DC’s Stargirl has fans ‘bawling their eyes out’ with two deaths in episode 3 – The Sun

With two major deaths in Stargirl episode 3, the DC Universe/CW show proved the stakes are high for every single character.

Fans were left freaking out and “bawling” after Icicle killed off “purest little bean” Joey and his dad William, aka Wizard, in the new episode.

This week's Stargirl, appropriately titled Icicle, gave a recap of the villain’s sad backstory of losing his wife and promising to make society better, by any means necessary, including killing anyone who gets in his way.

Apparently Jordan Mahkent (played by Neil Jackson), aka Icicle and the leader of the Injustice Society of America, found his ISA subordinate Wizard and his to be problems and had to take them out.

Icicle was unhappy with William for not telling him about Stargirl (Brec Bassinger) popping up out of nowhere and possibly threatening their plans for the town of Blue Valley and beyond, which many thought was why he wanted Joey (Wil Deusner) dead.

The teen was just a sweet kid who fans got glimpses of in the first two episodes before learning more about his kind nature, love of magic and blooming friendship with Courtney Whitmore, Stargirl’s true identity, in episode 3.

The new superhero, along with her stepfather Pat (Luke Wilson) in robot STRIPE, was busy fighting Icicle when the villain froze the bridge a school bus full of kids was driving on.

Though the hero team was able to save the masses from dying, Icicle tricked Joey into oncoming traffic, and a truck killed him.

This “unexpected” death had viewers wondering “why” they had to kill such a “liked” character and so early on in the show.

One fan tweeted: “Joey was so sweet like Courtney said. He didn't deserve to die.”

Another wrote: “Holy sh*t……#Stargirl just made me bawl my eyes out. Poor Joey……F*** #Icicle.”

Others said they were “hurting” for “poor Joey,” a character that had “so much promise.”

Some were angry with Stargirl for continuing to go after these big-time villains with “no kind of training,” no sense of the danger and for still not being concerned about people’s fates after Joey’s death and wanting to create a new Justice Society of America.

A fan of the CW/DC show wrote: “So @stargirl_cw runs into a trap with a villain that the professionals couldn't kill, and her unpreparedness leads to a boy being killed.

“Now she's even more driven to be a hero. What will it take to humble this girl?”

Fans couldn’t “believe Joey died,” especially for no reason, as they originally thought Icicle did it to try to pin it on Stargirl to make William angry with her, but then Icicle just killed William, too, destroying that theory.

Upon learning what happened, grieving father William got his wand out of his safe and marched over to Jordan’s house to confront him, but he was no match for Icicle.

It is a superhero show, though, which means a character’s death doesn’t necessarily mean they’re gone for good.

Wizard William was left completely frozen, but he was wasn’t shattered into pieces.


Joey was supposedly hit by a truck and killed, but viewers weren’t shown his body or a funeral.

DC fans will know from other Arrowverse shows that a killed-off character always has the chance of returning, whether in resurrection, finding out they were alive the whole time, time travel or another manner.

New episodes of DC's Stargirl release Mondays on DC Universe and air Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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