'Counting On': Is Ben Seewald Planning to Write a Book?

There has been a lot of noise coming out of the Duggar campin recent weeks. The family announced theirupcoming season of Counting On, Jinger Duggar announced a pregnancyand a new podcast, and Derick Dillard has continued to talk openly about hisdisdain for Jim Bob Duggar.Derick has, for several months, teased a tell-all book that, according tosources, could topple Jim Bob’s media empire. He isn’t the only Duggar son-in-lawwho fancies himself a writer, though. Ben Seewald has added some information tohis Instagram profile recently. He appears to be using the same creative agencyas Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger and seems to think he is a writer. So, will Ben be penninga tell-all, too? Probably not, but a book isn’t out of the question.

Ben Seewald is working with the same creative agency asJinger and Jeremy

Jinger and Jeremy have apparently joined forces with acreative agency. In recent weeks, the duo has added information about where tocontact them in theirInstagram profiles. According to the information, all business inquiriesshould go to an email address associated with The Gift Shoppe, a creativeagency that has offices in New York and Los Angeles.

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Jinger and Jeremy aren’t the only couple working with theagency, though. Ben and Jessa Duggar have added the same contacts to their Instagramprofiles. Strangely enough, the married partners don’t share the same agencycontact. Jessa and Jeremy both indicate business inquiries should go to someonenamed Aaron at the agency. Ben, who married Jessa in 2014, and Jinger, whomarried Jeremy in 2016, on the other hand, are asking interested parties tocontact someone named Jeremy at the same agency.

Why is Ben Seewald and Jessa Duggar working with a creativeagency?

Jessa and Ben’s connection to the same creative agency asJeremy and Jinger shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Jinger and Jessa are theclosest Duggar kids. While some family followers think most of theDuggar kids either actively resent each other or are just not close, Jingerand Jessa’s bond is unmistakable. In fact, Jessa and Ben set Jinger up with hernow-husband. But what is Ben planning to do now that he’s partnered with anagency?

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Happiest of birthdays to this sister and BFF of mine! @jingervuolo you’re a beautiful wife and mother, sister and daughter, companion and friend. Those who are blessed to know you, can’t imagine life without you. When meeting someone new, you’re engaging and you take genuine interest in getting to know them. You put people at ease by the words you speak and the kindness you express. When approaching a familiar face, you’re the first to speak up and greet the other person by name, following up with meaningful questions about what they’re up to and what’s going on in their world. You’re a godly example of a woman who loves the Lord with her whole heart, and people know this by the way you spread His love to the world around you. I look up to you, and I love you so much!

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Some family critics think he’s going to write a book. Ben, afather of three, claims he enjoys reading and has allegedly studied to become apastor, so a book would be a logical leap. His wife is also an author. Shepenned a book with three of her siblings about her life growing up inside theDuggar household. If family critics are hoping for a tell-all from Ben, though,it seems unlikely to happen.

Why won’t Ben Seewald write a tell-all book?

Ben and Jessa are one of several Duggar couples that are entirelydependent on Jim Bob to make ends meet. Ben has not held a traditional jobsince he moved from his family’s home to be closer to Jessa. During the couple’sfive-year marriage, he’s worked exclusively for Jim Bob, and family followersthink Jessa has taken over dealing with the family’s branding and image.

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Throwback to the 3 days when I wore the mustache. 👨🏻‍🦱😁 We have so much to thank the Lord for this year! From date nights to diaper changes, stomach bugs to story times, there’s no place I’d rather be than right here with this crew. It was a joy to add Ivy to our family this spring, and it’s hard to remember what life was like before she was around. She’s such a happy little girl, and she hardly ever cries. This little ray of sunshine brings a smile to everyone she meets. It’s been wonderful to watch the boys grow, and to see them playing and interacting more. Spurgeon just turned 4, and Henry is 2 1/2. Even with the little bouts of sibling rivalry, they truly are each other’s best friends and they love each other so much. They are practically inseparable, and they do everything together. And just a few weeks ago, we celebrated our anniversary. I can’t believe it’s already been 5 years! It seems like just yesterday we were exchanging our vows, and here we are now, half a decade in. It’s such a wonderful adventure doing life with you, Sweetheart. I’m so thankful God gave me you.

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Simply put, Ben and Jessa are likely the Duggar couple whoare benefiting the most from Jim Bob’s system of doling out cash. It seems unlikelythat Ben would compromise the steady stream of money they are said to enjoy fora one-off book deal, especially since his family continues to grow. Unlike Derick,Ben doesn’t appear to have any transferable skills that he could use to supporthis family, so it seems likely that he’ll try to stay on Jim Bob’s good sidefor as long as possible.  

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