Bachelor fans slam Shanae Ankney for 'mocking' Elizabeth Corrigan's ADHD diagnosis and rip show for airing 'cruel' jabs

FANS of The Bachelor slammed contestant Shanae Ankney for “mocking” Elizabeth Corrigan’s ADHD diagnosis and ripped the show for airing the “cruel” jabs.

The controversial scene aired during Monday’s episode of the ABC dating competition show.

During the latest episode of The Bachelor, Shanae made in clear that she was not there to make friends.

After pushing other contestants during an obstacle course race and being rude to the other women, Bachelor Nation fans finally had enough with her when she pulled leading man Clayton Echard aside to tell him that Elizabeth was the "one red flag" in the house. 

When Elizabeth confronted Shanae and asked her why she said that, Shanae said it’s "because you act one way to me, like a friend, and then completely ignore me the next conversation."

Elizabeth then calmly explained that she has been diagnosed with ADHD and was not ignoring Shanae, but instead was focusing on whoever was talking to.

Shanae then had a meltdown throwing and mocked Elizabeth for her diagnosis to her face, behind her back and told the entire cast about it.

The controversial contestant sarcastically said her own inappropriate behavior was okay because she "also has ADHD.”

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Viewers had enough with Shanae, as many took to Twitter to slam the contestant for her remarks.


One angry fan wrote: "Sitting here actually furious at Shanae for trying to demonize Elizabeth for her ADHD. How DARE YOU."

Another added: "As someone with ADHD, making someone feel ignored in a conversation is one of my biggest fears while interacting in groups. Shenae had to go and invalidate Elizabeth after Elizabeth explained and apologized for ignoring her."

While quoting Shanae, one Bachelor fan commented: “'Everyone has ADHD. Little kids have ADHD' her attempt to discredit ADHD as a legitimate challenge children AND adults face was hard to watch."


Others slammed the show for airing Shanae's comments, as one person wrote: "Very disappointed the Bachelor didn’t put up a full screen about mental health after that episode. Especially after Shenae made fun of it and laughed about it."

Another added: "Did you know people with adhd are more 3 times likely to form depression than adults without adhd? Sad to see that the bachelor decided to use someone mocking adhd for more drama!"

An additional critic commented: "Hey @BachelorABC, we probably shouldn’t be mocking ADHD. This is a bad/harmful storyline."

The backlash toward the show continued as another viewer penned: "I'm shocked that the producers even let that ADHD conversation/conversations air."


Shanae wasn't the only contestant ripped during the new episode of The Bachelor.

"Villain" Cassidy Timbrooks was slammed for her "toxic" behavior on the group date.

Fans – and the other women this season – were furious at her "selfish" attitude during a group activity where Cassidy "contributed nothing" and was unapologetic about it.

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