Cardi B slams haters over Woman of the Year award, says her song WAP 'got your grandma popping her p***y on Tik Tok'

CARDI B has hit back at haters after she was named Billboard's Woman of the Year.

Billboard confirmed the news on Wednesday, and in response to critics, Cardi shared a passionate diatribe on Instagram.

The rapper said: "You crybabies, 'but she only got one song', yeah but I got that song bi**h, you know the one that sold the most, streamed the most,the one that had Republicans crying on Fox News about it.

"The one that had a song about to be six times platinum in three months, that got your grandmother popping her p**sy on TikTok, yeah bi**h that one."

Cardi continued: "And for over a year I been influencing and using my platform for [you] and voting.

"When Joe Biden was going up against Trump, been informing y'all about your senators, districts, midterm election.

"Using my own money to meet up with these candidates like Bernie[Sanders], flying out, tired after show, yeah that's me bi**h."

She concluded: "Even when y'all crying saying 'you dont represent me,'represent America ok? And i want it to change and that's exactly what the f**k I did so eat it up, eat iy up with spoon so you get a mouthful."

The song Cardi is referencing is WAP, which broke numerous records when it was released in August.

The track, a collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion, is a celebration of female desire, and sees the pair singing about their love of sex.

"Thank you Billboard!" the mom of one captioned the video.

"Now I can bring up the stats but that will take me all day. B**h broke records!

"Thank you BARDIGANG with out y’all encouraging while the world was against me and criticizing every move I wouldn’t have gotten here everyday and use my voice for a change."

Billboard are awarding Cardi for continuing "to thrive with her Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper WAP, a brand-new Reebok collection and her political activism."

The ceremony will stream live on December 10.

Jennifer Lopez will be honored with this year's prestigious Icon Award for her impact on the music industry and the greater artistic community.

She follows in the footsteps of Alanis Morissette, Mary J. Blige, Shania Twain and Aretha Franklin.

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