Dr Hilary Jones says second peak 'could be worse than the first'

Dr Hilary Jones has warned that a second wave of coronavirus could potentially be worst than the first.

Speaking to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on today’s episode of Good Morning Britain, the television doctor shared his predictions on what could happen to the country as lockdown begins to ease.

‘There’s no suggestion the virus has got weaker,’ Dr Hilary began. ‘They’re tracking it very closely around the world.’

‘We are where we were at the beginning of lockdown,’ Piers said.

‘We know more about it,’ Dr Hilary replied, before stating that the public is no longer seeing images from the frontline but of pictures of people enjoying themselves at the beach and in parks.

‘A lot of people think the virus has gone away,’ he said. ‘It absolutely has not.

‘We’ve got more cases than we did in January, so potentially, there is a possibility the second peak will be worse than the first.’

Earlier this month, Dr Hilary believed that a second spike would be ‘less significant’ than the first as he warned that the UK could face another wave in just two weeks’ time.

The television doctor joined Lorraine Kelly on Good Morning Britain where he shared his predictions.

‘If we do see one I think it will be a less significant than the first, however, let’s hope we don’t have one at all,’ Dr Hilary said at the time.

‘If that was going to happen when would that show itself do you think?’ Lorraine probed.

‘In the next two weeks,’ replied Dr Hilary frankly.

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