Dragons Den star Touker Suleyman addresses rivalry with newcomer Steven Bartlett

Dragons’ Den: Touker Suleyman discusses Steven Bartlett

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Last week, Dragons’ Den made a return and saw the arrival of newcomer Steven Bartlett, who is adamant about making his mark on the BBC show. Steven is the latest in a long line of entrepreneurs to join Dragons Den and sits on the panel alongside Sara Davies, Touker Suleyman, Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden.

However, the newcomer hasn’t been afraid to ruffle a few feathers with his fellow co-stars.

In a new interview with Gethin Jones and Kimberley Walsh on Wednesday’s Morning Live, Touker opened up about his on-screen rivalry with the entrepreneur.

The businessman, who has been a staple on the show for seven years, referred to Steven as “new blood”.

His admission came after Morning Live showed a clip from Thursday night’s instalment where Steven took a swipe at Peter.

“Steven Bartlett is shaking things up a bit, isn’t he?” Kimberley asked.

“Steven is new blood,” Touker replied. “I think he has been practising to be a Dragon for many years.

“He’s been watching every series, he’s been watching every move, so he was well prepared.”

The show proceeded to show a moment where Touker and Steven clashed on the show.

“That cut deep,” Sara could be heard saying as Touker help his hand up to Steven and raged: “Stop!”

“It’s funny seeing you bicker when you’re in the den,” Gethin chipped.

“Do you after the show go out together? Do you talk about the investments on the day?”

“There are two rules,” Touker explained. “What happens in the den stays in the den.”

He continued: “And every night after we have finished, all five Dragons go out to dinner.

“We are led by the mighty Mr Jones, making sure we all drink fine wine and relax.

“We talk about the day. The investments we miss, the investments we made.

“And we talk about the investors that have gone.”

Kimberley went on to ask how much information they are given about the entrepreneurs before they walk into the den.

“We have no info,” he laughed. “What happens is, the moment the entrepreneur walks through that lift we don’t know anything about it.

“We might have a five-second glimpse of the product and it gets revealed to us about five or 10 seconds before the lift doors are open.”

Touker went on to speak about what makes him invest in a project, as he admitted he needs to get on and trust the entrepreneur.

Morning Live airs weekdays at 9.15am on BBC One.

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