Celebrity Big Brother star stunned after BGT magician pranks her

Celebrity Big Brother star Dee Kelly was left gobsmacked after Britain’s Got Talent contestant Sean Heydon pranked her with a card trick.

During his audition, Sean, from Northampton, got the entire BGT audience involved in his act as he turned back the time on everyone’s phones.

Judge Simon Cowell was so impressed he proclaimed afterwards: ‘Magic is real’.

Following his performance, Sean has been keeping his fans entertained while in self-isolation and he has even got some familiar faces involved too.

More recently the magician managed to fool professional poker players Joe Beevers, Jeff Kimber and Jesse May.

Who would have thought, eh?

And now he has roped in his pal and TV personality Dee.

Speaking to the Benefit Street star via video-link he told her: ‘Dee what I want you to do, is can you take those cards out of the box and give them a good shuffle.

‘I want you to shuffle them normally, but I am going to shuffle mine in a bizarre way, I am going to shuffle them face up.’

Sean then asked Dee to pick a card from her shuffled pack and to place one card the wrong way round.

‘Now what I want you to do, is hold the cards up to the screen just here,’ he continued as he gestured towards her camera.

Sean brought his pack of cards towards his camera at the same time, and he tapped the screen with the deck.

With us so far?

He added: ‘Now Dee what I want you to do, is go through your pack of cards to find the card that is the wrong way up.’

As she showed the card to the camera, Dee explained that card faced down was the seven of diamonds.

Removing his deck of cards from the box, he explained: ‘When the cards touched together on the screen, my cards acted in sympathy with your cards and they all turned the right way around, apart from this one card in the middle.

‘And that card was the seven of diamonds.’

Simon is right, magic is real!

Britain’s Got Talent returns on Saturday at 8pm on ITV.

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