Casualty spoilers: Ethan Hardy dealt cruel blow as he makes ‘life-changing discovery’

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Ethan (played by George Rainsford) was caught unawares last month on Casualty when he discovered Fenisha (Olivia D’Lima) had fallen pregnant following their one-night stand together earlier this year. In fact, the doctor thought he’d never see her again until a few weeks later, she turned up at the hospital as the new paramedic. Despite trying to pursue a relationship with her, the beloved BBC medical drama character had his hopes dashed when she moved on with his university friend and colleague, Will Noble (Jack Nolan). However, with a baby now in the mix, it seems this tricky love triangle is only going to become even more tangled, but will this result in the father-to-be being pushed out of the picture completely?

Before the hit Saturday night soap took a short hiatus from screens, viewers saw Fenisha contemplating going through with a termination as she didn’t want a baby to stop her from pursuing her dreams of travelling the world.

The pregnancy had also caused huge rifts in her relationship with Will after he discovered he wasn’t the father, whereas, after the initial shock, Ethan wanted to help the newcomer in whatever way he could.

However, the paramedic told him she was getting rid of the baby but at the consultation, she had a chance of heart, not realising the father of her child was also changing his mind knowing he has Huntington’s disease and could have passed the gene on.

With the expectant mother ready to tell her one-night stand they were going to be parents, he told her she had made the right decision to abort their child as he didn’t want them to have the same condition as him.

It seems the newcomer is going to hide her secret for some time yet, but could the doctor have lost his chance of being a father in the future if he discovers the truth?


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Newcomer to the BBC drama and actress Olivia D’Lima spoke exclusively to about her character’s dilemma and how Ethan fits into the picture.

Asked if the baby’s father will discover the truth about her secret, the Casualty star said: “That is something you’re going to have to wait and see. As you could see that she obviously wanted to share it, but it’s Ethan had a very different reaction than she expected.”

So, it seems the doctor could be in the dark for some time yet, but on discovering he is still going to be a father, this news would certainly be life-changing.

However, the newcomer did tease her character’s one-night stand might not actually have a part to play in the child’s future.

I would like her to end up with her baby

Olivia D’Lima

Debating whether Fenisha could end up with Ethan in the future, Olivia explained: “I would say I would like her to end up with her baby.

“That would be the ending I want to see,” the actress went on to add, so could this suggest the paramedic is going to try and juggle life as a single mother?

How will the doctor react if he knows his child is being raised without him and has a high chance of inheriting the Huntington’s gene?

Viewers will have to wait and see how the pregnancy storyline plays out, but the newcomer will be a key player in tonight’s episode.

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Still carrying out as normal, despite carrying her baby, Fenisha picks up extra shifts as she knows she will need more money to care for her child.

The call she jumps on in the latest instalment of the BBC drama isn’t the safest, however, as she arrives on the scene of a wrestling competition where the building is falling apart.

Despite being warned by boss Jan Jennings (Di Botcher) not to act hastily, the expectant mother jumps into action.

Although she means well and tries to attend to the injured casualty, she too ends up getting trapped.


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Even though things look tense for a while, the paramedic makes it out unscathed, albeit with an injured ankle.

Both Will and Ethan are sure to be concerned for her wellbeing as they both seem to care for free spirit Fenisha.

Refusing to take painkillers arouses suspicions from boss Jan, who goes on to issue a warning to her colleague for breaking protocol.

However, will she share her queries about the expectant mother to the baby’s father and plant the seeds for him to discover he is still set to be a father?

Casualty continues tonight at 8.40pm on BBC One.

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