Shocking moment young boy and mum are caught up in crossfire of shooting that killed rapper Houdini – The Sun

A DISTURBING video has emerged which lays bare the moment a young boy and his mother were caught in a gunfight in central Toronto that killed rapper Houdini.

CCTV footage shows  a six-year-old boy and his mom narrowly missed by ricocheting bullets as the 21-year-old hip-hop artist’s pals return fire on the masked assassin. 

The gunfight unfolded between two groups just outside of the Bisha Hotel & Residences, as many passersby, including the young boy and mother, watched and screamed.

Det Sgt Andy Singh said during a news conference: "The little boy ducks into the vestibule here while these associates are returning gunfire to the shooter.

"The little boy was exactly in the line of gunfire when it first started and the family, which can be clearly seen in the background, were in the receiving end of the volley of shots.

"The gunman has a complete disregard for human life."

The little boy was exactly in the line of gunfire… the family, which can be clearly seen in the background, were in the receiving end of the volley of shots

Det Sgt Singh added the bullets "skipped off the ground" and were "inches from not only the little boy, but also the mother".

He said: "As the shots are hitting the ground, you can see dust coming up."

The security camera footage, which was released by police, shows two pals of Houdini, whose real name is Dimarjio Jenkins, returning fire after an unidentified hitman wearing a surgical mask ambushed the unarmed hip-hop artist at about 4pm on Tuesday.

 One Jenkins’ friend dropped his weapon after it jammed, then bolted for his life, the video showed.

In total, 23 shots were fired and two 9mm firearms were recovered. 

The killer’s 40-calibre weapon fired 13 shots, the rest came from the 9mm guns.

Det Sgt Singh said an innocent 27-year-old female bystander suffered a single bullet wound but is expected to recover completely.

The killer was thought to have exited a SUV from the front passenger seat and opened fire on Houdini and his pals. 

Police said the vehicle, which the killer’s group had been using for a month, was found torched in York Region.

Houdini, who grew up in the Jane-Driftwood neighbourhood and had millions of views on his YouTube videos,  is one of five GTA rappers who have been gunned down in Canada in recent months. 

HipHopCanada’s founder and editor-in-chief Jesse Plunkett said: "He was an independent rising star widely considered on his way to ‘making it’ in the music industry.

"Very few Canadian hip-hop artists have been able to achieve the views and streams independently that Houdini did, which makes the fact that he didn’t get to take his career to the next level even more devastating."

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'The Young and the Restless': Doug Davidson, Lauralee Bell, and 3 Other Stars Who Are on Instagram

On the air for almost 50 years, viewers can’t get enough of The Young and the Restless. The hit soap opera from CBS follows the residents of a fictional town, Genoa City, through all sorts of ups and downs. For those who want to get a more up close and personal look at the lives of their favorite soap opera stars, catch up with the cast — at least most of them — on Instagram.

Lauralee Bell 

Actress Lauralee Bell plays Christine “Cricket” Blair Williams on Y&R. Her character gets caught up in one of the soap’s wildest love triangles but when cameras stop rolling Bell spends her time with her husband and two kids or maybe snuggling with her dog. Not only does she share sweet behind-the-scenes photos of her fellow Y&R cast members on Instagram (@Lauralee_Bell), she also shares some epic throwback posts from her early days on TV. 

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Sasha Calle

According to CBS, Sasha Calle joined Y&R playing Lola Rosales, the younger sibling of Arturo (Jason Canela) and Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso). In her relatively short time on the show, Calle’s managed to snag a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Young Performer in a Drama Series. As for her Instagram (@SashaCalle), fans of Calle’s acting can get to know her as a singer-songwriter. She shares everything from selfies to songs she’s working on. 

Doug Davidson

The longest-serving cast member on Y&R, Doug Davidson has played bad-boy-turned-detective Paul Williams since the 1970s. But in early 2020, fans started to talk about seeing the actor less and less on the series. Shortly after rumors began to spread about his possible dismissal from the show, Davidson opened up about his absence.

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He said his contract had run its course and that the show hadn’t renewed it. Upset, fans started a petition urging Y&R to take him back. While fans wait to see how the situation plays out, they can visit Davidson’s Instagram (@DougDavidsonYr) to see what he’s been up to lately. The actor often shares snapshots from his garden or pictures from his time on Y&R.

Melissa Claire Egan

Melissa Claire Egan, or @MissyClaireEgan on Instagram, plays Chelsea Lawson on Y&R. Egan might look familiar to fans of Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill, or Criminal Minds because, according to CBS, she’s appeared in those TV shows and more. Y&R fans will love her Instagram for all the sweet snapshots of her with fellow cast members. 

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Mark Grossman

Mark Grossman is the latest actor to play the role of Adam Newman on Y&R. He joins others such as This Is Us’ Justin Hartley who played the role from 2014 to 2016. Grossman joined the cast in 2019 and has been portraying Adam Newman ever since. Fans can see some behind-the-scenes Y&R shots on Grossman’s Instagram (@MarkGrossman18) in addition to some of his modeling photos. When he’s not in front of the camera, Grossman’s a semi-pro Motocross racer.  

Watch Y&R weekdays on CBS.

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Which 'The Young and the Restless' Star Has the Longest Run on the Show?

Many characters have come and go on The Young and the Restless since it started in 1973. But which actor has the longest run on the show? That would be Doug Davidson but his time on the show changed recently.

Doug Davidson’s contract was changed

Davidson made a shocking announcement on Twitter in 2018, according to Fame 10. A fan asked him, “They haven’t let you go, have they?” The star answer answered with, “It would seem so.”

Another fan asked if he has been fired. Davidson replied, “That sounds harsh, but yes.” Eric Braeden, who plays Victor Newman, also tweeted “I have just learned that the wonderful Doug Davidson has been fired…This is a disgrace.”

Davidson did make more appearances in later episodes. He also explained his situation in an interview with Soap Opera News.

“My contract was not renewed in January, and I went on recurring status, but as it stands now I have only two shows left to air and no new dates,” he said. “So finally when I was asked point blank, I explained my situation. I’m not there.”

He later added, “Aside, from telling me my contract wasn’t being picked up, I have no information and no communication. It feels as diminishing my role was the plan all along, which is their prerogative.”

However, the future of his character seems to continually be up in the air, according to Fame 10. “I have no shows left to air and no dates scheduled,” he tweeted in 2020. “I guess I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.”

Some fans threatened to stop watching the show because of this. He replied, “Hey, they have my number. I didn’t leave.”

He has the longest run on the show

Davidson has played Paul Williams since 1978 and has continued into 2020. He won one Daytime Emmy and four Soap Opera Digest Awards throughout his career.

The actor talked about why he feels like Paul’s story isn’t over after four decades. “I hear the same thing said about the genre, but the biggest thing in all dramatic entertainment, movies as well as television, is the continuing story,” Davidson told Soap Opera News.

“We are only limited and freed by the writing,” he continued. “There is always story. The writers are focused in a different direction. I understand that. There have been choices I would not have made, but that’s not my call. I know the history first hand and there are some things I would never touch. But again, not my call. It’s hard for me not to be emotional, period, in any circumstance, but I’ve been doing this show so long, I can’t help but be subjective.”

The Young and the Restless ran out of new episodes in the week of April 27. It’s unclear when the show will be back in production because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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