Casualty spoilers: Charlie’s life hangs in the balance as he takes on gunman to rescue Connie

THERE's more heartbreak in store for Charlie Fairhead next week in Casualty as he risks his life taking on a gunman in the ED to save Connie. 

The former staff member is on a downward spiral following the tragic death of his wife Duffy and has been sleeping on the streets on the BBC soap.

Casualty viewers know that Charlie reached breaking point after losing his wife in February when she died from a catastrophic bleed on the brain.

The nurse was already suffering from dementia when she had the fatal seizure, leading her to pass away right in front of poor Charlie's eyes.

Charlie was distraught at the tragedy, and raged at his colleagues for not doing enough to save Duffy.

Poor Charlie then fled the ED after Jacob reported him for a string of concerning events. 

He labelled the NHS ‘knackered’ before blaming the tired department for the mistakes he’d been making and storming out. 

But when Charlie was rushed to the ED after a nasty fall in April, his ex-colleagues were dismayed to realise he’d been sleeping on the streets and drowning his sorrows with alcohol. 

Next week’s episodes of the BBC medical drama will see an unshaven and hostile Charlie return to his old workplace to return his uniform and pass in order to receive his final paycheck.

But on his way he bumps into a man called Mick who, unbeknown to Charlie, is carrying a gun. 

When Mick explains he’s desperate to see his son, an unwitting Charlie encourages him to head to the ED. 

But disaster strikes when Mick arrives and sets out on a horror mission, holding several members of the team hostage including Charlie, Connie, Dylan and Faith.

When Charlie rages at Connie for what she did to Duffy, Mick sees red and pulls out his gun. 

Charlie realises that it’s up to him to get his ex-colleagues out of the mess safely and does his best to keep Mick on side by expressing mutual hatred for the hospital. 

When Connie puts herself in danger, Charlie is forced to make a huge sacrifice and plead with Mick to let everyone go.

Alone with Mick, Charlie tries to his best to resolve the situation. 

But could he end up sealing his own tragic fate?

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