Ant Middleton insists he’d NEVER be inappropriate to women – even if he was drunk

ANT Middleton has insisted that he'd NEVER Be inappropriate towards a woman – even if he was drunk.

The 40-year-old star was sensationally axed from SAS: Who Dares Wins back in March after making "lewd and suggestive comments" to women on set.

But the TV hardman has now insisted that making inappropriate remarks is "not in his nature", and he wouldn't do it even if his inhibitions were lowered.

Speaking in a new podcast, Daily Star report Ant as saying: "I can get as drunk as a skunk and that’s not in my nature, that’s not who I am.

"My family knows that and my wife knows that. I’m more of a boys’ boy – let’s f*** off the chicks and go and have a drink with the lads."

The former special forces sniper also lashed out at "victim mentality taking over", moaning: "My career could be cancelled if I wasn’t who I am. I’m too far gone and too long in the tooth now to be completely cancelled."

Ant also insisted that he has never been "sleazy" – instead claiming that he is always "super polite".

The star was sacked after four women lodged formal complaints about how he behaved on set, with an old female contestant claiming he'd joked about wanting to have sex with her.

Ant has denied all allegations made against him, but admitted in the new chat that his wife Emilie had questioned him on the report.

He said: "I’m like: ‘Emilie, go back to who I am. When you first met me and I was drunk, have I ever been sleazy? No. Am I super polite? Yes, I am.'"

Social media backlash started against Ant in June 2020 after he posted a video of violence at anti-racism protests in London and slammed the Black Lives Matter movement.

It was later revealed that female contestants and crew members had raised concerns regarding "inappropriate comments" he had made, which he later dismissed as “banter”.

Ant was informed of the sudden decision by Channel 4 to no longer employ him on March 1, 2021 – just weeks ahead of the planned start date for the latest series.

The broadcaster has since said it will never work with him again due to his "personal conduct".

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