Corrie’s Sally Carman admits struggling to film scenes with real-life fiancé

Coronation Street 's Sally Carman, who plays Abi Franklin, has lifted the lid on what it is like for her to film with her real-life boyfriend Joe Duttine.

Abi first arrived on the soap back in 2017, and has since found love with Kevin Webster, but has turned down a dark path as she struggles with her addictions.

But the actress has opened up about how hard she can find it to film with her partner, who plays Tim Metcalfe, as he makes her laugh when she's trying to act.

She told The Mirror: "I can’t really work with Johnny. He has the glintiest eyes and he’s so naughty.

"He’s very dry, I do find him hilarious, he’s definitely my favourite person."

She also opened up about their relationship from they first got together, adding: "We were so casual for so long, it just took care of itself, there was no agenda.

"It wasn’t the funny that wooed me. He’s really kind, and that can fall under the radar at times, but he won’t let anyone struggle, he’s always helping.

"He’ll always have a think if someone’s not had a good day and he’ll send them a message. He’s a real softie, a genuine nice bloke."

The pair live together in Manchester and share a dog called Figgy Pudding, and announced their engagement at the end of last year.

Sally and Joe have been back filming at work for a while after the soap had to halt production during the pandemic due to social distancing restrictions.

Luckily the soap managed to get around the strict guidelines, as the show now uses social distance, camera techniques and body doubles for scenes.

Abi opened up about how hard she finds it on set without being able to hug her co-stars, as the cast of the soap all seem to get on like a house on fire.

She added: "The trickiest part is not being able to touch people in emotional scenes.

"Actors are so touchy-feely, it’s ridiculous, you just want to be able to give everyone a big hug, so that’s harder than the on-set stuff.

"And they’ve thought about everything, tweaked all the writing, manipulated camera angles, so you can have all the emotion and tension without the physical interaction."

Corrie continues on Monday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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