Avoid naps and homemade masks: Dr Hilary's top tips during coronavirus lockdown

Dr Hilary Jones has become a shining beacon of light during the coronavirus pandemic, with thousands of people taking on board his advice.

Making a daily appearance on Good Morning Britain, followed by Lorraine, the general practitioner has debunked a series of Covid-19 myths, while relaying the government’s slogan of staying at home, saving lives and protecting the NHS.

However, he has had his own input on the current pandemic, and has made a number of strong statements when it comes to answering viewer’s queries and concerns.

With messages such as avoiding naps in the day, and grave warnings when it comes to wearing a mask, the 66-year-old hasn’t shied away from the harsh realities of the new world we live in.

He’s even shared his own opinions on Cheltenham Festival, and branded the decision to allow the event to go ahead, ‘a disaster waiting to happen’.

So while Brits listen to what Hilary has to say before making their weekly journey to the shops, or even heading out for an hour’s exercise, we thought we’d put together a list of his top tips during the coronavirus lockdown.

Do not nap during the day

Boris Johnson sent the UK into lockdown at the start of the month, with Dominic Raab extending the measures for a further three weeks.

So while it looks like we won’t be leaving our homes for a while yet, a number of people have been napping away the days to try and pass some time.

However, Hilary has warned not to do this if you want to have a better sleep at night.

‘It’s important to be able to switch off, to distract yourself – exercise is really important because that helps you to get to sleep and sleep well,’ the medical expert explained.

‘Napping during the day is a no-no. If you nap during the day it will definitely impinge on your quality of sleep in the night. ‘

He continued: ‘If you feel a bit sleepy in the afternoon, usually after lunch, keep yourself busy – maybe do your exercise then.’

Masks could cause more harm than good

If there is one thing Hilary has been consistent on, it is that the general public do not need to wear a mask.

He has previously explained how the particles of coronavirus are so small, they can easily pass through the fibres of a mask or scarf, making them completely useless to the average person.

‘For healthy people who are doing their essential journey who are socially distancing, the use of masks is not effective,’ he recently told Piers Morgan.

‘Most masks have gaps in them to which the virus can drive a bus through. When you are inhaling in a mask the virus can come in.’

The GP added: ‘It can do harm if you do wear a mask, you adjust it, it gets itchy and moist – which means you are putting your hand to your face more often.

‘If the mask gets moist it traps the virus.’

Keep going to your GP

As the pandemic continues to soar, people are starting to put off going to see their doctor over the fear they might catch Covid-19.

However, Hilary has insisted that GPs are still there, and you should be going to see them if you’re sick.

He said: ‘We’re already seeing indirect deaths from Covid-19. So those people who aren’t going into hospital with, for example, chest pain due to heart attacks.

‘People not going in with abdominal pain that could represent an emergency, children not going in, but presenting very late if they do.’

In a separate video, he added: ‘Just a quick message to say that general practice surgeries are still open for business as usual. So the front door might be physically closed but you can have a telephone conversation with them at any time.

‘You can also do online consultations, and if you do need to go, then they will have separate zones for anybody suspected of having COVID-19, and green areas which are safe because they’re cordoned off if you like from the other areas.’

Do not wash your car

One piece of advice dished out by Dr Hilary might annoy car fanatics, as he urged them not to wash their vehicles.

When chatting with Piers, the controversial presenter asked if he could wash his Aston Martin under the government guidelines.

But despite his pleas, Hilary said: ‘Washing your car is unessential apart from the windscreen for safety. Leave your car dirty for the time being because, again, if everybody washed their cars everybody would be out there not social distancing.’

Susanna Reid stuck up for Piers, and questioned whether ir would be safe if they were two metres apart from other car cleaners.

But Hilary was adamant it was non-essential, and told the hosts: ‘How many millions of cars are there out there? Can you imagine if everybody started washing their cars because they had some time off.

‘You don’t need to have shiny bumpers to get to work. You just need to be able to see through the windscreen. 

‘I don’t think you need to get the hose out and the bucket and the suds. You really don’t need to do that. Just clean the window get a cloth and off you go.’

Do not inject yourself with disinfectant

It should go without saying, but after Donald Trump made the bizarre suggestion that injecting disinfectant could cure Covid-19, Dr Hilary has told people not to do so.

‘Of course don’t do that at home,’ Dr Hilary told viewers. ‘I mean, it’s a poison.’

He then turned his attention to the President’s other suggestion of using ultraviolet light in the battle against coronavirus.

‘And then ultraviolet light?’ Hilary quipped. ‘This is because he thinks the sun emanates from an orifice in is body, obviously.’

He continued: ‘It’s just ridiculous. It would be funny if it weren’t quite so serious.’

Keep social distancing

It is currently being discussed whether or not the lockdown rules could be eased off slightly, with Brits being allowed to see ‘bubbles’ of their friends and family.

However, Dr Hilary fears this could cause coronavirus to spread even more, and has urged people to continue to follow the social distancing guidance.

‘Everybody wants to be able to meet their family and their loved ones, close friends. Of course they do,’ he stated.

‘The problem is that bubbles are all very well, but people tend to be more intimate when they know each other well.’

The expert added. ‘When they’re family, of course that increases the risk of viral transmissions.

‘So, yes, meet-up is going to be the next thing, but not quite yet, and still social distance.

‘It’s all very well getting together but you know, anyone of those people could be [contagious]. Anyone could be asymptomatic.’

As it stands, more than 21,000 people have died from Covid-19, while there are over 157,000 cases of coronavirus confirmed in the UK alone.

These numbers do not include those of care homes, however, it has been said the government will soon include these in the daily figures.

Good Morning Britain continues weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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