BBC Breakfasts Jon Kay tells Sally Nugent I told you in heated discussion

A heated debate during Wednesday's (September 13) installment of BBC Breakfast saw co-hosts Jon Kay and Sally Nugent disagree on one of life's simple pleasures.

After the pair's morning cups of tea were delivered to their desk, Jon used the opportunity to tell viewers that a British company had spent £50million trying to develop the perfect modern tea bag.

Sally then explained their reasoning for doing so, adding: "So that you don't have to leave it so long and you can have a cup of tea faster."

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Jon then read out a comment from a viewer, who revealed their best method for creating the perfect brew.

"You have to use leaves and a teapot – the traditional way with a china mug adding the milk first," he said, before turning to Sally and declaring: "See – I told you."

"But if you're using a teapot you don't add milk to the pot," said confused Sally in disagreement. "No, no."

She continued with an alternative suggestion: "If you have the teabag on a teaspoon, simply pour the boiling water over it until the cup is full."

It prompted Jon to concur: "Yes – so you don't have to ring it out!"

But Sally fumed: "No, Jon. Nobody does that."

Viewers took to X (formerly Twitter), meanwhile, to express their opinions on the best brewing methods.

One user explained: "#bbcbreakfast When I make a cup of tea, I like to squeeze the teabag against the side of the mug. Sometimes I even let it split a little so some of the leaves escape."

Another commented: "Hot not boiling water… it’ll burn the leaves otherwise, leaving a bitter taste. And no sugar – if you really want to taste the tea. @bbcbreakfast #BBCBreakfast."

And a third added: "Make sure there's a biscuit. A cup of tea's too wet without a biscuit."

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A fourth wrote: "Don't squeeze the bag, I've never heard of that one… I'll give it a scientific trial, one with squeeze and one without."

And a fifth said: "The reason milk was put in the cup first… Bone china is really thin at first and if hot tea was poured in the glaze cracked, milk allowed the cup to adjust to the change in temp."

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