Devastated James Argent broke down in tears as he comforted Gemma Collins after she tragically miscarried their baby

JAMES Argent was "devastated" when then-girlfriend Gemma Collins suffered a tragic miscarriage, friends say.

The Towie star broke down in tears as he comforted Gemma – and had no idea she was even pregnant.

“Arg was very upset and sad when Gemma told him about the miscarriage, but he was mainly concentrating on comforting her,” says the friend.

“Neither of them knew Gemma was pregnant, they didn’t plan on starting a family.

“He didn’t have any idea that she was going to speak about it on Loose Women this week, but he’s not annoyed. He knows Gemma and wasn’t surprised.”

The Diva On Lockdown star revealed the tragic news on the ITV chat show this week, saying losing a baby with "someone I loved very much was very heartbreaking".

She didn’t mention Arg’s name – the couple split last month – but Arg’s friend reveals that the star “knows it was his baby”.

Gemma told Loose Women: "It's not easy to fall pregnant. I did suffer a miscarriage, which was really sad, during the lockdown period."

The star, who has polycystic ovary syndrome, said she didn't realise at first – thinking she was having a very heavy period that lasted for ten days.

She explained: "Three or for days in, I was realising it wasn't usual. It went on for ten days between 9am and midday.

"I was getting through ten super sanitary towels [a day].

"I rang my doctor and he said: ‘you need to go straight to the hospital’."

The star added: "It was very sad. But it does make me realise that potentially there is hope there for me for the future."

Arg’s friend insists that the on-off couple are “still civil”, saying: “They still talk as friends, but they’ve both agreed they need a break and space to concentrate on themselves.

“They’re not ruling out anything happening in the future.”

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