Bargain Hunts weirdest finds from cursed doll to rare China teapot

Bargain Hunt: Teapot sells for almost £400,000

Bargain Hunt has been a firm viewer favourite since it hit BBC One screens back in 2000, with David Dickinson and Tim Wonnacott presenting the show.

The series sees two teams go head to head to find the best items which will give them the highest profit in order to be crowned winner of the show.

On Friday, May 5, BBC One will be airing a special episode for King Charles III’s coronation and will see Christina Trevanion host a royal showdown to celebrate.

Experts Raj Bisram and Roo Irvine will be on hand to help two teams of royal enthusiasts as they race to be crowned winners.

Christina also visits a pottery hall for an exclusive look at some new commemorative ware, and she makes her own royal plate fit for a king.

Ahead of the Coronation, has looked back at the biggest, weirdest and most wonderful items which have come through the shows.

Charles Hanson’s China Teapot

The long-standing expert secured a staggering £390,000 for an 18th Century find, originating from China, in what he described as “the most important item I’ve ever sold”.

He told Natasha Raskin-Sharp: “Emperor Qianlong who was that great Emperor of the Arts, he wanted his Beijing enamelist to make the very best. And the quality is simply out of this world.

“This is one of only three known, one’s in a museum in Taiwan, one’s in the museum of Beijing, China, and out of humble Burton-Upon-Trent, voila! unbelievably we have another.”

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Jaqueline Steiger Bronze Sculpture

During one episode, the blue team found a beautiful piece which was made by renowned artist Jaqueline Steiger.

After buying the sculpture for just £65, the blue team made an impressive profit when it was bought for £270 at auction, giving them £17 profit and winning the episode.

Faberge flowers

Coming in at a close second to Charles Hanson’s China teapot are some Faberge flowers which were found at a luxury house.

The flowers were two of only 34 in the UK, so made a considerable amount for those lucky enough to get their hands on one.

The items were sold for so much they had their own episode dedicated to them – being bought for an incredible £340,000.

The series sees a lot of staggering profits when the teams find the unique items, but sometimes the weirder ones slip through and make it onto the show.

The ‘nightmare’ monkey

The monkey was made in the 1930s and had unusually long arms and legs, which moved in a way that would only be used in horror films.

When first taking a look at the item, the contestant on the episode said she was “not very keen”, before adding: “I don’t like the monkey’s face.”

Cursed Doll

George the doll terrified viewers when he appeared on Bargain Hunt over the years after travelling from Texas in the 1930s.

His owners claimed they experienced a lot of “paranormal things” with George around and said his original family “would get headaches and their eyes would start hurting, so they took him to a few mediums and apparently George wants his eyes and hair back, he can’t rest without them”.

Bargain Hunt Coronation Special airs today from 12:15pm on BBC One.

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