Bear Brown’s ex Raiven says she ‘barely knew’ Alaskan Bush star before pregnancy and is ‘not upset’ if he’s dating – The Sun

BEAR Brown's ex Raiven has admitted she "barely knew" the Alaskan Bush People star before they found out they were expecting their first child.

The pair were together for three months, and later became engaged, only for Raiven to end the relationship.

Now, as Bear hints on social media of a new romance with a mystery brunette, Raiven took to Instagram to reveal that she is "not emotionally involved" with Bear, and his dating life is "100% okay with her."

She wrote: "We dated for a solid three months and that was it. I barely knew him and he barely knew me. We where blessed with a son and I am so so thankful for that (sic.)"

She added: "We had a crush at most and it ended just fine."

Raiven went on to acknowledge that her decision to say yes to Bear's proposal is "confusing" but that at the time she was "doing what I thought was best for my child."

She claimed she left when she realized "things would never be safe or healthy" with Bear, and added: "Since his birth my mind is fully and completely focused on my son."

Her post comes after Bear shared a picture of a friend hiking: "Went on a hike the otherday! It was SO hot we had to turn back before making it to the top. But it's always fun to hangout with a friend!!!"

Bear previously documented the hiking adventure one day earlier, posting photos of scenic views including the moon hiding behind trees.

Another photo showed the sky full of smoke.

He captioned the picture: "Lots of smoke in the sky this morning! Must have been a big fire nearby!"

Reality star Bear is currently battling ex Raiven over custody for their four-month-old son River.

The 33-year-old filed for joint custody of River in March.

Raiven, 22, responded by requesting he receive “restricted visitation” with their son.

A source exclusively claimed to The Sun that the Alaskan Bush People star "tortured" Raiven during their court battle.

The insider alleged: "He completely tortured Raiven with threatening to show up, coming to take the baby, and flying in and coming to her house."

Following their split, Raiven filed a restraining order against Bear during her pregnancy in February.

She accused him of exhibiting "erratic" and "abusive" behavior.

Bear's ex claimed in court papers that he threatened her with a gun and said that "gun laws don’t apply" to him.

Raiven dropped the restraining order just days before before their son’s premature birth at 34 weeks.

The source said of her decision: "Raiven dropped the PPO to allow Bear to be at the birth because River’s health was very questionable at that point."

Bear alleged on social media that he wasn’t told about River’s birth until days after, but Raiven fired back by claiming she did try to contact him during labor and after delivery.

The Sun exclusively reported Bear requested “joint legal custody” and “shared physical custody” of River in March.

Bear, whose real name is Soloman, later provided DNA test results that proved he is the father of River.

Raiven responded by denying Bear’s request for joint custody.

The Sun exclusively reported in June that the two reached a custody agreement.

When they did, Raiven wished him a happy Father’s Day on social media and thanked him for purchasing their son a toy.

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