Corrie Kelly theories – Rick murder revealed, Kelly injured and Gary kills

Events take a dark turn for Kelly Neelan in Coronation Street next week, after she is kidnapped by an old associate of her father.

Kelly has been set on writing the wrongs of her late loan shark father, but after distributing his money back to the people he took it from, she comes face to face with danger.

Spoilers have teased that Gary Windass embarks on a mission to save her, but after photographs of upcoming episodes were released earlier this week, fans have been speculating what could happen to Kelly – and what she already knows about her father's death.

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Here, Daily Star takes a look at some of the fan theories about Kelly Neelan's upcoming storyline.

Truth about her dad's murder

In the weeks leading up to Kelly's kidnap, viewers have seen Maria Connor deal with with sickening online abuse, including trolling and being the victim of deepfake adult film photographs.

As episodes of the soap aired earlier this week, fans were quick to point the finger at Kelly Neelan as the culprit behind the abusive attacks, with one saying: "Kelly is deffo stalking maria #corrie," as a second agreed: "Got a feeling Kelly is stalking Maria #Corrie."

A third added: "I reckon it could be Kelly – why was she so desperate to go the event with Maria when she didn't have to? #Corrie."

Now fans think they may have discovered the reason why Kelly may have been trolling Maria – she has discovered the truth about her father Rick's murder.

Rick was a villainous loan shark who terrorised residents in Weatherfield, before Gary Windass murdered him.

However, one fan thinks that Kelly has discovered the truth behind the murder, saying: "Imagine if it's Kelly behind all this because she secretly knows what Gary did to her dad and is angry at Maria for supporting him."

A second added: "I'm starting to think Maria's tormenter is either Gary or Kelly unless Kelly is onto her about something. Because who else could put a tracker on Maria other than him, Kelly or Liam?"

As Kelly begins questioning Gary following her kidnap next week, could she know more than she is letting on? Viewers will have to wait and see.

Possible injury

As a fight ensues with the villainous Kieran in the cellar where Kelly is being held, many fans are concerned that Kelly could also be injured and hurt in the ensuing chaos as the drama unfolds.

One fan said: "Corrie does some amazing stories and this one will definitely have me on the edge of my bed, hoping Kelly will be ok. Millie Gibson is a superb actress."

Another viewer hinted that Kelly's desire to seek the truth might land her in danger too, saying: "Kelly and her truth…keep getting into people's business and one day it may bite back."

"Hope she ends up being found and she's ok," said a third, while a fourth added: "Don't anyone dare hurt the gorgeous Kelly!"

Gary death twist

Gary Windass receives a threatening call from villainous newcomer Keiran in Coronation Street next week, after he demands £50,000 from Gary – otherwise he will never see Kelly again.

Gary meets Kieran and gives him £24,000, before breaking into the cellar where Kelly is being held captive.

The cobbles resident is later hit on the head by a crowbar and although he gets up and fights back against Kelly's captors, could his injuries later be fatal?

One fan thinks that Gary could die in upcoming scenes, saying in a tweet: "Kill Gary off," while another said: "Don't trust Gary, he should leave please."

However, other fans are hoping that Gary will be okay following the violent scenes due to air next week, with a third saying: "Don't want Gary Windass to hurt for this."

Gary kills again

A fight ensues after Gary is hit on the head with a crowbar, with Kelly left shaken after witnessing how far Gary is willing to go to protect her.

While it is not known if Gary does kill Kieran, fans think this could be likely, with one saying: "Poor Kelly hope Gary will find her and go mad at him."

"Gary will get involved and cause more trouble and end up killing someone," a second added.

Meanwhile, others have compared the dark storyline to two other shows, with a third saying: "Turning Corrie into Peaky Blinders."

"Here we go again CSI Coronation Street," said a fourth fan.

Along with fan theories surrounding Gary's actions to protect Kelly, actor Mikey North also teased in a recent press conference that Gary could kill again.

He told Daily Star and other press: "I think in that circumstance, as he said himself to Kelly's mum, he'd do it again in the same circumstances.

"He felt that he did not have much of a choice. I think given the same circumstances, he would."

Even though Kelly appears to survive the ordeal, if she does know the truth about her father, could she be next? Only time will tell.

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