A Place In The Sun's Scarlette Douglas stumped by difficult house hunter

A PLACE In The Sun's Scarlette Douglas was left stumped by a hard to please house hunter during today's episode.

The presenter travelled to Paphos in Cyprus with couple Pauline and Andy to try and find their dream home for £80,000.

The pair had a real soft spot for Cyprus as they got engaged in the village of Mandria, so they wanted to buy a property in the holiday hot spot so they could retreat to when they both retire.

They wanted to make sure that there was enough space for their family to enjoy, so Scarlette narrowed down five potential homes.

However the pair didn't make it easy for her as they wanted it to be perfect.

They wanted a minimum of two-bedrooms, a large balcony and a pool.

Property number one was a two-bedroom apartment in Kato and had a communal pool.

Andy described the apartment as "ideal", but was slightly over budget at £82,500 and they weren't happy with the road noise.

Scarlette's second choice was also a two-bedroom apartment in the village of Tala and they instantly fell in love.

Andy said: "I love this" as they looked over at the pool and stunning views.

Pauline described it as "100 times better" than the first property and it certainly gave the the 'wow factor'.

They loved the size of the apartment and it was priced at £69,912, but Andy did make a note that there were some things that were missing.

Scarlette asked: "How do I top this one?"

Andy replied: "Being picky picky, have the pool a wee bit closer."

The trio then travelled to Mandria to see the fourth apartment just under £70,000 – which they made clear from the start was their favourite location.

From the get go Andy didn't seem too impressed as he had his heart set on the flat in Tala.

When Scarlette asked how they thought of it, Paul replied: "Er, yeah, it's okay."

She replied: "You're being very polite aren't you? What are you really thinking?"

The guest replied: "It's a wee bit small. We're going to be living in this apartment for ever… I still like the layout! That's cool! But just a wee bit tight, but still open-minded."

As they got out to the balcony they realised that their family wouldn't all fit in the space.

After having a look around Andy explained: "If you could bring the Tala apartment here, no problem."

The next property was a two-bedroom apartment in Chloraka for just over £75,000, however they definitely weren't a fan of the bathroom.

Scarlette asked: "What do you think of it?"

Andy replied: "Yeah, it's okay! It hasn't got the wow factor that Tala has. The outside is fantastic, the bathroom isa wee bit tight and it doesn't have a bath! That made it go from a wow to okay!"

The host asked: "I'm gutted about that. Does it mean you're ruling this one out?," and they both replied: "Yeah…"

The last property didn't tick all of their boxes as they still felt that it wasn't big enough.

Andy explained that he still wasn't feeling the 'wow factor' to Scarlette.

The host replied back: "You're a tough one to crack!"

At the end of the show Pauline and Andy admitted that they were in a dilemma as they preferred the location of Mandria, but loved the actual apartment in Tala.

They explained that they were going to go on holiday to Tala for a couple of weeks to help aid their decision.

At the end of the show it was revealed that they ended up putting an offer in for their dream home which they didn't view on the show.

It comes after A Place In The Sun's new hunky new presenter Lee Juggurnauth revealed his new haircut and outfits ahead of filming.

The well-travelled presenter, 34, has joined the expert panel after carving out a successful career as a property developer.

The new host showed off his summer wardrobe and told fans that it takes a "lot of preparation" to shoot the Channel 4 property show.

Lee shared a mirror selfie of him posing in a nautical short-sleeve shirt, writing: "Just working on toping up this tan 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏾‍♂️."

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