Des fans sickened as Dennis Nilsen defends necrophilia as ‘neither here nor there’

DES fans have been left sickened after Dennis Nilsen defended necrophilia as ‘neither here nor there’.

The serial killer is portrayed by David Tennant in the ITV drama, which documents the moment police discovered he had murdered more than a dozen men at his London home from 1978 until 1983.

Dennis would befriend the men and offer them food or lodgings, before strangling or drowning them and then carrying out despicable acts with the corpses.

He would then eventually dismember them to dispose of, either by burning them on a bonfire or flushing bits down the toilet.

Viewers were left even more sickened by one scene which saw Brian Masters – Dennis' biographer – ask the killer about having sex with the bodies of his victims.

Dennis insisted it "wasn't about sex" and accused Brian of trying to find "simple answers".

But Brian – played by Jason Watkins – replied: "I'm not trying to simplify anything but you did have sex with these young men after they died."

Dennis then chillingly replied: "No, I did not. Did I enjoy them? Yes.

"Did I gain some sort of satisfaction from looking at their naked bodies next to mine in the mirror? I didn't penetrate them.

"The only thing I did was squeeze the life out of a human being, that was wrong, that was unforgivable. I'll be properly punished for it."

He continued: "What I did with a corpse was neither here nor there. If you're more disgusted by what I did to a corpse than what I did to a living man, then your moral system is upside down."

Viewers were disgusted by the blase nature of his reply, with one writing on Twitter: "He really is deranged #Des."

Another added: "He’s the most sane insane man! How’s that possible? #des."

Des continues tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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