Charity astonished by Mack's violence as his sex secret is exposed in Emmerdale

Secrets are set to come tumbling out in upcoming episodes of Emmerdale, and one huge secret which has been simmering along for nine months is that Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) is the father of Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland)’s newborn baby, Reuben (Sebastian Kenneth Downes).

Reuben was conceived after a one night stand that happened when Mackenzie and Charity (Emma Atkins) very temporarily split up after Charity lost the baby she was expecting.

In a rage of grief Charity shouted at Mackenzie that he should ‘go and scatter his seed elsewhere’ – and the foolish man did exactly that.

His early reaction to discovering that Chloe was pregnant with his baby was that he didn’t want anything to do with it, but as time has gone on and the thought of being a dad became a reality to him his feelings have changed.

As soon as Chloe gave birth to the beautiful little boy on the day of Mack and Charity’s wedding, it was only a matter of time before the secret of who Reuben’s father was would come tumbling out – not least because Mackenzie had trouble coping with his emotions.

A massive health crisis for the baby is the catalyst that finally changes everything, after Reuben is admitted to hospital and Chloe is told he might have a bleed on his brain.

When the news reaches the Woolpack, Mackenzie tries to hide how worried he is but he’s distracted by Dan (Liam Fox), who keeps bringing the subject up and is trying to stay positive about Reuben’s chances.

Charity is appalled when Mack, overcome with emotion, punches the well-meaning Dan in what seems like an unprovoked attack. Mack storms out of the Woolpack and off into the night.

He heads for the hospital but doesn’t dare to go in and instead lurks outside, ignoring calls from an increasingly worried Charity. As Charity tries to get some answers about why Mack behaved so violently, he eventually realises he has to be with his son.

Getting good news about Reuben, Charity and Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) make their way to the hospital to pay Chloe and the baby a visit – but Charity is in for a dreadful realisation when she discovers Mackenzie is already there…

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