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KIDS on the hunt for their parents in soapland can cause absolute chaos and their journey rarely has a happy ending.

The characters' origin stories in Emmerdale, EastEnders and Coronation Street are just as wacky, with some sprouting from underage romances, sexual assaults and even incest.

Danielle Jones (EastEnders)

Though characters find a way of coming and going all the time, these long lost babies have definitely created some of THE most juicy plots on telly.

Danielle was the baby of a 14-year-old Ronnie Mitchell and Joel Reynolds in EastEnders, and was taken by Ronnie's evil dad Archie Mitchell.

Years later, she arrived in Walford looking for her biological mum but failed to pluck up the courage to tell Ronnie who she was.

The long lost daughter's story ended in tragedy when she had an unplanned pregnancy and abortion, before being run over and killed by demented Janine Butcher.

Debbie Dingle (Emmerdale)

Deborah "Debbie" Dingle was the daughter of a 13-year-old Charity and Charity's cousin Cain, who was 14 at the time she was born.

Yet in a completely unbelievable twist of fate she arrived in Emmerdale as a foster child of Paddy and Emily Kirk in 2oo2.

After Cain recognised Charity in a photo Debbie carried around with her of her real mum, he broke the news to Debbie.

But it spelled heartbreak for high flyer Charity whose husband Chris kicked her out when he discovered Cain was Debbie's dad.

Not long after, Debbie gave birth to her own daughter aged 15, following a fling with Andy Sugden.

Daniel Osbourne (Coronation Street)

Another stray Barlow offspring, Daniel was the result of Ken’s affair with Denise Osbourne in Coronation Street 1994.

After leaving as a baby Daniel returned to the Street in 2007, when his mum got back in touch with Ken, but was only around for a few weeks before being whisked off again.

But Ken stayed in touch and Dan made a comeback in 2017, in the form of new actor Rob Mallard.

And he quickly got stuck into the family drama as he tried to kill his dad in March 2017 by pushing him down the stairs – leading to a huge whodunnit.

Bex Fowler (EastEnders)

Bex was Sonia's baby who she gave birth to on a sofa at Dot's home in one of the most iconic EastEnders' scenes ever.

She didn't know she was pregnant, and gave her up to Neil and Sue Miller.

Suffering depression over the guilt of abandoning her daughter she kidnapped Rebecca – but she was forced to give her back.

In 2005, Sonia tracked her down with Martin Fowler after hearing about Neil and Sue's death in a newspaper.

Aged six, Bex was finally back with the Fowlers, but the family left Walford after Pauline Fowler's death.

They returned in 2014 with a teenage Bex in tow, now portrayed by Jasmine Armfield.

Jude Appleton (Coronation Street)

Mary Taylor was sexually assaulted at the age of 14 by a man of the cloth and she abandoned Jude at a hospital.

After a health scare in December 2016 she decided to track him down by using the power of the internet.

She filmed a video begging for her son to come forward that went viral and it did the trick.

He eventually turned up at Roy's Rolls when she was having Christmas dinner with Norris Cole, Roy Cropper and Brian Packham.

It turned out he had a happy childhood and had been working as a Marine Biologist, living in South Africa with his wife.

Niall Rafferty (Hollyoaks)

Niall was Myra's secret son Matthew McQueen, who she abandoned aged 14 years old.

The beautician-turned-serial killer arrived in the village in December 2007 and raged a year-long campaign of terror.

When Nana McQueen discovered Niall's true identity he strangled her – though she survived – because she had asked him to keep it a secret.

In just twelve months he tried to wipe out all of the McQueen family and eventually managed to bump off Max Cunningham, Kieron Hobbs, Tina McQueen.

Donna Ludlow (EastEnders)

Donna found her way home but it took her a year to reveal she was Kathy Beale's daughter.

But she wasn't welcomed with open arms.

Traumatised Kathy still wanted nothing to do with her, as she fell pregnant after a teenage rape and couldn't get over her ordeal.

Devastated by being outcast and rejected, Donna found solace in drugs and ended up choking on her own vomit.

Stephen Reid (Coronation Street)

Stephen arrived in Weatherfield in 1996 to get to know his biological mother Audrey, who was forced to give him up as a teenager.

The older half-brother of Gail had actually made a successful life for himself after his adopted parents decided to raise him in Canada.

He was a successful businessman with a second home in Italy when he rocked up in Weatherfield to connect with his roots.

Rather than destroy his biological family, Stephen provided a home for many of the runaway Platts including Tina's daughter Beth and Gail's son Nick.

Robbie Lawson (Emmerdale)

Robert 'Robbie' Lawson was the son of Megan Macey and was tracked down by his uncle Declan.

But after all his effort in bringing Robbie back to the Dales, the ungrateful sod and his mum never accepted each other.

Robbie didn't last long in Home Farm and was killed off when Uncle Declan went crazy and shot him in the face with a flare gun.

Zoe Slater (EastEnders)

Not quite lost, Zoe Slater's mum was front in front of her eyes from day one.

Who could forget when the Slaters first arrived in Walford in September 2000, but just a year after making Walford their home Zoe wanted to pack up and leave Walford to live with her uncle Harry.

Kat is forced to tell Zoe she cannot go – because she's Zoe's real mother and evil Harry is her dad who raped Kat when she was 13 years old.

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