Dan Walker slams Oliver Dowden’s arts bailout as Netflix sets up £500k fund ‘Embarrassing’

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Dan Walker welcomed Oliver Dowden onto BBC Breakfast this morning after it was announced the government would provide £1.57 billion in support for the UK arts. However, the presenter questioned whether the package was “too late” and grilled the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport on whether he felt it was right that Netflix was helping freelance theatre workers with £500,000 of support. 

Addressing the government’s support package, Walker asked: “Is it too late?” as he addressed the theatres who have had to close due to coronavirus. 

Dowden replied: “We’ve got it together as soon as we can. We’ve been working on it for weeks. It’s important to remember the furlough scheme has helped.”

Walker continued: “Netflix has given half a million to freelance theatre workers, it’s a bit embarrassing isn’t it that Netflix is helping these people and not our government?” 

Dowden hit back and reminded the host of the government’s furlough scheme which has provided support to the arts.

But Walker quipped: “This is about freelance theatre workers who haven’t been helped by the furlough scheme.”

More to follow.. 

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