Catchphrase clip casually celebrating Barbados colonialism resurfaces

Gameshow Catchphrase once used colonialism as a selling point for a prize trip to Barbados. 

The beloved series, which has been on air since 1986, often sends contestants off on money-can’t-buy trip as one of the prizes on the Catchphrase board. 

In the unsurfaced clip, which aired on gameshow channel Challenge, host Roy Walker celebrated a contestant winning a holiday to Barbados. 

However, viewers were quick to notice that in order to champion the luxury resort, the show resorted to celebrating the island’s history of being invaded and taken over by British forces as one of the reasons to go. 

Across a video of the idyllic looking getaway, the voiceover declared: ‘Tonight, our lucky winner will have a chance to celebrate on Barbados, a tropical paradise, combining rugged cliffs and gentle Caribbean surf, traditional colonialism and more relaxed pursuits.’ 

Er… that is not the promotion you think it is, team. 

Barbados was colonised by the British Empire in 1625, after originally being taken over by the Portuguese. 

The Arawaks and Caribs are indigenous residents of the island, with many becoming slaves and shipped around the world as their home was taken.

It remained a British colony for 341 years, before becoming a parliamentary democracy in 1966, but Queen Elizabeth II remains head of state to this day.

It’s unclear when the episode originally aired, with Roy Walker hosting the otherwise beloved series between 1986 and 1999. 

The show features contestants going head-to-head in solving word play puzzles on a board, with cartoon character Mr Chips often featuring in the short clips and photos denoting well-known catchphrases. 

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