Coronation Street spoilers: Sally Metcalfe sickened as Geoff admits to hiring prostitutes and giving Yasmeen an STI

SALLY Metcalfe’s suspicions about Geoff skyrocket next week in Coronation Street when he admits to hiring prostitutes because Yasmeen wouldn’t sleep with him. 

Fans were convinced Yasmeen’s next door neighbour Sally would uncover Geoff’s coercive control when she watched him burn her things – but she’s yet to clock the abuse Yasmeen has been suffering at the hands of evil Geoff for a over a year. 

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Corrie fans have watched in horror as evil Geoff has managed to trick everyone on the cobbles into believing that Yasmeen is an alcoholic and the abuser in their relationship.

Things were looking pretty bleak for Yasmeen when she was arrested for his attempted murder after defending herself with a wine bottle.

But with Alya determined to prove that Yasmeen was acting in self-defence after months of abuse, it’s looking like Sally might also decide to back Yasmeen and turn against Geoff in upcoming scenes. 

Fans will of course know that Sally – Yasmeen’s nosy next door neighbour – witnessed a string of suspicious events and odd behaviour from Geoff ahead of Yasmeen’s arrest that could help free her from prison.

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see the police force Alya to hand the keys to No.6 back to Geoff after denying him entry. 

The upcoming scenes will see Geoff rush to the house and set about covering his footsteps by retrieving his hidden camera. 

He then logs into his laptop and deletes the footage of his final argument with Yasmeen ahead of her arrest.

But he’s shocked when Tim suddenly appears and asks him what’s going on. 

Might Tim realise the abuse his dad has been subjecting Yasmeen to?

Later in the week, Imran goes through Geoff’s bank accounts and tells Alya that he’s regularly been going to a hotel bar in town. 

When Alya quizzes Yasmeen, she admits that she discovered Geoff had been hiring escorts ahead of her arrest. 

Alya is horrified but is pleased they now have some evidence to prove Geoff had been mistreating Yasmeen. 

But Alya’s good mood is shattered when Imran mentions that Yasmeen is planning to plead guilty. 

With Sally’s suspicions about Geoff growing, she confides in Alya who then tells her about the prostitutes – much to Sally’s horror. 

When Tim and Sally challenge Geoff later, he realises the truth will come out in court and admits that he did indeed hire escorts.

Sally is disgusted but Tim reckons it will help prove Yasmeen had a motive for attacking him. 

Geoff then heads to the police to reveal the new evidence while Alya worries she’s only made things worse. 

Later, Yasmeen tells Alya that Geoff gave her an STI. 

Alya begs Yasmeen to speak out and tell the truth about her abuser before it’s too late.

Has all the evidence clicked into place for Sally – and might she speak out about what she’s seen?

If so, what will it mean for her relationship with Geoff’s son Tim?

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