15 things fans can do while EastEnders is not on air – and 5 things NOT to do

And so begins the EastEnders drought. As Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) stands triumphantly behind the bar of the Queen Vic, where our legend belongs, Phil Mitchell’s (Steve McFadden) face was a picture.

But as the last doof doof heralded a hiatus for our Walford favourites, fans are facing a wait for the next chapter.

However, in order to keep EastEnders in all of our hearts, there are a number of things you can do to keep the love going until it returns.

Write fan fiction

There’s already a wealth of it out there to read but if you’re feeling creative and always wanted to explore that Kush and Big Mo ship you have been hankering for, now is the time to go as wild as you want.

Want a UFO to crash into the Vic? Think a big return for Janine is overdue? Fancy giving Jay some screentime? The power is yours!

Listen to Anyone Can Fall In Love


On repeat. With tissues. While rocking sadly in a corner.

Tell your mum that she ain’t your muvva and hope she responds accordingly

If she’s as much of an EastEnders stan as you, you know fine she will do it.

Watch Classic EastEnders

Don’t forget that classic episodes of the soap are still being shown daily on the Drama Channel – and you can watch some of them online too. It’s almost like it’s actually still on – just pretend that fashion has changed a lot and remember that mobile phones weren’t a thing.

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Practise your Shirley glare

Useful for every situation – particularly when someone in Asda is neglecting to adhere to social distancing when reaching past you for a bag of lentils.

Have scotch eggs and sausage rolls as options for every meal


Listen to Phil take on the theme tune



Be a drama queen about everything

Without EastEnders in your life, you’re going to have to create your own drama. If someone tells you you’re running out of milk, smash a few plates. If someone tells you that they think your white top has gone in with the colours, brim your eyes with tears and look into the distance.

Don’t slap anyone. We don’t condone that behaviour.

Challenge yourself to our many EastEnders quizzes

Oh we have loads, didn’t you hear? Do you know your Carters from your Mitchells or the most bizarre deaths in the show’s history?

Binge on iPlayer

As of next week, starting with Whitney and Tiffany’s introduction to Walford, iPlayer will be uploading four classics a week from the past and there are more to come.

And don’t forget EastEnders: Secrets From The Square and a classic episode from history such as Sharongate and Den and Angie’s two hander on Monday and Tuesdays on BBC One.

Play the doof doof every time someone says something even mildly dramatic

‘I’ve lost my Sainsbury’s delivery slot’

Doof doof…

See how quickly you can annoy everyone.

Make a sausage surprise

The great thing about it is it has no recipe so you can’t go wrong with it. Unless you don’t include sausages – unless that IS the surprise…

Put some bubbly in the fridge

Ready for the show’s return. Just don’t leave a note saying that you have put it there…


Keep talking with fans

EastEnders isn’t the Queen Vic, it isn’t even Sharon Watts (although it kinda is). No, it’s the fans which make it special and the friendships, bonds and laughs we can all have together sharing our theories, favourite moments and characters we love – or love to hate. Keep the EastEnders chat going – stick with your fan bubble through the drought and it will pass.

And here are five things it’s probably best you don’t do…

Accept any invites onto boat trips

They shouldn’t be going ahead anyway due to lockdown rules but any EastEnders fan knows how these things can end up.

Plan any heists

No matter how many are carried out, they never end well. So create your own EastEnders drama by all means – but, like we all kind of want for the show to do too, don’t go down the heist route. This is a public service announcement.

Ask for spoilers

There just won’t be any for a while lads as they’re not filming. However, as soon as we have any snippets you can be sure to find them here so keep our soaps homepage bookmarked.

Forget about Shrimpy

He is one of the only constants in our life. Keep him in your hearts until we see him covering someone’s stall while abandoning his own for free again.

Watch Redwater on Netflix

Ah, just joking. Kind of.

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