Chris Hughes wanted ‘three or four kids’ with Jesy Nelson

Chris Hughes was open to having three or four children with his ex-girlfriend Jesy Nelson before their split, it’s emerged in his new film. 

The Love Island star is set to debut the BBC documentary Me, My Brother and My Balls, which will raise awareness about male fertility issues. 

It will feature Little Mix singer Jesy when she was still dating Chris – the couple split in March after 16 months together. 

In one scene, Chris is excited after receiving positive news from his doctor about his varicocele, a condition which sees enlargement of the veins within the scrotum and can cause low sperm count. 

The reality star has had several operations to treat the condition. 

‘I’ve just got to tell her the good news. It’s been a worry for us both,’ Chris said in the documentary. 

He then told the Little Mix star on the phone: ‘Oh Jessica, I have a lot of sperm and they’re very, very active. I’m really happy.’ 

Jesy asked: ‘Yay, so we can have lots of babies?’ to which Chris replied: ‘I think we can probably have three or four.’

The 27-year-old said he was more than happy to leave Jesy in the documentary and part of his fertility journey despite their break-up. 

‘The beauty of Jesy being in the documentary is that it showcases a conversation that couples have. It’s very relatable,’ Chris told the Mail Online. 

He continued: ‘Obviously we supported each other when we were together. I still support her now with things, whether I do that publicly or not, I still do support her anyway.

‘It’s just one of those things really. It’s great for the documentary because its real life isn’t it?

‘It was essentially a moment. We were having those conversations at the time – I guess it’s just that really.’

Chris and Jesy’s romance came to an end shortly before lockdown, with sources claiming the couple realised they weren’t right for each other so decided to end the relationship before having to isolate together. 

Jesy, 29, is now said to be dating Our Girl actor Sean Sagar while Chris is believed to be single. 

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