AJ Pritchard and Abbie Quinnen are 'made for each other' says AJ's mum after girlfriend says 'he is 100% not gay'

I'M A Celeb's AJ Pritchard and Abbie Quinnen are "made for each other" say mum Debi after his girlfriend blasted trolls saying "he is 100 per cent not gay".

The ballroom dancer's mum Debi revealed that the sweet couple are a match made in heaven and will be together "forever".

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Dancer Abbie, 23, recently slammed trolls who targeted her boyfriend saying: “I can tell you, my AJ is 100 per cent not gay.”

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Debi said: "Abbie is wonderful and allows people to be who they are and is a gorgeous talented lady.

"As things stand at the minute Abbie and AJ are very well suited, they get on extremely well together. Getting on well is an understatement – at this moment in time Abbie and AJ are for each other forever."

AJ has always insisted he would never put a label on his sexuality. But one woman who should know where his heart lies is his girlfriend Abbie, who certainly has no doubts.

Abbie recently told The Sun: "He doesn’t like to put labels on anything.

“He has said ‘love is love’ because he really does believe that ‘love is love’, and it doesn’t matter who you love, whether that be a girl or a boy.

“We have so many friends who are gay and we literally support them so much.

"I support anyone who has a boyfriend and is a boy, and anyone who has a girlfriend and is a girl. I am absolutely all for it.

“I am most definitely straight but I do believe that love is love.”

Debi has revealed that the ballroom dancer is adding a touch of glamour to camp this year -his cheeky smile, steamy shower scenes and luxurious curls that has earned him his heartthrob status.

She said: "We've got to have a little bit of glamour – he's glamorous and Abbie would be like 'nobody can look at that bottom'. But she will be laughing and having great fun in knowing that AJ is her boyfriend.

"Abbie screaming with excitement and wants him to do the trials. AJ has a crazy, quirky and fun-loving personality and now it's a chance for him to shine.

"But I was not laughing when AJ said he hadn't changed his pants in three days."

Debi also confessed that she's been voting for her son to do the trial, she joked: "I've got four devices and I'm voting for him to do every trial.

"We need the public to keep voting for him to do a trial and we will see his quirky crazy personality."

The former Strictly Come Dancing professional's fans have complained online about his "lack of air time" since joining the ITV reality show.

Earlier this week, fans questioned if the star had left the camp after he failed to appear significantly in an episode.

One fan wrote: "I’m loving that AJ is finally getting some coverage. He’s a sweetheart and I think he’ll smash the trial. He did well sticking his head in a box of rats on Friday."


The proud mum said she would like to see AJ get more airtime and take on more stomach-churning trials after he faced his fears of small spaces in Harm-ory alongside former EastEnders actress Jessica Plummer.

She said: "AJ is scared of very enclosed spaces with things crawling around him, mentally that would have been a hard one for him."

He also conquered his phobia of rats when he got a frightening face full of rats in the Live Trial.

She added: "My stomach flipped when I saw his trial and it was rats, hunger pains were greater than the fear of some rats."

Viewers recently saw fellow campmate Shane Richie, 56, and AJ clash as tempers flared in the camp’s first bust up.

AJ's patience was put to the test on Monday night when he couldn't boil water because the pots and pans hadn’t been cleaned.

AJ walked over to EastEnders legend Shane and asked him to wash up – as it's his assigned job in camp.

Debi said: "At the moment what I feel AJ is doing is respecting all his fellow camp members, we have some very high-profile celebs in there and some big egos.

"He's 26-years-old so I imagine he's constantly starving – he won't let it affect his determination to help people around him who is struggling."

The mum-of-two is backing her son to be crowned King of the Castle at the end of the series, adding: "AJ is doing amazing and when he gets the chance to do more trials he will show his crazy quirky personality – the world needs to see it, we need happiness.

"Do I think he could win it?Anything is possible, it is not a sprint, it's a marathon. Yes he could."


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