'Bachelor' Host Chris Harrison Reads Thirsty Tweets, Fans Want to Know What His Girlfriend Thinks

Chris Harrison is the man handing out the roses. He helps reality stars find love, and he does it with that famous calm, cool Chris Harrison demeanor.

Just like Bachelor stars, Harrison has some admirers of his own. He recently read some “thirsty tweets” for BuzzFeed to promote The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart.

Chris Harrison’s thirsty tweets

“I SO wish [Chis Harrison] would take me on a 1 on 1 date!!!!!” read one tweet.

“It would be the most dramatic one-on-one date ever and I would probably not get the rose,” he joked.

“I’m about to say it i wanna take Chris Harrison to the fantasy suite,” read another (bold) tweet.

“Alright, well, let’s see how that goes. Would I give myself a fantasy suite card? I would write it myself and give it to myself on the date. That seems self-serving,” he responded.

“I pick you Chris Harrison.. Will you marry me?” asked another Twitter user.

“Seems forward,” responded the host. “We haven’t met. I don’t know you. But in these quarantine times, you know what, what the hell.”

“Okay I’m just gonna say it……………….. I want Chris Harrison to be my sugar daddy,” another person tweeted.

Harrison appreciated the honesty.

“I like that,” he said with a laugh. “We’ve gotten right to it. We don’t want a real relationship, you just want to use me. And I’m fine with that. If you’re upfront and honest about it, I’m good with that.”

Another fan complimented Harrison’s The Bachelor Winter Games beard.

“That was the one time during the winter games I thought, ‘You know what, we’re in the wild, it’s winter, snow, I’m gonna have some scruff.’ So thank you for those that have appreciated my beard,” he said.

“my boyfriend is mad that i would let Chris Harrison spit in my mouth,” wrote another fan.

“Oh wow,” responded Harrison, at a loss. “Like a little bird feeding you? That seems… that seems harsh and aggressive.”

“Is [Chris Harrison] aware that #bachelornation refers to him as Daddy Chris Harrison,” asked another fan. He was.

Chris Harrison’s girlfriend, Lauren Zima

In August 2020, Harrison will have been with his girlfriend, Lauren Zima, for two years. Zima is a senior producer and host at Entertainment Tonight. They met through work.

In the comments of the BuzzFeed video, fans say they want to know Zima’s reaction to her boyfriend’s thirsty tweets.

“Where isss lauren zima 😂 i wanna see her reaction to this,” commented one fan.

“what does lauren zima have to say about this?!!” demanded another.

We haven’t seen a reaction from Zima just yet. But we’re sure it’d be funny, witty, and playfully dramatic, as much of her best content is.

The couple is currently isolating together amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Fans are living for their luxurious charcuterie boards and interviews with reality stars, both of which they share on Instagram.

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