Ahsokas Star Wars timeline explained

Ahsoka teaser trailer

The Star Wars franchise made its highly anticipated expansion with the release of its miniseries Ahsoka, however many were left confused by where the character’s journey fits. 

After making her debut in The Mandalorian season two, Rosario Dawson reprised her role as the former Jedi Knight. 

While Ahsoka isn’t a new character, her mission to investigate an emerging threat left viewers mystified as she had also appeared in different eras of Star Wars history.

She was first introduced in The Clone Wars as Anakin Skywalker’s (played by Matt Lanter) padawan before joining the Star Wars Rebels in 2014 to help take down the Galactic Empire.

Although Ahsoka’s origin story was finally explored in Disney Plus’ Tales of the Jedi, Dawson brought the character to life in the 2020 live-action.

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However, the Ahsoka timeline is nearer to The Mandalorian and its spin-off The Book of Boba Fett as it takes place in the New Republic Era, roughly around 9 ABY. 

The biggest hint is in the date as ABY is a period in time abbreviated for After the Battle of Yavin which took place in Star Wars: A  New Hope, when the Death Star is destroyed. 

The original Star Wars trilogy is set between 0 and 4 ABY and Ahsoka is set only a few years later, just after the fall of the Empire when she no longer considers herself a rebel. 

Ahead of the show’s release, Sabine Wren star Natasha Liu Bordizzo provided a major timeline clue during an interview with SFX.

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As she teased: “Ahsoka runs along the same timeline as The Mandalorian season 3.”

Despite this, confusion lay during the second episode of the series, during the mural dedication scene. 

During this Lothal’s government had a whole dedication ceremony for it, which suggested it was newly painted.

However, fans of the franchise will recognize the artwork as it originally appeared in the animated series, Rebels which took place in 5 ABY.  

At the time, Sabine and Ahsoka stood before it and vowed to work together in a search for Ezra Bridger (Taylor Gray).

As the two make the exact same vow in Ahsoka, many were convinced the drama also took place in 5 ABY, before the event of The Mandalorian. 

Ahead of the premiere, Dawson opened up about her character’s “powerful” 15-year story arc, going from Jedi to joining the Rebellion

She told Gizmodo: “It’s been really powerful to have seen Ahsoka at different moments in her journey, when she has been part of a community and when she has not.”

Speaking on the fighter, the actress added: “She’s making a transition and having to dive back into relationships and histories that she has with people.”

Ahsoka is available to stream on Disney+ in the USA.

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