Bravo boss Andy Cohen says he's 'starting to think about' hiring Jersey Shore's Snooki for RHONJ cast

BRAVO boss Andy Cohen revealed he's 'starting to think about' hiring Jersey Shore's Snooki for the cast of Real Housewives of New Jersey.

There have long been rumors about the former MTV reality star becoming a Bravolebrity.

Andy Cohen on Live with Kelly and Ryan of potentially casting Snooki, whose real name is Nicole Polizzi, on RHONJ: “She's 32, so she's in the age range. Now, I'm starting to think, it's something to keep our eyes out for. Maybe a season 11 or 12 conversation.”

He also told Kelly: “That's a rumor that's popped up a few times over the years. It's always something that I've kind of discounted. I've thought, it's two different shows. I don't see it.

"I know some of the women actually know her, and I will say watching your show this morning and hearing it come out of your mouth, it kind of legitimized it in a way.” 

According to Celeb Magazine, Nicole recently shared snaps hanging out at the Jersey shore at Barnegat Bay, at the same time as some of RHONJ ladies.

The Asbury Park Press also reported earlier this month the Jersey Show alum was tagged herself in the same beach town where Teresa and Melissa joined Jennifer Aydin and Dolores Catania for a boating outing.

Back in 2015 Nicole was allegedly "begging" to get cast on RHONJ.

But she denied the claims tweeting: “I’m NOT trying to get on [RHONJ] like magazines are stating.”

Nicole also shared in her OK! Magazine blog: “Remember when we were talking about the [Real Housewives] and what my tag line would be?

"Well everybody thought that I was going to join The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

“It is in the freaking magazines and no it’s not true, it’s not happening. I don’t want to be a damn housewife. That’s not what I want to do with my life.”

Nicole went on in the blog saying Andy Cohen had no interest in casting her either.

She said: “Andy made it clear on his twitter saying, ‘She ain’t joining’ like he doesn’t like me or something and the article was saying I was begging Bravo to be on the show.

“My f**king a** I was begging anybody. I do not want to be a housewife. Like who makes this sh*t up? I really don’t get it!”

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