Dont want her to beat herself up Teary Janet reacts to Jamal Edwards cause of death

Loose Women panel send their support to Brenda Edwards

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Ruth Langsford opened Tuesday’s Loose Women by paying a tribute to her ITV co-star Brenda Edwards, who released a statement about how her music producer son, Jamal, died. The 31-year-old died in February, and at the time, it was reported it was due to a cardiac arrest. However, Brenda has gone on to reveal her son’s cardiac arrest was a result of taking recreational drugs.

In the hopes of raising awareness of the dangers of recreational drugs and saving another family going through what she has, Brenda paid a moving tribute to her son.

Reading out her co-star’s statement Ruth began: “Today I just want to before we start on our topics we want to talk about Brenda.

“Brenda has put a statement out today about her son, Jamal.

“She said that since we last spoke and she talked about it on the show, she said, ‘I’ve sadly learned the cause of Jamal’s devastating passing was due to cardiac arrhythmia caused by having taken recreational drugs’.”

Continuing to read out Brenda’s statement, Ruth said: “‘Since finding out the news. I have been in a state of shock.

“I’m still trying to process this. We have come to terms with what’s happened and Jamal is proof that this can happen to anyone.

“These types of substances are extremely unpredictable, and we can only hope this will encourage others to think wisely when faced with similar situations.

“His passing has shown that one bad decision on any one occasion can lead to devastating consequences.’ And she wants to address this herself today.”

Paying a tribute to Brenda, Ruth told her the Loose Women panel were sending her all of their love.

“Brenda, we’re here for you to support you,” the former This Morning presenter said.

Janet looked like she was on the brink of tears as she discussed her thoughts on Brenda’s statement.

“I know Brenda so well, and I don’t want her to beat herself up about this,” she said.

“I want her to understand that she is the best mum she could have possibly been and we are all here for you, Brenda.

“We love you very much and you know, I’m so glad you came into my life and I think the work you’re doing is truly amazing.”

Elsewhere in the segment, Coleen Nolan spoke about Jamal’s self-belief trust set up by Brenda after his death to carry on his incredible work.

The ITV panellist admitted she didn’t realise how amazing Jamal’s work was until he had died.

“When I was out with Brenda, all these people coming up [to her] on the street saying how much he’d changed their lives,” Coleen recalled.

“I think for Brenda you know, what’s been hard with this is the hope that people don’t forget the amazing, incredible work that not only has he done but she and Tanisha are both now continuing to carry on and they’re working so hard to carry it on.

“But one thing that stuck in my mind when Jamal passed because I’ve never read this before was when he put it on Instagram years ago.

“In his own words, it said, ‘The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will’ and I think that is incredible because that’s exactly what he did.”

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