Billie Eilish poses for Vogue & shows off her curves in stunning new photos as she tells fans to 'do whatever you want'

BILLIE Eilish posed for Vogue and showed off her curves in a series of stunning new photos as she told her fans to "do whatever you want."

The singer recently shocked fans as she switched her neon green and jet black locks for blonde.

Billie, 19, continued to shock fans as she sported body-hugging lingerie in a shoot for this month's Vogue.

For the cover, she wore an all-pink look with a waist chain, a lace bra, a pink bustier, and matching cream-colored gloves and skirt.

The singer had her blonde hair in curls and looked sultrily towards the camera.

In a second shot, she rocked a Burberry trench coat with matching cream corset and black thigh-high stockings.

In this picture, fans could catch a glimpse of the tattoo she has which goes from her stomach down the side of her thigh.

As she revealed the pictures on her social media, she thanked British Vogue "for respecting my vision and making this come to life."

She said: "i love these pictures and i loved doing this shoot.

"do whatever you want whenever you want. f**k everything else."

The Ocean Eyes singer has been fully embracing the lighter side of life ever since she went platinum and ditched her usual black and green look. 

It’s not the first time a photo of Billie’s blond hair broke the internet. When she revealed her new ’do on March 17 the hitmaker set a new record with one million likes in six minutes. 

Billie later admitted on TikTok that she'd in fact been wearing a wig for "like two months" before unveiling the snap – which now has over 22million likes.

The talented teen's hairstylist Lissa Renn posted a since-deleted video of the entire hair-dye process, which reportedly took "six weeks" to accomplish.

This past December Billie announced to her fans a plan to change her appearance and begin a "new era" of her musical career.

Her new documentary Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry marked the starting point of the next phase of her profession.

This was not the first time the Lovely singer has switched her hair color.

When she rose to fame in 2018, she sported a silver-purple shade, then moving to a deep blue color later that summer.

In April of 2019, she went darker, and in July of that year, she added the signature lime green to the top of her head.

This style she kept for some time, though has since made the choice for a fresh start.

Billie was born blonde, and has now returned to her natural platinum hue.

The international star first reached fame at 13-years-old, and in the last six years has reached prolific milestones with 58 overall wins under her belt including seven Grammy awards.

In her documentary she told the cameras that life has not been easy for her as such a young starlet.

She said: “To be honest with you, I never thought I’d make it to this age.

“I’m never happy. I feel the dark things. I’m bad at taking care of my mental health.”

In her early teen years, she admitted to hiding razors in the house to “make herself bleed.

“I thought I deserved it," she confessed.

The incredible talent still lives with her parents Maggie Baird, an actress and screenwriter, and Patrick O’Connell, a construction worker.

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