Antiques Roadshow guest gobsmacked as she discovers huge value of old vase

An Antiques Roadshow guest had a shock when she brought in an old vase to be valued after guessing it was worth as much £500.

Lars Tharp, one of the BBC One show's expert appraisers, took a look at the family heirloom and ended up leaving its owner completely dumbfounded.

First, the woman explained its history and reckoned her grandad got it around "1890 to 1900" while visiting China as a medical missionary.

He took it back to England with him and it has passed down the generations ever since.

Lars said: "It's a beautiful thing, you're obviously very fond of it."

Exploring the vase’s intricate design, he added: "Here you have a honeycomb trellis and in the centre, there's a reserve with a lotus flower.

"And what I particularly like is this one where two handsome young maidens are accommodating this man here who is looking up and gazing at the moon.

"It's a nighttime scene and in this case, the trellis is not honeycomb but it's overlapping Chinese coins or cash.

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"Now coins and cash, they denote wealth so as the candle flickers and burns and casts those shadows on the inside of the room, all that cage work is now appearing on."

He then dropped the estimated value – and it wasn’t close to £500.

He said: "I think that to replace one of these, if you wanted to go out and buy another one, I think you're looking at somewhere between £10,000 and £15,000."

"Really?" shouted the vase’s owner, "I thought it was about £500!

"£10,000 to £15,000?"

It turns out, the antique vases are in vogue and there is a high demand for them, meaning the price has skyrocketed over the years.

Lars said: "This market has gone absolutely through the roof and is going to appeal to the Chinese and is going to appeal to the Europeans."

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