Fury sparred and I bashed him about and dropped him on multiple occasions. Simple as that."

But is is unlikely that the pair will get it on until at least the end of 2021, if at all.

Fury will fight Deontay Wilder first, followed by Joshua.

The coronavirus lockdown has put those dates back even further.


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Watch topless Mike Tyson, 53, show off blistering speed and power as he vows to return with spirit of Chinese dictator – The Sun

MIKE TYSON gave fans a first-hand view of his awesome power and speed ahead of his latest much-touted comeback.

The ex-heavyweight champion, 53, gave a nod to his Chinese fans on the social media platform Weibo – and even compared himself to Chairman Mao.

Declaring that he will fight with the "spirit" of the country's former communist leader, he stated: "Hey I’m Mike Tyson, I’m on Weibo now.

"I’ll let you know, there’s a possibility I might come back, but if I do I’m going to fight with the spirit of Mao."

Tyson then flexed his arm before unleashing a devastating barrage of punches in front of the camera.

Weibo users were quick to comment on the boxer’s clip, which has received over 1.4 million views, with Xibeiqu Keke writing: "'I'll fight with the spirit of Mao.' Mike Tyson has a portrait of Chairman Mao on his right shoulder."

One fan wrote: “I’ll call Donnie Yen for you.”

Baishui said: “He may have gained a few years, but he looks a lot kinder than before.”

Liu Zhuang added: “Forever boxing king. Idol.”

The ring legend's pugnacious display was cut short when a fluffy white dog jumped up at him next to a swimming pool and he burst into a smile before asking the person recording how the clip looked.

Tyson now has 1.4 million followers on the platform which he was previously a member of until his account was deleted in 2013.

His profile picture on the platform features a cartoon version of his face with an ear in his mouth, a reference to him biting off a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s ear in their infamous 1997 rematch.

And their famous bout could be the subject of an exhibition rematch if the pair can agree to step into the ring once more.

But Shannon Briggs is expected to be Tyson's next opponent after claiming they had come to an agreement on a contest.

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Tyson and Paris Fury miss first romantic holiday for 10 years due to lockdown with Marbella getaway cancelled – The Sun

TYSON FURY revealed he and wife Paris have missed their first romantic holiday for 10 years through the COVID-19 lockdown.

The Gypsy King and his queen have used the last eight weeks to train alongside fans with 9am Instagram work-outs.

There have been cameo appearances from all of the Furys’ five children who have kept viewers entertained by disrupting some of the sessions.

And the WBC champ and his childhood sweetheart had booked a Spanish break away from their brood for this May, their first since becoming parents, that has been kyboshed by the pandemic.

The 6ft 9in star revealed during Wednesday’s session: “Me and Paris were supposed to go to Marbella for a weekend party for the first time without the kids, ever, it would have been amazing.”

Romantic Fury then tried to plant a kiss on his training partner but Paris tried to swerve the embrace because the champ was sweating so much from the gruelling work-out.

Eventually the Morecambe hero did plant a smacker on his missus and he joked that her guard almost ripped open the giant gash he suffered in the win over Otto Wallin last September.

After locking lips with his blonde darling, Fury said: “You flicked me in the eye just then – you could have opened up my old 47-stitch cut.”

Fury is scheduled for a third fight with Deontay Wilder as soon as the lockdown is lifted.

And he revealed he has been using an old training technique the Bronze Bomber could do with adopting.

After Fury’s one-sided demolition of the American KO artist, Wilder claimed the 40lbs costume vest he wore into the ring – to look like a spaceage warrior – stole all of his strength and energy.

But Fury revealed he has been throwing on a similar vest for training purposes to help boost his long legs.

He said: “I did a run last night with a weighted vest on and was doing fireman lifts so my legs are killing me.

"My calves are killing me from doing stair runs too.”

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Tyson Fury refuses to pay Deontay Wilder to step aside for Anthony Joshua as he names his next THREE fights – The Sun

TYSON FURY has vowed to "take Deontay Wilder's scalp again", and will not entertain the idea of paying the Bronze Bomber to step aside.

Instead, the Gypsy King mapped out his next three fights starting with Wilder and then two bouts against Anthony Joshua.

There has been much speculation that the American could be convinced to relinquish his right to a trilogy bout… for the right price.

But Fury has poured cold water on that idea, despite the fact it would free him up for a heavyweight unification fight with Joshua sooner.

He told Mark Wright on an Instagram Live: "We've got the rematch with Wilder on at some point as well, then we've got the two AJ fights.

"Well, one, and then obviously when I batter him he'll want a rematch."

Wright then asked him explicitly who he would be fighting first out of Wilder and Joshua, and Fury was unequivocal.

He replied: "Well Wilder's got a rematch clause so.

"Some newspaper reported that he wanted £10million to step aside.

"I'm not paying him no money to step aside… I'd rather take his scalp again.

"I'll beat him in the ring and that's how I'll get him out the way. I wouldn't pay him £2m to step aside.

"I'd rather give him another battering, again. I'm gonna take him out again for a third time, hopefully end of the year, and then we're going to go into 2021 for the biggest fight in boxing history between two undefeated British heavyweights – me and AJ.

"We're going to battle it out for all the gold."

I'm not paying him no money to step aside… I'd rather take his scalp again.

Wright pointed out that it would be a bigger fight than Lennon Lewis vs Mike Tyson, and Fury agreed.

"Yeah because we're both undefeated. Me and Wilder was the biggest fights since the 1970s because we were both undefeated champions.

"Usually you get these fighters and they've already been beaten."

Fury then gave his brutal assessment of the heavyweight division, and his dominance over it.

"There used to be a three-headed monster in this division, it was me, Wilder and Joshua. And then Ruiz knocked out Joshua – burst that bubble, broke him in – and  then I broke in the Bronze Bomber and then three became two and two became one."

When Wright brought up the prospect of Fury potentially quitting the sport after his fights with Joshua, the Gypsy King gave boxing fans everywhere some good news.

He said: "Do you know what? I've been thinking about it and initially I had three fights left on my contract… I've got two fights left on it now.

"I've got Wilder and Joshua, but I've just got to keep going because there's nothing else to do is there really?

"I'm 31-years-old, fit as a fiddle, in great mental spirits, I train every day three-four times a day for bants – what else am I gonna do with my life?

"There's plenty of fights out there for me to beat up on. You got Dillian Whyte, Jarrell Miller, you got Pulev, you got Ruiz, you got Ortiz, you got Dubois, you got Joyce – there's loads."

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Tyson Foods employees dead of coronavirus in Georgia

Coronavirus financial assistance for farmers to be released ‘very soon’: US agriculture secretary

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue discusses financial relief for farmers amid coronavirus and keeping the food supply chain up and running.

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Four employees of a major poultry producer’s operations in rural southwest Georgia have died after becoming infected with the coronavirus, a company spokesman said Friday.

Tyson Foods spokesman Gary Mickelson said three of the employees worked at the company’s chicken processing plant in Camilla, while the fourth person worked in a supporting job outside the plant. He declined to say how many workers there have tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the new virus.

Ticker Security Last Change Change %
TSN TYSON FOODS INC. 62.01 +1.13 +1.86%

American workers who process the nation’s meat have proven especially susceptible to the new virus, as they work shoulder-to-shoulder on production lines. Several U.S. plants have closed because of outbreaks, including a large plant owned by Smithfield Foods in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, that produced roughly 5 percent of U.S. pork before it was shut down after more than 500 workers became infected.

Mickelson said two other Tyson Foods workers have died from the virus at its plant in Columbus Junction, Iowa.


“We realize everyone is anxious during this challenging time and believe information is the best tool for combating the virus,” Hector Gonzalez, Tyson’s senior vice president for human resources, said in a statement. “That’s why we’re encouraging our team members to share their concerns with us, so we can help address them.”

Gonzalez said the company has improved safety measures at the Camilla plant by checking employees’ temperatures, requiring workers to wear face coverings, installing dividers at work stations and providing more space in break rooms. He said the company in March had “relaxed our attendance policy to encourage workers to stay at home when they’re sick.”


The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, which represents 2,000 workers at the Georgia chicken plant, identified the three plant employees who died as women who had worked there for 13 to 35 years. A statement from the union said many plant employees are “sick or in quarantine.”

“It’s too little too late here,” Edgar Fields, president of the union’s Southeast Council, said in a statement Friday.

The Georgia Department of Public Health reported Friday that 650 deaths statewide have been linked to the virus. Infections have been confirmed in more than 17,100 people. About 20 percent of them were hospitalized.


In Georgia’s rural southwest corner, where the Camilla plant is located, the rate of coronavirus infections and deaths have outpaced far more densely populated regions of the state. The union said many plant employees live in neighboring Dougherty County, which leads Georgia with 91 coronavirus deaths.

For most people, the new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms that usually clear up within weeks. For some, it can cause severe illness and be life-threatening.

The union has called on poultry processors to require employees to quarantine themselves for 14 days, and pay them sick leave, when they’re exposed to co-workers testing positive for the virus. It also wants individual departments to be shut down for 72 hours and cleaned after a worker tests positive.


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