Come Dine with Me contestant bursts into tears and runs off set after coming last in explosive showdown

COME Dine with Me contestant bursts into tears and ran off set after coming last in an explosive showdown.

The Channel 4 daytime cookery competition heated up yesterday, after contestant Heather Horsfall famously stormed out when she came fourth.

Viewers were treated to a classic episode from 2014, before the new series airs.

Heather was joined by landscape gardener Toby Pullen, DJ Zaira Sheikh, author James Littleworth.

"I don't believe this, I really don't," the self-confessed lady of leisure said, upon unravelling the scroll which revealed she’d come in last place.

"You put me fourth. No, seriously, I think you all have obviously given me a low score," she added. "I'm really sad about that. You've really peeved me off actually."

Heather appeared to go into a full meltdown, raging: "No, because my food was better than any of yours. My presentation was amazing. Far better than any of yours. And I came fourth?" 

Contestant Toby interjected: "Somebody's got to come fourth haven't they?"

Heather fumed: "I am so upset with you all of, I could’ve given you a zero because yours was s**t,” she shouted and pointed in Zaira’s face. “Do you know what, I don’t deserve fourth. 

“Sorry, I’m going to bed, forget it, that is so sad,” and with that she left the room. 

She proved she was a sore loser when she stormed off during the results after her expletive-ridden rant.

The other contestants were left gobsmacked, Toby remarked: "I don’t know what to say to that and Zaira added: “I’m speechless.”

Earlier in the week, Zaira cooked a three-course traditional Indian meal but Heather was not impressed and refused to eat more than a mouthful of the dessert.

Heather served up a starter of smoked trout scotch eggs, followed by tenderloin pork ratatouille and finished with a raspberry and apple Charlotte. 

The contestants were pleased with the majority of guests but Heather was left fuming with some of their feedback.

Heather raged: "I was so insulted when Toby said, he compared it with Zaira’s blinking samosas, how the hell did he do that?"

Heather's meltdown moment has become one of the most memorable highlights of the show.

She eventually returned and announced the results; Zaira came third, Toby second and James won the prize money of £1,000. 

Come Dine With Me is airing a Couple’s edition at 5pm on Tuesday.

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